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My Husband Filed For Divorce And I Don't Want It (How To Save Marriage After Divorce Papers Filed)

Are you in a panic right now thinking my husband filed for divorce and I don't want it? Are you wondering how to change your husband's mind and make him want to stay? You're not alone, it's happened to many women before you. Read on to find out how to save marriage after divorce papers filed.

By Diego IvanPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Your husband has filed for a divorce; but you just can't go through with it. You don't want to lose your husband, and you don't want things to end like that. So how do you stop a divorce after filing? The only solution you have, after a divorce has been filed, is to change your husband's mind. Use these 5 tips to change your husband's mind on divorcing you:

Show Commitment - Sure you are married, but that's not the kind of commitment your spouse is looking for. Your partner is looking for emotional commitment. He wants to know that you aren't going to zone out on them emotionally anymore. They need to know that you are going to be there to support them when they need it, instead of running away or arguing with them.

Consider Marital Counseling - Most of the problems you have are likely stemming from insecurities and emotional intolerances. While you may have problems that seem to be outside your relationship, such as financial issues, work problems, etc.... you should remember that it's not the problem that matters, but how you react to it that matters.

Clearly, you and your partner have reacted poorly in the past to things, and cannot pull through together when you become emotional. Marital counseling can help both of you learn how to pull through together, so that you are not pulling apart during a crisis or problem.

Suspend Your Judgments - Judgments surface in all kinds of forms, such as criticisms, insults, arguments, and disagreements. Your partner doesn't want to be judged right now, and although you have plenty of counter arguments, and plenty of things you'd like to say or discuss; most of them are probably just judgments in disguise, and are neither supportive nor constructive to your relationship in the end.

At this time you will want to address your wants and desires, which in turn lead you to tell your spouse what to do, or lead you to disagree with what your spouse wants; but what you need to be doing is suspending those kinds of things for the time being so that your spouse can feel that you are listening to their wants and desires at this time.

Discuss The Causes Of The Divorce - Why are you breaking up? Why does your spouse think it's better to be apart than together? Discuss this with your spouse and give them the chance to express their pain, and give them the chance to tell you what it is they are really looking for; because chances are, they probably aren't looking for a divorce, but are rather trying to give you an ultimatum.

Offer To Change And Let Your Spouse Help You - Your spouse is the only one who knows what they want from you; THUS you should be going to them when it comes to change. You may think that your spouse is not supportive at the moment, because they want to divorce you, but it's quite the contrary.

All you have to do is let your husband know that you are ready to change, and get his input on what he would like to see you change first, and how he would like to see the changes take effect; so that he can help you through it, thus helping your husband get past the idea of a divorce in return.

Things You Need To Live Happily With Your Spouse

Marriage is not something temporary. It is not something that you can abandon or throw away when you get tired of it. In the first place, you should never get tired of it. To know how you can keep a successful marriage, here are the key things you need to be aware of.

Love - The reason behind every marriage should be love. Without it, the marriage will just fall apart after a few years. Love is what will make your relationship stronger and it will also help you in understanding each other when difficult times arise.

Understanding - Every person is unique and different from each other. In a relationship, you will never be able to avoid things that you and your partners have different opinions with. When this happens, what you need is to have understanding. Understanding is very important, as well as being open to each other. When you love someone, you will be able to understand him and accept who he or she really is.

Commitment - When you get married, you are no longer just involved in a relationship but you are now committed to it. Involvement and commitment are two different things where the latter will require you to give up a part of yourself. This does not mean that you should give up who you really are but you just need to learn how to adjust as a married person. For instance, you really like going out to clubs every night, you may want to lessen this hobby once you get married. There are many sacrifices that you need to do when you finally decide to leave the single years but do not worry because all of them will be worth it. Commitment is what will take you both away from any temptation that may come your way.

Tolerance - There will always be things that you and your spouse will differ from. For instance, you are someone who is obsessed with planning things while your partner does not care about having plans. With this, you will have to compromise things from time to time. You need to know how to tolerate each other at a certain level. When you are faced with things that you really do not like, you need to learn how to bear with it.

Communication - A marriage will easy fall apart without communication. To make your relationship last, you need to know how you think about each other. To resolve any issue or understanding, you need to talk about it. You should never sleep until you resolve the problem at hand. Communication is truly important to make things stronger and clearer. If you do not like something about your partner, tell him or her so that you can work things out.

Trust - Without trust, there will be tons of misunderstandings. If you truly love your spouse, you need to trust you partner all the way. If you are really troubled or worried about something, then talk with your partner and make things clear. Trust is simple necessary especially for people who have long distance relationship.

It's all up to you! If you don't take this action to save your marriage, then who will?

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