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Hud (as)

A prophet sent by God to the tribe of Ad

By Abo godaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
A prophet sent by God to the tribe of Ad

The Rise and Fall of the Advertisers: Descendants of Prophet Nuh (pbuh) in Ancient Yemen

After the great flood, the descendants of the Prophet Nuha (peace be upon him) populated the earth. Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) had many grandchildren, and they had even more grandchildren! In this way, the Earth's population increased rapidly. Many of them settled in ancient Yemen. Those who settled here are said to be the descendants of Iram, one of the grandsons of Prophet Nuha (peace be upon him).They were called advertisers. The advertisers were numerous, strong and very hardworking! They were known for their expertise, particularly in the construction of large and beautiful buildings. The people of AD became rich and built huge towers on every nearby mountain to show off their skills. They were very proud of what they had become. In the beginning everyone was good Muslim and prayed to Allah (swt).But over time they were deceived by Shaitan. The people of Ad created stone idols and began to worship these idols! They ignored Allah's warnings and instead worshiped these idols and misbehaved.

The Story of Prophet Hud (as): Allah's Chosen Adviser

That was when Allah (swt) decided to send another Prophet to earth! This time Allah chose the Prophet Hud (as) from among themselves, to warn them as a trusty adviser. “Allah has sent me to you” he said to his people. “He was the one who taught you everything. He gave you this world, he gave you your children, he gave you animals” “You should stop worshipping false gods.There is only one Allah (swt). “You must follow his orders,” he told them. But the people of Ad called out to the Prophet, “Who are you to advise us? Why should we listen to you? And they ignored the Prophet: “I have been chosen to convey God’s commands.” Message,” he told them calmly."Listen to what I say, and if you don't, I'm afraid God will punish you!" People didn't listen and said, "You're just a liar." Why should we listen to the words of a liar ? “I am not a liar,” the Prophet told them, and the people of Ad replied, “If you are not a liar, prove that what you say is true.” Tell Allah to send punishment. Hud (as) was sad and disappointed when he heard this.“I am not a liar, I am the Prophet of Allah,” he told them sincerely. But no one believed in him and he left

The Prophet's Preaching: Warning and Rejection by Different Tribes

The Prophet also tried to preach to different tribes. “Do you think the houses you built will last forever?” He asked her. “Remember that it is Allah who gave you your destiny. He is my Lord and your Lord and the only one you should trust.I've warned you before. If you disobey Allah, He will choose other people to replace you. Allah knows and hears everything! But the elders of the tribe also rejected him and called him a fool and a liar. The Prophet tried to convince them again: “O my people, I am not a fool. " He told them. "I am the messenger of the Lord of the Worlds.I will tell you his will and give you my sincere advice. They disobeyed the Prophet and also turned away from him and continued to worship idols. There were very few people in Ad who listened to the Prophet's words. Hud (as) realized that Allah would punish

The Punishment of Disbelievers: Allah's Wrath and the Drought in Ad

soon the residents of Ad. Allah punishes the disbelievers no matter how rich, tyrannical and great they are. In the days that followed, a drought spread across the country. The sky stopped raining and the sun burned the desert sand. The announcers went to the Prophet and asked, “Why is there this drought, Hud?”» And the Prophet answered: “God is angry with you.” If you believe in him, he will welcome you and send you rain. “You really are an idiot,” they mocked the Prophet, even more violently and sarcastically. The drought worsened, the trees turned yellow and the plants died. But people continued to worship idols. Many months have passed and not a single drop of rain has fallen on Ad.The people of Ad refused to recognize Allah as their God and prayed to idols for rain. But the drought lasted three long years! One day while the Prophet was praying, Allah (swt) asked the Prophet to gather his true companions and asked him to leave Ad.

The Destruction of the People of Ad: Allah's Warning and the Consequences

Soon, a huge black cloud appeared over the people of Ad! The disbelievers did not realize that it was Allah who sent them this cloud as a warning. They thought this big cloud would give them rain instead, so they worshiped idols again! The weather suddenly went from drought and scorching heat to scorching cold, and the wind shook everything: trees, plants, tents, even men and women! The wind increased day after night and night after night.The people of Ad understood that this was a punishment sent by Allah and began to flee. They ran home to hide, but the wind picked up and destroyed their homes! Then the people hid in the basements of the huge buildings they had built, but the wind was so strong that the buildings collapsed and the unbelievers died in those basements. The storm raged for eight days and seven nights! The violent wind only stopped when the entire region was reduced to rubble! And the villains fromAD have now been destroyed. Only Prophet Hud (peace be upon him) and his people were safe because they heeded the warnings of Allah (swt).They migrated to Hadhramaut and lived there in peace and worshiped Allah, their true God. Masha'Allah!


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