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By MissclickedPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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Growing up in an Indian household i was always the child that my relatives forgot my parents had, and i wouldn't blame them as i was the one who loved being 'not' noticed. This may sound weird but trust me i hated being in the spotlight or people just casually talking to me was almost a nightmare. If you are an Indian you know how much Indians (not me, trust me) love gathering with family, friends and relatives just to meddle into each other's business for no reason. Although the world is advancing but Indian parents are still confused with being shy and being an introvert. I remember this one time i met my distant aunt and she goes on like ''your mother told me how you avoid relative gatherings, you must be shy, i think you should go out more this way all your shyness will disappear in thin air'', and suddenly my mind went.... wait what??.

The world may assume us just as shy, antisocial or quite type but if you ask my two friends about me i am sure there's a whole lot of things that you wouldn't think in your wildest dreams that i have done (if they tell you that is). That matter is fact is not about me being shy, it's about me having a little comfortable circle that i not so like expanding and i see absolutely nothing wrong with it.


Yeah i know you smiled and remembered those 456973 times you have used this phrase as an introvert just to cancel plans using the easiest method available at your house. I feel a little guilty now that i think about it but the extravagant parties with unknown faces were never my type. I am the kind who would love to watch an anime or movie in my cozy bed and lot of snacks instead of having some awkward conversations with strangers.

I remember this one time one of my friends invited me to her birthday party and i decided to go for a change and it turned out to be the most embarrassing experience of my life. This friend's birthday party that i went to was from another section of the same class and also the only common friend i had at the party. So the moment she left for something i was just no one for the other people, all of them kept talking and playing with each other and i just sat in one corner with the same glass of coke from an hour ago. And like that wasn't embarrassing enough the friend's mom came and asked other people to join her and talk to me as i was sitting alone which resulted in some really awkward smiles all over the room. If you are thinking this is the worst, hold up, due the whole situation and panic i came back home without giving her the gift i bought. A little life advice always handover the gift the moment you enter don't wait for the cake ceremony, you're welcome!.

Although i know her mom's intentions and the people there weren't bad but the problem here i guess is just my personality as an introvert that i just can't shake off. Also here's an apology for my mom who i use as an excuse to not go out but in reality she is always the one who encourages me to mix up and socialize with people whenever possible, sorry mom ( i know you would be reading my blog like you always do).


After being an introverted child my whole childhood i decided to become the famous one in my high school, why you may ask? because i was tired of being called the lonely child and pitied on. So when high school started i copied everything i knew the friendly and popular ones do; small talks, providing class notes, gossiping, shoulder to cry, and every other possible things to make them friendlier towards me. And i remember going from sitting alone at front benches to sitting around with lots of friends at back benches. We even gave silly names to our group and went to school trips, just when constant efforts were applied to keep us together the friendship bond seemed unbreakable.

what the group is called now? well.... contrasting personalities are way different than contrasting magnetic poles and yes they repel, most of the time. I have this side of me, that no matter how hard it tries to copy people ultimately goes back to being the usual self and just when my constant efforts are removed somehow people undo the things i did for them MAGICAL RIGHT?. And here i am back again to square one acknowledging my introverted nature and reminding myself again the smaller the circle, the better the friendship.


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Hey fella! welcome to my blog or you could say a little window into my thoughts. Here I will be writing about various topics like, life experiences, short fictions, poems and sometimes a little insights to my life. I hope we all get along!

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  • Novel Allen12 months ago

    You just totally described me. Wow. I would live in a cave in the woods and be very happy with just some animals. Except bears, and lions and dinosaurs/ I love your story.

MissclickedWritten by Missclicked

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