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Dating: Do's & Don'ts

5 Things to Help Un-Break Your Heart, Once He Broke It

Tips for getting over your break up.

5 Things to Help Un-Break Your Heart, Once He Broke It
Let's mend that heart!

One of the worst things to go through in life is a break-up. You can be in a relationship with someone whom you believed to be "the one" and they suddenly turn around and rip your heart out of your chest. You are left feeling weak in the knees for all the wrong reasons when you were once feeling weak in the knees for all the right reasons.

Besides the normal things one does after a break-up--cries, changes their relationship status on social media to "single," deletes all their pictures off Facebook and IG, cries some more, get super drunk, ward off penis forever...

What are you supposed to do after a break up that will ACTUALLY help you feel better?

Well, I am about to outline 5 of the best things you can do in order to get over a bleeding broken heart.

#1. Buy a new sheet set.

Changing your sheets will rid any toxic energy in the bedroom. You do not want to go to sleep on the same sheets that you and your ex shared together. My advice would be to throw those sheets in the garbage and get an entirely new set. Maybe you had a duvet and now you want a big, silk-feeling comforter? Having bad energy in the bedroom can never be good the next time you bring a man home either...just saying...

#2. Go out with the girls!

You remember those women who you used to hang out with all the time, but haven't really seen in a while because you were attached at the hip to Mr. Ex? Give them a call! Go out for a round of drinks! Go dance like nobody's watching at the club! If that isn't your thing, grab some ice cream and veg out in front of Gilmore Girls and laugh about old times! Get together with the people who never leave your side and never break your heart. That is who will pick up your mood after it has been broken.

#3. Have a Sage cleansing bath.

Sage is commonly used in spiritual religions to clear out any toxic or negative energy. It is also used in rituals related to "letting go" of emotions or even people you wish to let go of. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get some fresh Sage, put it in a stocking (a thin sock will also work) with some lavender and soak in the bath with it. As you are lounging in the tub, think about how you want to let go of any unresolved emotions you have and let go of your past with the man who put you through this heartbreak.

#4. Write him a letter.

If you feel like you have some things you wanted to say or you feel as though he hurt you so much and just cannot get it out of your head until he hears how you feel, I strongly suggest writing him a letter. However, make it a letter that you never send. Get out all your feelings onto paper, tell him every time he ever hurt you, any time he ever made you feel good, just let it out. Then, take the letter and burn it. Something always feels really great about doing that. Tell yourself that you are letting it all go.

#5. Do something special for yourself, by yourself!

Go out and get a mani-pedi or go out to dinner by yourself! Do something for yourself, and do it by yourself. Learn to fall back in love with YOU. You are always going to be there for yourself and you need to learn how to care for yourself again without needing a man around! So, get out and do something that makes you feel good, all on your own, and spend time reminding yourself how much you actually enjoy your own company.

If you are suffering from a broken heart, hang in there! If you do everything on this list, you should find yourself feeling much better! If you have any other tips that you want to share with the readers, leave them in the comments below! Hopefully, your broken heart is mended soon!

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