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Good luck succeeding if you have social anxiety

Don't be shy

By Ferrari KingPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

It is already difficult to be successful in this world. Financial literacy is not required in schools and college is very expensive and in most cases not needed. You can just go to a trade school or a certification program and make about the same money. Trying to succeed with side hustles can be difficult because selling or getting people to watch your videos is a chore. If you post videos on many social media platforms you have to be careful of trolls but they are worse if you do satire or doing responses like reading a reddit story. Recently (at the time I am writing this) a woman did a reddit story about a woman that wanted her father to pay for her wedding but didn't want him to give her away. Of course people stitched her video and left out the fact she says it was a reddit story and it is mentioned in her description. You can imagine how she was treated. Another woman made a satirical video about suing her parents for her being born without her consent. Again she had satire in her description. Most people are too weak to comprehend what you are trying to do, read the description or apologize if they make a mistake. Yesterday (at the time of writing this) I made a satirical video that I had to delete which was me pretending to be a nasty boss that doesn't give raises. I wrote satire in the description but no one bothered to read.

Now imagine all that but you have social anxiety and/or are shy. A person with those issues may still be able to publish videos but will not be able to handle the hate. A lot of people are not bright enough to comprehend what they hear and are quick to get offended and will do anything to harm others. Imagine being out in public and your social anxiety starts to "act up." You could do it to the wrong person (usually a person who is not white) and end up with your life ruined when it was just your anxiety. Perhaps all you did was ask the person to step back since they were breathing down your neck and they went off on you, which will activate your social anxiety. Now your viral and your life being destroyed do to these horrid people not caring about your side of the story. There is actually s a video of this scenario where a white lady with mental issues and social anxiety asked a black lady that was standing 2 inches from her to step back. The black lady went off on her and the white lady noticed a camera pointed at her and started crying since she realized her life was about to be ruined. It went viral and no one showed the store footage of the black lady standing so close or yelling at her first. Never take sides from a video because they are only going to show you what the person making the video wants you to see. Same with these people that react to these videos on social media sites, they just want clicks at the expense of the livelihoods of innocent people. They are known for calling out people that were not even on the scene and pulling up a photo, address and employment information on the wrong people and they and their cronies small-brained followers never apologize or get sued. I believe it was Ice Tea who said that the media can make the nicest, sweetest person look like a bad guy.

At work it could be harder if not impossible for you to ask for a raise and God forbid you work somewhere were they do not ever give raises. Imagine being stuck at a job for decades at the same pay and not being able to quit because how hard job interviews are for you since being assertive or just talking to others is difficult. Nothing worse than having a University degree, especially an STEM degree and make no money, have nothing, and can't do or go anywhere because of your very low pay and your social anxiety makes it difficult for you to do job interviews or anything that could help you. It

People are a lot more cruel to a person that has social anxiety or is very shy, since they are weak and only can attack those that they feel cannot defend themselves.

If you are shy or especially if you have social anxiety it will be very difficult to defend yourself against false allegations or advance in a job. It is also much more difficult to succeed on social media. I hope you enjoyed this.

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I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games, BS in Molecular Biology. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my wonderful LinkTree you should check for all links:

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