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Allowing Slow Days In Social Media Society

In such a fast paced world, we all need time to move slowly,

By Heather TaylorPublished 19 days ago 5 min read
My cosy place - dog & coffee

We live in such a fast paced world, working every spare hour, seeing family and friends, education or other learning, perfecting your hobbies, skill building and then self-care, usually while catching it all beautifully, to share on some timeline or feed.

Almost everyone feels some pressure to not only be busy at all times, but to prove that to followers and friends as well. Everyone has probably said or heard “pics or it didn’t happen” and that’s probably more true, in our minds, than ever.

Gym selfie, meal selfie, walk selfie, friends date selfie, relationship date selfie and that’s Great, if you love sharing and you love the creativity and connection that social media can bring to our lives, but it’s so important to be mindful of “am I getting enjoyment from this?” About the activities and also about sharing them. I missed living in the moment and seeing things through my eyes, instead of a screen.

Stopping my partner reach for his drink before pictures were taken clearly 😂

For example, I’m really enjoying writing and getting thoughts out of my head onto paper and I want to share that, but with instagram, I’ve not been feeling sharing. I used to share every single thing I did outside of the house and then during lockdowns, I, at first, started posting such little things and the pressure to appear interesting just became a turn off of social media as a whole, personally.

I got into such a comparison mindset, is my house as nice? Is my outfit as nice? Is my photography as nice? Is my coffee as nice? Are my plates as nice? It got pretty insane and it’s not even something I Have to do, I wasn’t doing it for a living or income, I couldn’t face social media after a while and the break felt really nice and then, it became something that just didn’t cross my mind so much.

Filtered Image of a “self-date latte” or whatever vibey caption I wrote at the time.

I feel like being busy and ready and curated has become such a thing, we live in a competitive society where numbers and trends, possibly, mean more than fun and genuine enjoyment, to a lot of people.

I feel like the combination of these things are all why we forget to take time to do nothing. I know that I developed a mindset where I wouldn’t take a photo unless it looked shareable, even for myself, but I love taking photos, if just to look back on memories, no matter what I or my environment looked like at the time, just purely to remember.

I have a million dog pictures and love to look back at them, even if the lighting isn’t perfect

My social media break gave me time to reflect and appreciate not focusing on if things looked “postable” and that, in turn, reminded me to relax more. Then came leaving behind a full-time job that made me cry every day and being part-time and recently struggling with a few different illnesses (from getting glandular fever repeatedly and then unrelated, unexplained chest and breathing issues), all at the same time, which forced me to take the break that I’d been so badly wanting.

But then the guilt set in and I felt bad, so, to the point of exhaustion, I pushed through my chest injury, causing pain and negative emotions, to get things done and, of course, there are some exceptions, you need to eat, care for your needs and you maybe should reach out and keep certain connections well cared for, but you have to be healthy, physically and mentally, to even be able to do so.

Tommy understands the value of rest, be more Tommy

I’ve heard of so many people, from family, to friends, to news reports of all sorts of people pushing to “be busy”, no matter what the outcome, valuing social opinions and twisted beliefs over their lives and wellbeing, to varying different extents.

I’m really trying to be more mindful and after not sleeping last night and getting up, hurriedly, for a doctors appointment, this morning, I came home and had the desire to have a “lazy day”, which, at first, I cringed at, even the term “lazy”. So instead, to make it more comfortable in my mind, I talked to myself about needing to be slow, the craving to sit still and be slow.

Just be slow, we’ve all heard “Slow and Steady wins the race”, well I believe in that, and today, I’m having my slow section of the race, so tomorrow I can be powerful and boss my duties at work and then be there to be social over the weekend, I’m charging my batteries because over the next few days, I’m busy, so won’t be able to put time into recharging properly and that’s okay and that’s necessary and important for all of us.

Writing, from bed, with Tommy and YouTube to keep me company

My morning has looked like the above photo, wrapped in blankets, with just my dog, animal crossing and YouTube. I’m not a fan of being in bed all day, I associate it with when I was depressed and couldn’t do much else, but now I get to appreciate that my bed can be a positive space, which I am lucky that I get to choose to enjoy while awake, if I so desire, which today I do.

Now I’m going to submit this post, make a very easy dinner of filled pasta and cream cheese, watch some more content and maybe take a bath, or read, or both. My only task later is to help my partner make a meal and to enjoy a relaxing evening, watching the Eurovision semi final 2 and having a good night’s sleep to be ready for tomorrow, guilt free, appreciating my mind and body and showing myself the respect that I deserve and that I show to others.

I wouldn’t tell a friend or my mum, or partner to feel awful for having a day relaxing, for getting better, for refuelling themselves when necessary, so I’m saying out loud, “you deserve this, need it, even, enjoy it” and that’s what I plan to do.

Take care and remember to be slow, when you need it. I hope this helps someone, to some extent, just to know, you are not alone within your need to relax.

H x

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Heather Taylor

I’m Heather, I’m a writer, in that I love journaling, self-expression, self-discovery.

I write for myself usually but I’m looking to share some thoughts and ideas from my many, many, experiences, from travel to loss and all things in between

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  • Fizzah Fatima3 days ago

  • Heather N King14 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this insightful article! It's refreshing to come across a piece that encourages us to embrace slow days in today's fast-paced social media society. Taking time to disconnect and prioritize self-care is essential for our well-being, and your perspective serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of balance in our digital lives. Keep up the great work!

  • Carol Townend16 days ago

    Fantastic and thank you for reminding us to do self-care.

  • L.C. Schäfer19 days ago

    A good reminder. One of my very first posts here was about a similar topic. It was maybe a year ago, and it was called Resoulutions. Writing makes you reflect, doesn't it? Gotta love a pornstar martini! 😁

  • Heather Lunsford19 days ago

    Thank you from one Heather to another. I have some health issues myself lately and even after six years I still have to remind myself that it's ok to listen to my body just rest some days. Add to that our modern world and the way we all feel the need to feel relevant all the time. Thank you for the reminder to just be from time to time.

  • Loryne Andawey19 days ago

    Congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Loryne Andawey19 days ago

    Thank you so much for writing this Heather. It's so true. The need to share a curated version of ourselves can get so bad that you don't know where you stop and where your persona begins. It's the reason why I left Instagram (I didn't identify with the person I was portraying). It felt so good to just be me. Loved and subscribed.

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