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Best for the rest of your life

by Gu Wei Di Qi 2 months ago in advice
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No illness in the body, no problems in the heart, and someone on the pillow

Best for the rest of your life
Photo by Miriam G on Unsplash

Bacon said.

"A man can do many foolish things in his life, but one of the most foolish things of all is to neglect his health."

Many people have worked for most of their lives, tired of money, suffering for money. Until the body gives a warning, only to understand that "no disease in the body" is the houseproud of this life.

A person n wants to live a happy life first must have a most solid foundation, that is, health.

With health, even if you hit rock bottom, into a desperate situation, there is the possibility of a comeback.

If you lose your health, even if you have a lot of money, a wealthy party, will eventually come to naught.

The rich man in town had been running around for most of his life, and only when he felt unwell did he remember to go to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor told him he needed to recuperate, and he was surprised and said.

"My time is precious, I have to lose a lot of wealth if I stay here for one more minute, besides, so many employees, who will take care of them when I rest?"

The doctor did not say anything, but took him to a cemetery and said to him.

"There are many people in here who worked hard to make money like you, thinking that the earth can't turn without them, but now look, the sunrise, es, as usual, others have their days as usual, but they are gone."

A word to wake up the dreamer.

The rich man went back to unload the previous work, and his family went out to play in the mountains and recuperate their bodies.

Life in the world for decades, full of pot body or, a penniless also, are passing clouds, money earned more, but people are sick, which is to spend more money can not buy back the body original.

Harrumph Murasaki once said: the flesh is everyone's temple, no matter what is enshrined inside, it should be well-maintained d its strength, beau, ty, and cleanliness.

As people reach middle age, they increasingly appreciate that

A healthy body can not only do what it wants to do and make itself satisfied but can also make the people around it happy with its ability.

If you have the moon in the five lakes, there is no place to hang a golden hook.

This life is not long, you have to go through h without illness or disaster, so never treat your body well.

Live healthy and healthy, is the biggest real estate in life!


The heart has something to worry about, the heart has nothing to worry about

There is a good saying: "Everything from the heart, look light all light; worries every day, do not pick up the natural no."

The reason why many people are distressed is often from these two things: one is not available, and the second is already lost.

Life in the world is a Good life is a state of mind.

If you cling to your mind in everything, you will live a painful life if you can't let go.

Zen Master Hui Deng told a story like this.

A prisoner was locked up in a cell that was so small that he could not even stretch his legs and feet.

He was filled with resentment and injustice, and felt aggrieved and sad, thinking that living in such a small cell was not a place for human beings to stay.

He cursed the sky and hated the earth every day, and kept complaining.

One day, a fly suddenly flew in from the window, buzzing and buzzing, and flying everywhere.

The man thought to himself: I'm already annoyed enough, and this nasty guy is coming to annoy me again.

He was careful to catch it, but the fly was more resourceful than him, and whenever it was about to be caught, it flew away quickly.

After half a day of tossing and turning, the man was so tired and panting that he still hadn't caught the fly, so he lamented and said.

"It seems that my cell is not small! I can't even catch a fly, so this place is still quite big!"

At this point he realized the truth: "There is nothing in your heart that is small and nothing in your heart that is wide in your bed."

As a philosopher once said, "Disaster sometimes comes not only from the outside world but also from our hearts."

When a person is in an environment that even he can do nothing about, sorrow or boredom, more will increase the unhappiness in his heart.

At this time, anyone and everything in his eyes thorns in the flesh, not to mention the leisure and charm!

Life is indeed full of too many regrets and disappointments, but time will not stop waiting for you because of any of your emotions.

Only when you liberate your heart and, look down on many unnecessary things, you can meet the real good scenery.

Life is just 30,000 days, why let those unworthy things in the heart of the knot, but also stirred up their peace of mind?

The water to the end of the world is the landscape and, people to the end of the worries are reborn.

The missed people teach us to cherish, the past things let us learn to see.

A person with a good mood and, eyes will be filled with good scenery, so learn to let go, let the heart to zero.


May there be years to look back, and with deep love together white head

Lawrence Lou once wrote this in his work.

"It is not until you will toehold that you find that old wine, old dogs, old friends, dd, and old wives are the best.

There is old wine around you, old dogs at your feet, old friends in front of you, and old wives by your side.

The old wine is forgetful, the old dog is warm feet, the old friend is cheerful, and the old wife is at ease.

One day, when you get lost, you realize that what you have been looking for all your life is just a home."

Many people live a lifetime before they live to understand, no matter how passionate when young, how reigning, to the old side and the love of company, that is the real winner in life.

Money and fame are just extraneous things that do not bring life and death, only home and, love, which is the most solid reliance on a person's heart.

Some time ago, a video of an old grandfather pushing his partner on a bicycle caught fire online.

Many people have said after watching: this is the most beautiful love I have seen!

The so-called "young couples to old companions, the old married couple understand since the peace", said it is just so.

I never envy the couples holding hands in the street, but only the elderly who support each other in the alleys and love each other to old age.

But the biggest regret in life is that when we are too old to go anywhere, there is no one around to keep us company.

There is an old couple abroad, they agreed to take pictures in the same place every year as a souvenir, this thing lasted for 8 years.

In the ninth year, only the old grandfather stood alone, without his lover by his side.

The book says: "Five hundred times to look back in a previous life for a brush with this life."

How many times do you have to look back to get a couple in this life?

In this world, there are not many people who are sincere to you, and there are very few people who can always be with you through thick and thin.

But there is always that one person, through the mountains and seas to our side, accompanied by each other through the long flow, even if the days are fine, but also solid and happy.

In the end, no matter where your body is, where your heart is, I hope you are physically and mentally sound, happy days, accompanied by a good man.

Even at the end of your life, you can still be proud to say that I did not disappoint the love of this life.


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  • gaston raphael2 months ago

    Well written

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