'Don't Worry About the Bits You Can't Understand. Sit Back and Allow the Words to Wash Around You, Like Music'

by Em Whitehouse 4 months ago in friendship

Roald Dahl may have provided me with that quote, but a specific group of four women are living examples of making the world seem less complex than I believe it to be.

'Don't Worry About the Bits You Can't Understand. Sit Back and Allow the Words to Wash Around You, Like Music'

Anyone who knows me will know of my obsession with Roald Dahl's Matilda, his quote regarding how books managed to transport Matilda to 'new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives', related well to me as it was also something I searched for but, little did I know that I didn't need anyone who lived an exciting life, I just had to confine in four particular women that were already present in my current life.

Writing has always been a passion of mine but these particular women provided me with the confidence to pursue it. They have inspired me and tolerated many low moments in my life, but that is simply what makes them some of the best people you'll ever encounter. They have always reminded me to write about what I love as it is what makes my work better so, I would like to dedicate this piece to them.

To the one with the eight-step skin care routine:

She is quite possibly one of the most well-groomed girls I’ve ever met, but she is also one of the kindest souls. The perfection she puts into her appearance and more importantly her room décor is also reciprocated into her striving to obtain perfect friendships. When I first moved to university, I misjudged her as quite a cold character, as someone I would fail to approach, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Through some of my hardest moments she has always stuck by my side: if it’s holding my hand during panic attacks or, cooking some of the best meals I’ve ever tasted.

I recently read that one shouldn’t fear humility if it makes you a stronger person and she acted as a living example of this. About two months ago I experienced one of the hardest break-ups whilst being at university and this particular women never left my side through it all. She kept that metaphorical door that everyone person offers a sad individual without fail and never made me feel like a burden in her own space. This woman may take pride in her appearance, but I believe her to take more pride in helping those she loves. It is because of this that I’ll always be honoured to witness her eight step skin care routine every evening.

To the one with the obsession with cats:

The nicest person, inside and out. When people used to describe others as not having a bad bone in their body my pessimistic self would never believe them but, after meeting this specific individual, my views changed; not only is she always willing to cheer anybody up, but she also frequently goes out of her way to check up on people's day to ensure everyone is happy.

Previous to starting my journey at university I was a nervous wreck. This was only calmed after speaking to this particular women before we both started. We were both placed in a house consisting of sixteen people; however, knowing she was there made me feel a million times better. Now, after knowing her a year I’m still more than thankful to having her smiling face around in the next academic year. Alongside admiring her calm nature I also deeply appreciate her confidence in my writing: she is always without a doubt one of the first people to support anything I put on paper. This loyal trait she holds makes me feel as though I am physically living out Sally Rooney’s fictional phenomenon Normal People. The character Maria is displayed to believe in Connell’s abilities regarding writing and literature even when he doesn’t believe in himself.

To the one who dances like no one is watching:

This individual is easily the most like myself which is probably why we get on so well. From the moment I met her I knew we’d get along: she threw her arms around me after a solid five minutes and anyone who knows me, knows I need constant attention. From here we shared laughter and tears together—one particular case will always stay with me. She has taught me many important life lessons, but the one that will always remain prominent is her concept of time. Whether it be a uni deadline looming or simply a rent payment due she repeats that there are so many hours in a day. I’m not sure she knows this, but I also apply these wise words to any panicky situation I may find myself in. When things start to become sticky or fussy in my head, I remind myself that I have no time limit to make myself feel better or solve any irrational fear.

Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns has lately acted as a great part of our friendship; however, there is one precise part that reminds me of this definite woman: At the beginning a rhyme is sung between a father and daughter. This rhyme includes a figure named Minnow who sits by a birdbath: ‘Minnow sat on the rim and drank, Slipped, and in the water she sank’. I believe this part of Hosseini’s work to remind me of mine and this woman’s friendship as before she came along nobody really understood my peculiar persona, especially my weird dance moves. I felt as though I was also just sinking in society and following ‘normal friendships’ but this woman is just as strange as me; she makes me feel as though am I part of a friendship that matters and not like I am just attempting to fit in, leaving me feeling as though I am also slipping into a metaphorical birdbath.

To the one with the short pink hair:

Her life may resemble a soap opera crossed with a full-time parent juggling three jobs, but she never fails to make time for those she cares about. Regardless of any 9 AM seminar or early work shift she always makes time for those in need. Although this caring drive makes her admirable to others and myself, I believe her natural persona has inspired me more. Recently I remember her claiming that she never used to have such high confidence levels in which she never fails to project in herself now and I can honestly say that watching her grow has helped me more than she may realise. Like the other three woman I have previously mentioned, this one also never leaves my side when I am most in need, but as she has become a more bubbly and self-assured version of herself, she helps to bring these traits out in myself.

Throughout this piece I have spoken about four very important women to me, but this one is a little different to the others. I feel as though the best way to describe this is through talking about a particular TV show. Often I find that I can compare my current non-fictional relationships to those in written in novels and prose; however, with this particular woman I find I can compare her to fictional relationships in a TV show she introduced me to. There are three relationships which she holds qualities of: the first being she always reminds me to dream, even on some of my lowest days she reminds me to never give up on myself; the second being she always makes a point of supporting me—like one of the other girls she is also one of the first to read my work and always seems eager to know what I’m going to write about next; the third quality she shares with a fictional couple is confinement. This woman is one of the easiest to open up to and I believe her to have found some confinement in me, meaning a future with her could easily just remain positive.

Em Whitehouse
Em Whitehouse
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