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Why every African Child deserves Basic Education

By Emeka MarsPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
Emeka Mars

Ever had one of those moments where a simple interaction opens your eyes to something bigger? Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I met a young guy selling bananas. It might sound like a regular banana-buying story, but trust me, it's way more interesting than that.

Picture this: a busy market, the sun shining, and a bunch of bananas catching my eye. I decided to buy some, and that's when things got interesting. This story isn't just about bananas; it's about how we see things and how talking to people can teach us unexpected stuff.

So, let's dive into this true story of bananas, bargaining, and a lesson in looking at things from a different angle. Get ready for a slice of life that'll make you think twice about the little moments that happen every day.

I signaled a young boy (likely in his early 20s) who sold bananas and asked about the cost of his bananas. He informed me that one bunch costs N350, but we eventually agreed on N300 after some bargaining.

I decided to buy 3 bunches, but I was surprised when he told me the total was N1800. I tried to explain the math to him – if one bunch is N300, then three bunches should be N900.

He explained that the N300 price applied to a single bunch, and the combined cost of all three bunches was N1800. According to him, since the 3 bunches looked bigger together, they should cost more.

I was at a loss for words, unsure how to make him understand. And I couldn't buy more due to the monkeys waiting for me at home. I needed a solution that wouldn't make him feel cheated.

I took one bunch and gave him N1000. He returned N700 as change.

For the second bunch, I gave him N500. He grinned and handed me back N200.

Finally, I handed him N400 for the third bunch. He gave me N100 in return. "Are we good?" he asked, and I replied, "Yes!"

I helped him lift his tray onto his head. He looked relieved and happier. "Thank you, sir!" he said with a big smile before leaving.

And so, as I watched the young banana seller walk away with a lighter load and a brighter smile, I couldn't help but reflect on the layers of insight this simple exchange had revealed. It wasn't just about buying bananas; it was a lesson in perspectives, in the value we assign to things, and in the power of effective communication.

Every child deserves basic education, and every businessperson needs financial literacy.

Every child should get a basic education. This helps them learn important things for life and make smart choices. Like how to read, write, and understand numbers.

For people in business, something called "financial literacy" is super important. It means knowing how money works, like how to save it, spend it wisely, and understand things like budgets and profits.

Imagine education as a tool that helps kids grow smart and confident. Financial literacy is like a special tool for business people to handle money wisely, make good business decisions, and succeed in their ventures.

Both education and financial literacy help people do better in life and work. Kids learn and grow, and business folks make smart money moves, leading to success for everyone.

Today, many people are comfortable handling small transactions their way. But when faced with deals involving significant figures, they falter.

Your level of financial literacy affects your ability to manage large transactions. Success in handling substantial transactions leads to greater profits.

Stay tuned, as I'll be sharing a comprehensive post about financial literacy soon. Keep an eye out for it!

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Mars's work is known for its razor-sharp wit, profound social insights, & eloquent prose.

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