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Have You Ever Lost Your Wisdom?

A toothache journey of pain, courage, and ice cream bliss

By Ameer BibiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Have you ever wondered why we are calling some specific tooth as a wisdom tooth? Think about it: when you don't know something, it simply confuses you, doesn't it? And, yes, losing a tooth can feel like a chunk of knowledge has flown out the window!

Now, to the science: when these teeth drop got infection and mostly they are ready to provide place for bacteria to grow and enjoy, but you know, swollen cheeks with high fever compel the doctor and patient to remove it on urgent basis. But upon their removal from life, some people feel as if a piece of their existence has departed. To be honest, we term them 'wisdom teeth' as a sign of maturity.

Maybe they're there to brighten your smile, or maybe they're simply an elaborate scam to fill dentists' pockets. Anyone can guess? Come join me as I tell you a story of dental mysteries—and maybe some pearls of wisdom along the way!


Last year, during Ramadan, I felt pain in my jaws. It wasn’t just any pain; it felt like I was gradually dying. I lay in bed for half an hour, then suddenly started screaming. My daughter, who was nearby, rushed to me, asking what happened.

It was at that moment when I couldn’t even identify where the pain was. I screamed, unable to sit, stand, or lie comfortably. Even my eyes couldn’t produce tears. It was a level of pain I had never experienced before, and its severity can’t be adequately described.

After some time, I told my husband that I was having pain in my teeth. He and I went to the dentist after maghrib prayer. The dentist found that an infection had developed in my wisdom tooth after checking my gums and teeth, and he felt it was important to extract it right away.

There was already too much pain in my life for me to handle the thought of another one… oh my god. But the dentist advised that if I didn’t take it out, the pain would get worse. I finally chose to go through it all at once. I gave in.

But when he gave me an injection for numbness, after that, I felt nothing; my eyes were closed. Anyway, after some treatment, I got a tooth resembling a nail with a lot of blood. “You have lost your wisdom today,” the dentist said with a smile. It shocked me to hear it.

My husband was smiling. After returning from the clinic, the first thing I did had a up size glass of ice-cream shake. My cheeks got swollen and my tongue along with jaws was still under numbness.

Because I got almost 6 little shots of injection around the gum and in the wisdom tooth. So, when I reached home, my kids were looking at my face and asking what happened mom, when you went you were looking not so weird, but now it looks like you have put some big candy in your mouth or got a ….. you got it.

I tried to reply but could not speak properly because of medicines and the cotton swab was filled in the area from where my tooth was uprooted. Almost after three days, when I felt better, I explained all the procedure and doctor funny comment that now you have lost your wisdom.

My husband chuckled that the wisdom tooth had finally left you at his own consent because he was missing wisdom. Hence, there was no wisdom, and all other teeth were making fun of him, he got swollen with anger. At this reply, all my family members and I laughed loudly.

If you have experienced something similar, please share it with me.



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  • Guzel12 days ago

    It was horrible experience

  • Lovely one from you.

  • M.B Hesperia 2 months ago

    Oh my God I encountered this pain once , it was such a horrible experience like yours.

  • Oh wow the pain must have been horrible! Glad you got it taken out. I still have all my wisdom teeth but they are so far in the back, sometimes they are uncomfortable.

  • Andrea Corwin 2 months ago

    I loved your ending; it was funny and clever. My wisdom teeth didn't come in; they were cut out of my jaw before they could come in and push my teeth out of place. The only pain I felt was a bit when they stuck the enormous needle in to give the anesthetic (many years ago).

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