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How would you live without limits?

If nothing were holding you back, what dreams would you chase?

By fleeting.serenicsPublished 20 days ago 3 min read
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If you had no limitations, nothing holding you back, no fears, no ‘what ifs,’ and money were not a worry, how would you choose to live your life?

For me, I would live in a place where trees and flowers dance in the rhythm of the wind, where the breeze embraces me with its freshness, the birds’ chirps are the melodies of the morning, and the night is lit up by the luminous glow of stars and the moon. It could be in my small hometown or perhaps in a country like Switzerland, where the beauty of nature is a constant companion. My life would be a tale of simple joys and grand adventures, penned on pages filled with passion and love. I would dance and perform on stages all over the world alongside other passionate souls. I would write, letting my heart and soul speak, telling tales of hope and inspiration.

My days would be filled with the quiet contentment of living with my loved ones. We would find happiness in the simple things — morning walks greeting the dawn, errands to pick up coffee and fresh flowers, the joy of running a small café or cozy bookstore, or perhaps a combination of both. I would read and take dance classes every day, pushing my limits and discovering new facets of my craft. I would immerse myself in every note by taking violin lessons and capture the beauty of people and the world around me on canvas through painting. I would indulge in serenity.

We have the power to write our destinies and choose how to live our lives. However, in reality, as humans, many things chain us, holding us back from scripting our stories. Baggage and rocks hinder our climb up the mountain of the life we desire, whether obligations, responsibilities, societal expectations, practicality, or perhaps lack of resources. So instead, we navigate our journeys in different directions. I believe this is valid and not cowardly; it takes a different kind of bravery to acknowledge life’s realities and make sacrifices. It is not a lack of determination and passion but a form of strength and resilience.

But sometimes, I wonder,

When did humans start living like this?

When did we become so fixated on worldly things, to the point where money is not just a want but a need for survival?

Why must we conform to societal measures of success, sacrificing our passions and dreams for a prescribed notion of achievement?

Why do we prioritize survival in a world full of wonders, rather than simply living and indulging in its beauty?

After all, we are beings of dreams and desires, seekers of beauty and wonder, souls of dreams and visions. Or perhaps it is because we are like this that it all began — because we were dreamers and visionaries. But if this is not everyone’s dream, why can’t we all live the lives and dreams we want?

Why do we spend our youth trying to achieve something we don’t even want, until our youth passes us by like blinding light and the next thing we know we can’t ever go back to it? We sacrifice our present for a future that may never satisfy us, neglecting the passions that once burned brightly within us.

Perhaps the path to our truest aspirations is not always a straight line but a series of twists and turns that ultimately lead us back to ourselves. The dreams we once held dear, the passions that stirred our souls, are not lost forever but merely waiting for the right moment to be reignited.

How about you? How would you live without limits? If nothing were holding you back, what passions would you pursue? What dreams would you chase?


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    fleeting.serenicsWritten by fleeting.serenics

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