Dearest Darling,

your warmth radiates even the coldest of rooms and for that I am grateful.

Dearest Darling,
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It's true. You're infectious. The fact that you don't see that is what I love most about you.

You always do so much for others without having an agenda. That's quite a rare thing to have. Especially in London. You're consistent and you're always there. From day one.

The day we met, we instantly hit it off. You entered into my life at the start of a new chapter. One where we were all growing up and growing into ourselves. You were there for the lows and the highs and you stayed. Some people didn't but you did.

You're the best friend anybody could ask for.

Who else would let a complete stranger stayover after only a week of knowing them? I mean soul sisters, thats what we are.

Sleepovers then turned into flat sharing and many a night infront of the tv watching absolute shite that we both absolutely adored.

Flat sharing turned into a series of 'yet another evenign of having to listen to George belting out Whitney Houston and all the other divas from his shoebox he called a room'.

But depsite all that, you were with me through the heartbreaks which weren't really that heartbreaking in the end. The lovers I thought I loved. With me throiugh it all.

And to then with me when I actually did fall in love.

We got wasted together as best friends usually do. I've cried in front of you more times than i can count and for a highly emotional gay guy, I don't think I cry that mcuh but you have a way of letting all my walls drop.

I trust you.

You always listen without judgement even when I'm unbearable and moaning way too much.

You let me be me.

You're my biggest fan on Instagram and you've always had my back online and offline.

You have an abundance of really embarassing footage of me that you release every year on my birthday and I don't hate you for it because in those moments we were both having an absolute ball and we both know it.

You are the person I confide in for everything.

You're not like the rest.

Through thick and thin, you're there.

And through all of the hurt you have faced, yous tills how up and you still find reasons to smile.

You glow every single day.

You're like a big ole cup of tea; warming me up whenever I'm upset or cold.

You shine in more ways than you know; I hope you start to believe that.

You're the most glam gal I know and I want you to wear that with pride.

You care and it shows and that can make a person feel so special.

But it is you that is special.

I hope you wake up every morning and love the woman that stands staring back at you through the mirror.

Love her as much as you love other people. She's a wonderful human being and full of personality and drop dead gorgeous looks and a huge pool of talent thats buried inside of her that will one day explode and the world better be ready for it.

You've got great things ahead. And I know I'll be there every step of the way, just as I know you will also do the same for me.

Keep working your ass off because it will pay off in the end.

We'll always be the best of friends. I'm not so easy to get rid of. And I don't ever want to lose you.

Your warmth radiates even the coldest of rooms and for that I am grateful.



George Fairclough
George Fairclough
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