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Chapter 3: Activated By Divine Love

The Road to Conscious Love

By Princess LeahPublished 26 days ago 3 min read


I think we all believe in the fairy tale love stories from Disney. There’s a little bit of us in each of those princesses and knights. Something about their fated destinies give us hope in a world so often felt obscured. “Are we living the same fate?” We may ask ourselves. Something inside of our hearts tug at the idea as if it’s not just a dream, but something more of a past memory.

Chills are rushing down my right arm and tears gathering in my eyes just at the thought of this dream. Am I sleeping in my own fairy tale? Is there more to life than what my human mind can fathom? Was there a past life that my soul has been trying to wake me up to?

The questions are endless, and the answers are forbidden, leaving my heart feeling empty and unfulfilled. The tears of grief I’ve cried since I was little weren’t always about familial or social heartbreak, but that of an unexplainable pain that lives deeply rooted in my soul’s memories. Random places and things trigger its very essence. And now, an activation that I cannot deny any longer has satiated my entire being.

One person. A million lifetimes. One destiny. A million stories. This unbreakable bond that cannot be severed by any curse or karma has been re-awakened within me. My soul has been ignited to a flame intertwined with a love so divine, it defies the test of time and space. How many lifetimes have I been through with this beautiful soul? I wonder.

There’s a reason why every Disney movie touches us the way it does, and we can’t explain why the songs make us cry no matter how many times we hear it. It’s activating within us a piece of our past that we have experienced in a previous life. It’s no coincidence that I started watching the Disney series “Once Upon A Time” within the last week, and now I’m seeing synchronicities. For instance, the Mother’s Day tarot reading I did was profoundly in tune with the show’s re-awakening to divine love, and then American Idol’s episode was on Disney songs. It also just so happens that Venus started Trining my natal Neptune today, which had a theme of embracing the enchantment of life and tapping into my artistic endeavors.

Sometimes the sensation feels so strong all I can do is cry and breathe through it. It’s the only way to heal the old and manifest new beginnings. My heart is overtaken by a force I can’t control or eliminate. It’s the force of divine love. The only way to divine love is with conscious love. This is the only way to conquer the curses placed on our soul. This is the only way to embrace the powerful and exquisite taste of divinity. True love is real. Divine Love is awakened. Conscious Love is here.

It’s time to live happily ever after in your fairy tale. There's no more need to be afraid, Just trust in yourself; your truth; your story. It's no one else's to tell. Eveything you need is within you now, and you will be guided on this quest. Your angels are protecting you. Divine has been preparing you, equipping you, calling you to this moment. The choice is yours to make (555 words).

Being activated by Divine Love will set you free of the stuckness, but you have to take action an choose wisely. You have to be willing to speak up and fight for what's rightfully yours. This love was written in the Akashic records. All you have to do is keep it alive with your faith that you are on the right path. You are on the road to Conscious Love.


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Princess Leah

Hopeless romantic. Dancing with the Stars. Aligning with my soul. Writing my her-story.

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