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Nuh (as)

Savior of believers from drowning

By Abo godaPublished 5 months ago 9 min read
Noah's Ark, peace be upon him

Rediscovering the True Purpose of Life

Prophet Nuh (as) was sent to earth by Allah (swt) one thousand years after the arrival of Prophet Adam (as). By this time, the population on earth had significantly multiplied. However, during this period, the evil Shaytan had deceived humanity, leading them to worship idols. In order to rectify this situation, Allah sent Prophet Nuh (as) to guide the people back on the right path. Nevertheless, the prophet faced great challenges in his mission. Despite his fervent exhortations for people to fear Allah and follow His commands, they stubbornly refused to listen. Instead, they shook their heads and continued their idol worship. The prophet, known for his excellent oratory skills and enduring patience, shouted at them, asking if they failed to comprehend that it was Allah who had created the entire world. He reminded them that Allah had brought forth the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky, as well as the rivers, mountains, trees, and everything else that surrounded them. All of this was created for their benefit alone. Therefore, the prophet wondered why they did not show Allah the respect He deserved and why they persisted in worshipping these idols.

The Perseverance of Prophet Nuh (AS)

But the people turned away from him and said, “Ah! Who do you advise? You're just a normal person and we'll assume you're lying. Come down and leave us alone. But there were also good Muslims on earth!The latter were weak and poor. They listened to the words of the Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) and realized that they were committing a sin by worshiping icons. Two different groups of people lived on Earth. The one who worshiped Allah (swt) and the others who continued to worship idols, Nuh continued to teach people countless times. Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) quickly grew tired of idol worshipers. “You have spread lies long enough,” they said.“We will get you if you don't stop.” However, the Prophet ignored them and continued to strongly urge the people. He preached to them day and night. He was repeatedly stoned to death by idol worshipers and even beaten with sticks while preaching to crowds! “You are no different than us,” cried the idol worshipers. “You are not a prophet!”You're just another human and why should we listen to you? “Truly I say to you,” the Prophet told them. “You are committing a sin by worshiping icons.” But the people did not hear him and beat him again! “I sweat for you!” Allah will punish you one day,” the Prophet called out to them. But people were not ashamed and said, “He is stupid, don’t listen to him.”

A Tale of Faith and Tragedy

Despite great pain, the Prophet continued his mission of calling people. He preached nine hundred and fifty years, even though the skeptics mocked him mercilessly. Their ridicule reached extreme proportions and Nuh (AS) became discouraged. The number of skeptics continued to grow, which led to even greater dissatisfaction. However, during one of his prayers, Allah spoke to the Prophet and assured him: “Do not be sad, Nuh.You have done your duty. I will punish everyone on earth for their sins. All except Muslims and creatures will perish. » Allah (SWT) asked the Prophet to take the first step of this divine plan, which included planting many trees. Although Nuh (AS) did not understand the reasons for this order, he obediently followed Allah's instructions and started planting trees.He also encouraged Muslim believers to do the same and establish more than a hundred plantations. After some time, Allah contacted the Prophet again and this time asked him to build a huge boat. “It must be large enough to contain two of all the living creatures on earth,” Allah said. The Prophet felt embarrassed because he had no knowledge of boat building and no one had ever built such a ship before. However, with the help of skilled craftsmen, Prophetbegan building boats.The exact dimensions of the boat are not yet known. Some say it was 600 feet long, while others say it was 2,400 feet long. Regardless of its size, the boat was undoubtedly huge. The Prophet's sons and Muslim believers offered their help and support and said, "We will help you build a boat." The Prophet then chose a suitable place to build, in the middle of the mountains, far from the chaos and hustle and bustle of the City. After gathering the necessary tools, he and hisfollowers began the arduous task of cutting down the trees they had previously planted.These trees were now the main source of wood for boats. The men worked tirelessly day and night, diligently putting their plans into action and building the boat. However, when the skeptics saw the Prophet (peace be upon him) building a boat on the top of the mountain, they continued to mock him. “You’re just a crazy old man,” they sneered. “Why the hell do you need such a big boat?”Others joined in, wondering how he was going to get it into the sea.

Constructing the Ship Against All Odds

The others inquired, "How do you plan on transporting it to the sea?" The prophet confidently responded, "You will soon find out." The people were puzzled as to why the prophet was constructing a ship, and some even believed he had gone mad. Nevertheless, the prophet and his team persisted in their diligent work. After several months of dedicated effort, the ship was finally completed. Grateful for the divine assistance they had received, they expressed their gratitude to Allah. With each passing day, the impending flood drew closer. One night, Allah revealed to the prophet that the flooding of the earth would commence upon witnessing water emerging from the stove in his house. Remarkably, the prophet's ship consisted of three distinct compartments: one for birds, another for humans, and the final one for animals. As the day of the flood approached, animals and birds began to arrive, appearing in pairs - each pair consisting of a male and a female. Elephants, giraffes, lions, rabbits, parrots, and countless other species filled the ship, representing the incredible biodiversity of the earth. Then, as God had foretold, water suddenly began to pour out of the stove in the prophet's kitchen. This was the long-awaited sign that Nuh (as) had been anticipating. Stepping outside, he witnessed the arrival of rain, confirming that the time for the flood had arrived.

the Prophet's Boat and the Catastrophic Flood

Without wasting any time, he reached out to all the supportive Muslims who helped him build the boat. He urged them to board without being arrested. The disbelievers were embarrassed by the situation and continued to mock the Prophet. “Look at this stupid old man,” they sneered. “What is he going to do with all these bullies and these people?“Ignoring their wickedness, the Prophet quickly ordered his wives and children to get into the boat. They all remained conscientious, except for one of his wives and his son, who did not follow his training. “I will find my way out of the water safely,” said his son. “Don’t worry about me.” The water situation had now improved significantly and the Prophet had to rush to the boat.Suddenly, a catastrophic flood occurred, causing the water situation to rapidly deteriorate. The Earth's crust has shifted, absorbing land while the ocean floor rises. Furthermore, the heavy rain continued for many hours. At this time, people began to realize the truth of the Prophet's words and desperately sought refuge in the mountains. As the Prophet watched his wife and son climb a mountain to escape the water, he cried out in desperation, “Come and get into the boat with us, save yourself,!” »Unfortunately, they ignored his request and climbed to the top of the mountain. In a pathetic turn of events, a huge wave that exceeded the height of the mountain they were standing on crashed down on them, causing their deaths. All remaining non-religious people met the same fate as colossal waves swept over their lives. The water continued to flow, rising higher and higher until the entire land was flooded.

Prophet Nuh's Days at Sea

After uttering the words "Bismillah," Prophet Nuh (as) witnessed the miraculous movement of the ship. Although the rain had ceased, the entire earth remained submerged in water. Recognizing the need to continue sailing for an extended period, the prophet had taken precautions to ensure sufficient food for both the humans and the animals aboard the vessel. Surprisingly, the potentially dangerous animals coexisted peacefully, as Allah had orchestrated their behavior, making the ship suitable for even the most ferocious of creatures. Remarkably, all the aggressive animals had succumbed to various illnesses, leaving them harmless. Despite living together harmoniously, the prophet faced a significant challenge from the rats that infested the ship, incessantly nibbling and causing trouble. In response, the prophet sought divine intervention, leading Allah to create cats. The cats, in turn, hunted down the rats, eventually restoring peace and order to the ship. Throughout the journey, Allah (swt) resolved numerous challenges faced by the prophet. Having sailed for approximately 150 days without finding any visible land, the prophet and his companions anxiously waited for a sign of hope. Ultimately, the prophet decided to dispatch a crow as a scout in search of land. However, the crow failed to return.

A New Era Begins

Upon receiving the command, the prophet dispatched a dove to seek out the land. After a brief period of time, the dove returned holding an olive branch in its beak, filling the prophet and his family with immense joy, as they knew they were nearing their destination. Continuing their voyage for some time, the ship eventually reached the summit of the Joodi mountain. Uttering the words "Bismillah," the prophet witnessed the ship come to a halt. Having traveled for over one hundred and fifty days, their arduous journey had reached its conclusion. Initially, the prophet released all the animals, birds, and insects onto the land, allowing them to repopulate the earth. Subsequently, the prophet and his fellow Muslims disembarked from the ship, and the first action he took was to prostrate himself, placing his forehead on the ground. Thus, marking the commencement of a new era for humankind.

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