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My darling Sun,

From an eternal admirer, your moon.

By RatPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
My darling Sun,
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Dear My Darling Sun,

Before I met you I was nothing. I floated around the universe while I prayed for something to take me. It was frigid and unforgiving until I found you completely by chance.

You were everything that I wasn't aware that I was looking for. You brought me into your gravitational pull and loved me throughout it. Your light brought meaning to my days although, you never stayed the night. Why did you insist on having access to every part of my life only to leave it just as fast as you came?

Our love was different and untalked about. I wasn't the only person in your pull, sadly I wasn't the strongest. Although, it fills me with rage to think that he has convinced you that you are anything less than a celestial body. Light shines through every fiber of your being to the point it's hard to sleep around you because I just wanted to be conscious for that glow around you.

I remember you sitting in front of a mirror, in a bathroom too small for the both of us. "My hair's the color of wheat," you sighed. 'Of course,' I thought, 'in every fairytale, wheat turns to gold in the hands of a princess and you are nothing short of royalty.' That's what I thought, of course, I could never say that to you. I'm your best friend and there are lines that you've told me I'm not allowed to cross.

Yet, I find myself crossing those lines every chance I get. If my hand can linger on top of yours for just a second longer, I'll relish that eternity greedily. I memorized the constellations of freckles that line your shoulders in less than one summer. I know you prefer a zip-up over a pullover. When you had to cut your hair in the name of our least favorite zodiac, I wept and offered to cut my own but I found yet another line.

I had every line in the world to respect but you had a key to my front door. You demanded that much. I wasn't allowed to have anyone near and my payment was to be your second best. I would give up the world to have a piece of yours again. Nothing I can find fills my heart as well as your half-felt compassion.

My Sun, when you left I lost more than my best friend. I lost my joy, my will to live, my hope. I know you meant to take my dignity yet, I know you had that all along. I am nothing but darkness and awaiting death when you can't bless my days.

My womanhood holds a hole that I feel only your specific brand of feminity can cap. I feel so lost without your light, yet I know if I were to be reexposed you'd do nothing but scorch me. Please, forgive me, come back; I have enough water to last a day, give me a week.

The universe hates me for your betrayal. Nothing has been alright since my sunshine has left. Nothing has felt the same. I lost your beauty and consequently, the world lost its. I know I can keep spinning, but towards what? Another body that wants me for my space and not for my properties? Will I love them as much as I still love you?

My darling, dearest, shining, light I'll never forget those times when you looked at me confused. Those moments when you knew what you were doing when you felt what I did, and you smiled and shone on, those moments I briefly lived for. I hope one day you remember those moments as fondly as I do now. I have no hate for you Sunshine.

Lots of love, many thanks, and forever yours,

A moon.


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  • Test2 months ago

    The quality of this writing was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't identify any shortcomings. You're welcome! Wishing you a day full of perpetual smiles!

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