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water signs / june 2024

pisces, cancer, scorpio

By svvittartarotPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

The following readings have been written by me, svvittartarot, using tarot cards as divination tools. if you would like a personal reading, please head to my website; you can find details in my bio.


you’ve been putting in a lot of difficult emotional work at the first end of this month, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of that work. because you’ve learned to love yourself, as well as those around you, you will get it in return.

you might be having difficulty taking ownership of this victory. you need to remind yourself that it is well-deserved. the recognition you’re getting right now is rightfully yours, don’t let your ego get the better of you - you can accept it humbly. enjoy this success.

you’re guided to keep your energy levels up throughout june. explore, travel - but don’t be reckless. your foundation now is very stable financially. you may have recently felt how strong your family’s support and love are.

ultimately this month you’ll feel as though you have arrived. everything you have to enjoy is a direct result of the compassion, love, hard work and sacrifices you’ve made for others.

take time to relax and let them show you what you mean to them. this is strongly saying family to me, not a romantic relationship.


there may have been a celebration at the start of this month. you were able to let go and enjoy this moment of joy with people who you care about. it’s giving wedding or new baby vibes. this was full of interactions with people who you are connected with on a deep level.

the issue for you this month seems to be centred on letting go of something painful and difficult. it’s saying this is one of those decisions that simply has to be made, to allow something better to come into your life. you might be sick of hearing that, but it is what it is.

it’s ok to be sad - do your best to leave this heaviness in the past and walk forward with lightness in your heart. it’s going to get easier once you do that.

your guidance is to accept that you’ve had a rough time recently, and that there is no shame in retreating to bandage your wounds. don’t let anyone tell you to “get back out there” until you feel ready.

while it may feel like things are up in the air, they’re still moving quickly. you can either keep taking one step at a time (it will pay off if you keep moving), of you can wait until all the matchsticks fall - and see where the land lies afterwards, before making a decision about how to proceed.


you’ve been spending time at the start of the month concentrating equally on your domestic life as you are with your professional life. you’re achieving quietly in both realms right now, now announcing any successes or setbacks. embrace these qualities in yourself. you’re self-made.

the biggest issue for you this month is to identify what must be sacrificed. there is going to be a moment of discomfort that you’ll need to pause in before moving forward.

take time to reflect when this happens. don’t let feelings or opinions rush you forward. reflect on yourself and embrace the moment, feel everything the uncomfortable feelings are trying to tell you.

your guidance is to put yourself out there - whether that be travelling or some social activities, this month should see you with some interesting stories to tell about where you’ve been and who you’ve met.

bear in mind things are looking as if they might get complicated and messy. there’s going to be conflict, tensions will be running high and there will be a breakdown in communication between you and another. take a deep breath and find a better way to reach out to this person.


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