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So, You Won't Show Your Receipt?

Let's settle this.

By The Rogue ScribePublished about a year ago 4 min read

When I was a teenager, my friends and I loved to skateboard on "private" property. Mostly shopping centers, parking lots, and school grounds after hours. Naturally, the worker staff, security, or even police would always tell us to leave.

The reason: "we could get hurt and they didn't want to be liable". If we didn't leave or put up some kind of argument, we would either be ticketed or arrested for trespassing.

Those were simpler times.

Almost every parent will agree: teenagers are the worst. Like all of us, they're trying to figure out their lives. I can sympathize, I was a teenager once and I know it's difficult to deal with the world around you when you don't know who you even are.

The brain is more than likely still forming itself in various ways. Teenagers are easily suckered influenced into forming terrible beliefs and ideas that they later regret. They're often slaves to their own bodies, so they go by "feeling" rather than logic.

Worst of all, they rebel all the time. They disobey. No man can judge them or the pimples on their faces; courtesy of their chicken nugget diets.

"Only God can judge me, mom! I don't want to clean my room!"

Or they probably think they know better and become atheists.

Or worse, vegans. *shudders*

Thankfully, most people grow out of this by age 25. Unless you're the type of person that refuses to be courteous in public.

So, you won't show your receipt or your bus pass?

There's no "law" that says you have to?

Alright, I'll play.

Let's begin by defining this trend of deliberate disobedience.

First of all, you can't sit here and pretend that making a 5 minute TikTok video showing how you're being "profiled" is more efficient than taking 5 seconds to dig into your gross pockets and pull out your receipt.

That's the simplest, most logical solution on this matter... Because your time is finite and the more you waste, the worse it is for you.

But hey, let's shred this down a little more.

It's this whole "I don't have to" phrase for me. Nobody "has to" do anything, huh? Where did this come from?

"I have the LEGAL RIGHT to walk out of an establishment without proof of purchase after being kindly asked to provide it! Argh!"

Do you know what else we don't have to do? Park within the lines in a private parking lot, like that of a store.

In fact, we can park just precisely inconveniently enough to create a domino effect and prevent people like you from taking full advantage of the parking offered by stores. Enjoy your walk across the property.

Here's something else we don't have to legally do: Return shopping carts to the island.

Using your logic, we don't even "have to" place it out of the way. We can leave it in the middle of the roadway or just conveniently close to your vehicle so that you can't move can use it on your way inside. Sweet, now you have more content for your live stream.

Do you know what else isn't "legally" required? By law, people don't "have to" move their car from the front of your house if it's on a public roadway. They can also "legally" take pictures of the landscape, even if your mailbox happens to be in the shot.

People don't "legally" have to take their shoes off when you invite them into your home. Why? Because F*ck your carpet, that's why.

Why stop at receipts? I'm not "legally" required to show you courtesy, am I? No one is. But guess what?

You can't have a perpetual "bad day" and take it out on door greeters and cashiers, guy. Most of them are like 190 years old or have a difficult enough life... Why are you like this?

We need to remember that our default position in life should be one of selflessness. Give people more peace and make their lives easier when possible.

Being selfish brews a society of degenerate apes who have nothing better to do other than create problems out of thin air.

Poof, like magic. I'm going to start calling you "The Great Problemini".

Show your receipts. Return your carts. Clean under your fingernails.

Be a decent human being.

Godspeed, Rogues. Write to you later.

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  • Lynn Anderson 12 months ago

    "Why are you like this?" Excellent question. But I doubt they even know.

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