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Boat riding short story

Little girl Sarah

By Matheesha FernandoPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The sun was shining bright in the sky as Sarah and her family loaded up their boat for a day on the lake. Sarah had always loved boat riding since she was a little girl and today was no exception. She could barely contain her excitement as they drove to the marina.

As they arrived, Sarah’s dad expertly backed the trailer down the ramp and into the water. Her brother and sister helped to secure the boat while Sarah eagerly climbed aboard, ready to start their adventure.

They set off slowly, passing by the other boats and jet skis on the lake. Sarah’s dad taught her how to drive the boat and she soon got the hang of it, cruising along the calm water with the wind in her hair.

They spent the morning exploring the different coves and inlets of the lake, stopping here and there to swim and relax in the sun. They anchored the boat in a quiet cove and Sarah’s mom made sandwiches while they all splashed around in the water. Sarah felt free and happy, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her face and the water all around her.

As the day wore on, they decided to head to the other side of the lake where there was a water park. Sarah had been looking forward to this all day and couldn’t wait to try out the slides and water attractions.

As they approached the water park, Sarah’s excitement turned to apprehension. The water park looked huge, and she felt a little overwhelmed by all the people and activity. But as soon as she got off the boat and onto the water park, all her worries disappeared.

They spent the rest of the day sliding down the water slides, jumping off the diving board, and floating along the lazy river. Sarah laughed and screamed, feeling alive and happy in the moment.

As the sun began to set, they headed back to the boat and started to make their way back to the marina. Sarah sat at the front of the boat, watching the sun sink below the horizon and feeling the wind in her face.

Suddenly, she heard a loud clunk and felt the boat lurch forward. She looked around and saw that the engine had stalled. Her dad tried to restart it, but nothing happened. They were stranded in the middle of the lake.

Sarah felt a sense of panic rising in her chest. What were they going to do? Her dad tried to radio for help, but the signal was weak and they couldn’t get through.

As the minutes ticked by, Sarah felt her anxiety growing. But then she remembered something her dad had taught her when she was little. He had shown her how to use the oars to row the boat if something like this ever happened.

She grabbed the oars and started to row, using all her strength to move the heavy boat through the water. Her dad helped to steer and her brother and sister cheered her on. Sarah could feel the sweat on her forehead and her arms burning, but she didn’t give up.

Finally, they reached the shore, and Sarah collapsed onto the sand, feeling exhausted but proud. They made their way back to the marina and loaded the boat back onto the trailer, ready to head home.

As they drove home, Sarah couldn’t help but think about the day’s adventures. She had faced her fears and overcome a challenge she never thought she could. She realized that boat riding wasn’t just about having fun, it was also about learning how to be brave and strong in the face of unexpected challenges.

From that day forward, Sarah looked forward to every opportunity to go out on the lake and experience the freedom and joy that boat riding brought her. And she knew that no matter what challenges she faced in life, she would always remember the lessons she learned out on the water.

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  • Quincy.V6 months ago

    This is a wonderful story about facing fears and overcoming challenges.

  • Johnson Isabella6 months ago

    wow. I am really this story😘🧡

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