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Ghana; Black Americans Buy House in Ghana Insults Pour In & More Nigerian Discrimination As Ghanians Continue Xenophobia

I could write about this everyday, Ghana is not as welcoming as everyone continues to claim

By IwriteMywrongsPublished about a month ago 4 min read
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Saturday, 20 January 2024

By: TB Obwoge

When you read these comments, I want you to once again imagine that these were being said by white people in the United States. As thousands of Ghanians flood America, in a post posted by the American embassy in Accra, Ghana recently has shown.

These are constant examples of the hatred that Ghanians heep on Nigerians and other foreigners in Ghana. Ghanians probably have no idea that millions of Black Americans have Nigerian DNA, as well as the thousands of Nigerians born & raised in America.

Screenshot from Instagram REELS

A Black American couple posted a reel on Instagram, they were excited about buying a house in Ghana. When I went to the comments, there were dozens of hateful replies, accusing them of being the reason of high home prices in Ghana.

Ghanians went onto complain about them being "gentrifiers", one person even said that they should go to the Caribbean instead.

In a video below you can read some of the comments, why don't these Ghanian individuals realize that they sound exactly like racists Europeans or Americans, telling people to not come to their country and to seek out other places? If these comments were made by a white person, can you imagine the outrage that Black Africans would have?

I have been so confused about the rude and un-welcoming behavior of Ghanians, which is so odd to me. I have a few Ghanians that I speak with regularly, one explained that his wife isn't speaking to him. When I asked why, here is what he explained to me.

Apparently his wife finds him to be insulting towards her, I asked why, he said that when he jokes with her she gets angry. He then tries to assure me that, she's joking but when he jokes back to her that she then gets upset.

Screenshot from Instagram REELS

From hearing his words I thought, wow perhaps the two of you shouldn't joke if she gets her feelings hurt so easily.

After a few days pass, he video chats with me, his baby daughter loves looking at me and waving. However I was about to eat a salad that I had just made, he this friend, has a habit of making comments about me being fat. Especially when I'm eating or drinking anything. For example, I drink flavoured water, I buy these small bottles where you squirt a bit of the liquid in your water bottle.

He sees that the water bottle I'm drinking from, the liquid is a different color, he makes the comment that I'm always drinking juice. I don't have juice in my home, I do make brewed iced tea from time to time. I realized that he makes insults and that is probably what he does to his wife too.

Screnshot from YouTube Video

I've already outlined this in the article below, about the bullying culture in Ghana. It is childish, however these comments about people moving to Ghana are much more harmful.

Here are some very recent xenophobic comments about Nigerians renting property in Ghana once again. In Ghana there is now more postings in several housing groups, telling Nigerians they're not acceptable to rent their places in Ghana.

They never think that Nigerian-Americans exists, there are thousands of Nigerians born and raised in the United States of America. As a matter of fact my cardiologist is Nigerian-American, he his one of 2 of the doctors in the practice born to Nigerian parents and raised entirely in the United States.

Ghanian's comment;

Manuel Coffie

TB Obwoge you are clearly on some cheap drugs.

Collage Created by Author

This man points out that the person posting "No Nigerians" would be shouting upon a white person posted something similar about blacks. After his comment, a Ghanian comes to the comment section to claim that Nigerians ruins houses within one years time.

He then goes onto say that people can get out of Ghana and go live some place else if they don't like the discrimination. This man has an advert on his page, he is a person trying to rent out resort property and he thinks its perfectly acceptable to discriminate against Nigerians and other foreigners.

Screenshot from Facebook

What is so interesting, there are 5 Ghanians commenting and defending discrimination. Not one of them seems to understand that this discrimination has no place in Africa towards other Africans.

Ghanians continue to claim that Ghana is home to Pan-Africanism, unless you're Nigerian, or apparently if you're a Black American buying a house in Ghana. Why don't more people speak up about this behavior? Why don't more Nigerians speak about this?

Screenshot from Instagram REELS

Belinda Dede Donkor

This stereotyping nu must stop!

This is much like the Ghanian that called Black Americans lost and called me a typical Angry Black American woman, the insults from Ghanians will make anyone angry.

Screenshot from Instagram REELS

Screenshot from Instram REELS


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