Empty Eyes

by Jodi Bunch 2 years ago in dating / humanity

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul...

Empty Eyes

I stared in the mirror of my bedroom. I was absolutely disgusted with myself. Maybe because everyone else was disgusted with me? Me and my empty, black eyes. Black all the way to the middle where they turned red.

My eyes were surrounded by dark eyelashes. So dark they could've been covered in mascara. What made it worse was that around my eyes I was white. Not Caucasian white. Crayon white, dotted with black freckles. My head was topped with a natural flame.

Orange, red, and yellow combined throughout my head and down my shoulders to make sharply fire-colored hair. Not to mention the bruises. The bruises from those who hated me.

I shoved a shirt over my extremely feminine upper body, which wasn't quite a bad thing, except for the fact that once someone saw my face, they ran.

Once, there was one guy. He was nice for a while. But I noticed he never looked at my face. He couldn't because it was ugly. Since then, I'd been alone. I wasn't able to trust anyone. A stone hit my window and I jumped. Ugh. Him.


He kept telling me I was the good kind of weird. Wrong. I was just weird. I threw open my window and screamed down to him. "What Jacob?"

"Oh, nothing. Just wanted to see you. Since you don't come outside over the summer."

"It's not summer!" I grunted at him. He looked at his watch as if that changed the fact that it was dead winter.

"Oh. Haha. Would you look at that? I didn't notice all the snow around me. Haha."

"It's almost Christmas. Can you give me a gift?" He nodded eagerly and grinned. "Leave me alone for once." I shut my window at that and didn't care that he was probably crying.

Poor Jacob. Trying to reach the soul I probably didn't have. I pushed myself back onto my bed and whispered, "So soulless I can't even love you, my bed."


I walked out the door and Jacob was still standing there. "J-jac-ob? What are you still doing here?" I looked into his piercing blue eyes that I envied and pitch black hair. His 'aliens are real' shirt under his blue hoodie and over his tan skin.

He pushed me into the wall of my house and I thought he, too was going to hurt me. But he pushed my hands over my head and laid his lips on mine.

"You know, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul?" He asked me.

"But what if my eyes are empty?" I murmured and faced the ground.

"How could they be empty when I see so much love and desire in them?" He grabbed my sides and I jumped out of bed.

I ran to my mirror and saw my empty eyes and the black and blue marks under them. Right. Empty eyes. Empty eyes. And for the first time, I cried.


I ran outside and searched for Jacob. Searched everywhere, he made me feel something and I'd finally realized it. "Jacob! Jacob! All those times I said I hate you! I love you for that! You made me feel something!" I turned and was face to face with a horror.

"Cute, cute. Well as cute as you can be from the shoulders up." Jordan, Jacob's twin, teased. "I wouldn't mind having someone like you from the shoulders down." He rubbed my hair and whispered, "But I guess you could call all this up here your defining feature."

"Go away. Please, just leave me with the bruise you gave me in front of your minions." I slapped him away and turned so he couldn't see my tears.

"I don't think I can. All the other girls-"

A punch came from behind me. "She said to go away dip-bagger."

I turned to see a goofy smile on Jacob's face. "I heard all that. What you said about me. It was cool."

"What? No, you didn't! I said Nothing! You're just annoying. You're just Jacob. No!"

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