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"Blind Justice"


By JVPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

Opening scene: A man with a gunshot wound collapses on the side of a road in the bustling city of Mumbai. Passers-by notice him but avoid taking any action. The camera pans to Chandru, a medical student, who is walking nearby, but is unaware of the situation.

Act 1: Chandru stumbles upon the bleeding man and tries to get him medical help, but to no avail. Finally, he takes the stranger to his house and performs a surgery to save his life. This act of kindness comes to haunt him as the man, known as Wolf, actually had escaped police that night. Chandru's entire family is taken into police custody for aiding and abetting a criminal.

Act 2: Meanwhile, at the police station, a corrupt police officer is seen giving information about Wolf's whereabouts to Thamba, a ruthless criminal who wants to kill Wolf and his family. Chandru receives a phone call from Wolf, who wants to meet him at a train station. The police give Chandru a gun and ask him to kill Wolf, as they know Wolf will flee if he sees police nearby. However, Wolf kidnaps Chandru on a hijacked train.

Act 3: They go to a temple, where Wolf meets a blind woman. While waiting near a building, Chandru attacks Wolf with a rock and subdues him. As Chandru goes to call the police, Wolf escapes with the woman. Chandru follows Wolf and sees him meeting another woman and a little girl who is also blind.

Act 4: Confronting Wolf again, Chandru threatens to shoot the girl and forces Wolf to the ground. They're, however, kidnapped by Thamba's men in a van. Wolf and Chandru gain control of the van after Wolf pushes out one of Thamba's men. They go to Calvary Cemetery, where another blind man awaits. All of them are actually there to light candles in a memorial for the blind man and woman's son, who was inadvertently killed by Wolf while working for Thamba. Since then, Wolf had been taking care of the family, and they, in turn, treat him like their own son. Wolf had also stopped working for Thamba, hence why Thamba wants to kill him.

Act 5: Just then, the police and one of Thamba's men attack them and kill the blind man and another lady. Wolf carries the blind woman and little girl to a basement car park, where someone supposes to fetch them. However, Thamba's men ambush and kill the woman while Wolf was protecting the little girl. Chandru, realizing Wolf is not evil as depicted by the police, rushes to help Wolf kill Thamba's men. Wolf, convinced that Chandru would take care of the girl, shoots himself in the stomach and surrenders to the police. The movie ends with Chandru walking away from the scene carrying the girl, who has now become a part of his family.

Closing scene: Chandru visits Wolf's grave and places flowers on it as a tribute to the man who sacrificed his life to save his family. The camera pans out to show the bustling city of Mumbai, where the fight for justice continues.

Chandru is devastated to learn that his family has been arrested and is being interrogated by the police. He tries to explain to the police that he had no idea who the man was and that he was only trying to save his life. However, the police do not believe him and accuse him of aiding and abetting a criminal.

Chandru is shattered by the turn of events and decides to take matters into his own hands. He sets out to find Wolf and clear his family's name. He tracks down the phone number Wolf had used to call him and manages to trace it to a location in a seedy part of town.

As he enters the dingy alleyway, he is suddenly attacked from behind by a group of thugs. Chandru fights back with all his might, but the men overpower him and leave him unconscious on the ground.

When Chandru regains consciousness, he finds himself tied up in a dingy room. He realizes that he has been taken captive by Thamba, the same criminal who had ordered the hit on Wolf. Thamba tells Chandru that he knows all about his involvement with Wolf and that he is going to use him as leverage to get to Wolf.

Chandru is horrified by the prospect of being used as bait to lure Wolf to his death. He knows that he has to find a way to escape before it's too late. As he struggles to free himself, he notices a tiny ray of light filtering through a crack in the wall.

He manages to loosen his ropes and squeeze through the crack. He finds himself in a narrow alleyway, surrounded by dilapidated buildings. He runs as fast as he can, but he is stopped by a group of men who block his path.

Just when he thinks it's all over, a figure emerges from the shadows and takes out the men with a swift kick and a few well-placed punches. It's Wolf, who has come to his rescue.

Chandru is overwhelmed with emotion at seeing Wolf again. He tells him about Thamba's plan and how he had been taken captive. Wolf tells him that he had been watching over him and had followed him to the location.

Together, they hatch a plan to take down Thamba and clear their names. They sneak into Thamba's hideout and take out his men one by one. In the end, they confront Thamba, who is armed and dangerous.

Chandru and Wolf engage Thamba in a fierce gunfight, which ends with Thamba lying dead on the ground. They manage to recover the evidence that clears their names and make a run for it before the police arrive.

Chandru and Wolf go their separate ways, with Wolf telling Chandru that he needs to disappear for a while to avoid the police. Chandru promises to keep in touch and to make sure that Wolf is safe.

As he walks away, Chandru can't help but feel a sense of loss. He knows that he may never see Wolf again, but he is grateful for the bond they had forged in the face of adversity. He vows to never forget the lessons he learned from his encounter with Wolf and to always stand up for what is right, no matter the cost.

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