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Missing Foster Parents


By ignatius awang braminiaPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Jamie had never been great at mornings, but this particular Tuesday was shaping up to be one of the weirdest starts to a day he’d ever had. He woke up to the smell of burnt toast and the sound of the dog barking incessantly outside. He groggily dragged himself out of bed, rubbing his eyes as he made his way downstairs.

The kitchen was a mess. Cereal boxes were left open, milk was spilled on the counter, and the toaster was still smoking. Jamie looked around, expecting to see his foster mom, Sarah, rushing around like she usually did. But there was no sign of her. No sign of Mike, his foster dad, either.

"Hello?" Jamie called out. Silence. "Sarah? Mike?"

The dog, Buster, scratched at the back door, looking as confused as Jamie felt. Jamie let him in and gave him a quick pat on the head. "Where's everyone, boy?"

Jamie grabbed his phone from the counter and tried calling Sarah. Straight to voicemail. Mike’s phone did the same. He checked the time—7:30 AM. They should've been up by now. They always were. He thought back to last night. Nothing unusual. They had dinner, watched some TV, and went to bed. It was just a regular night.

Jamie started to worry. He searched the house, calling their names louder and louder with each room he checked. Their bed was made, their cars were still in the driveway, but there was no sign of them anywhere. It was like they had vanished into thin air.

He thought about calling the police, but he hesitated. What if they were just out for a walk? Or maybe they had to leave for an emergency and forgot to wake him? He decided to give it some time, maybe an hour or so. But by 9 AM, there was still no sign of them. Jamie's worry turned into panic.

Grabbing his phone again, he called his best friend, Alex.

"Dude, my foster parents are missing," Jamie blurted out as soon as Alex picked up.

"What? Missing? Like, they left?"

"I don't know, man. They’re just gone. Their cars are here, but they're not."

"Did you call the cops?"

Jamie bit his lip. "Not yet. I thought maybe they went for a walk or something. But it's been hours now."

"Okay, I'm coming over. We'll figure this out."

Alex showed up within twenty minutes, still in his pajamas. "Alright, let's think. Any notes? Anything out of place?" "Nothing. Everything’s normal except they're gone."

Alex looked around the house, checking all the rooms like Jamie had. "Weird. Maybe check their phones’ GPS? See if we can track them?"

Jamie nodded. "Good idea." He opened the 'Find My Friends' app and pulled up Sarah’s location. "Says she’s at home."

"Well, she’s clearly not," Alex said, looking around.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Jamie's heart skipped a beat. He rushed to open it, hoping it was Sarah and Mike. Instead, it was Mrs. Thompson, their elderly neighbor.

"Jamie, dear, I saw Sarah and Mike leave early this morning. They looked like they were in a hurry. I thought it was strange they didn’t take the car."

"What time did you see them?" Jamie asked, feeling a mix of relief and confusion.

"Around 5 AM. They were carrying suitcases."

Suitcases? That didn’t make any sense. "Did they say anything to you?"

Mrs. Thompson shook her head. "No, they just waved and hurried off."

Jamie and Alex exchanged glances. This was getting stranger by the minute.

"Thanks, Mrs. Thompson," Jamie said, closing the door. He turned to Alex. "Why would they leave with suitcases and not take the car?"

Alex shrugged. "Maybe they’re on some secret mission?"

Jamie laughed despite the situation. "Right. Secret agents in suburbia."

But jokes aside, they were still no closer to figuring out what was going on. Jamie decided it was finally time to call the police. He explained the situation, feeling a bit silly but mostly worried.

An officer showed up within the hour. He took Jamie’s statement, asked a bunch of questions, and said they’d start looking into it.

As the day dragged on, Jamie tried to keep himself busy. Alex stayed with him, playing video games and trying to keep the mood light. But it was hard to ignore the gnawing feeling that something was really wrong.

Around 6 PM, just as the sun was starting to set, Jamie’s phone buzzed. It was a message from Sarah.

"Sorry we had to leave so suddenly. Emergency with Mike’s family. We're okay. Be back soon. Don’t worry."

Jamie read the message out loud, relief flooding through him. "They’re okay. Family emergency."

Alex let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. "Thank god. I was starting to think they were abducted by aliens or something."

Jamie laughed. "Yeah, me too. Thanks for sticking around, man."

"No problem. What are friends for?"

As weird as the day had been, Jamie felt a lot better knowing Sarah and Mike were safe. He settled in for the evening, finally able to relax. Sometimes life threw you a curveball, but with friends like Alex, Jamie knew he could handle whatever came his way.

And that’s the story of Jamie’s strange day when his foster parents went missing.


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