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3 must-have stabilizers for your journey through to the end of a global pandemic and beyond

Don't just cope when you can thrive

By The Dani WriterPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
3 must-have stabilizers for your journey through to the end of a global pandemic and beyond
Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

Covid-19, PPE, and R number are terms much like ‘self-isolate’ and ‘social distancing’ that I’ve heard enough of, although there is no suggestion here to throw caution to the wind. The repetition of such expressions for months on end has impacted us all.

Not to mention the weird, obtuse protective barrier way that society has been living which is not natural (though warranted), but perhaps the way that we were living pre-pandemic wasn’t the best for everyone either. Many of us; individually and collectively, dissolved into roles so seamlessly that they became impossible to separate into distinct constituents.

And the problem with that is?

With change being a universal constant, having much of your identity outside of yourself can make the act of day to day living precarious at best.

Who are you outside of what you do? And when that is removed, who are you then?

These are crucial things to reflect on in your once-only-no-repeat life experience as a human being during this global pandemic and beyond: -

1. You are multi-dimensional.

There are innumerable facets and expressions of who you are.

Remember as a kid people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Many of us only gave one or two answers tops. In my childhood of the '60s and '70s, we were not routinely shown the limitless potential of our minds because those that taught us, weren't shown that either.

We are full of innate curiosity and wonder fed by the infinite energy that sustains our bodies. Somewhere along life’s journey, societal programming created boundaries and caveats with a heavy dose of policy and procedure:

"Gold sprinkling unicorns don’t get to go to school sweetie!"

"Choose debate club or modern dance."

"You want to pursue criminal law? Maybe you should have another specialty just in case you don’t make the university intake shortlist."

How icky is that?!

Our natural propensity is boundlessness.

Socialization provides plenty of limiters.

According to Gottfredson’s 1981 Theory of Circumscription and Compromise, children can begin to curb their aspirations from as young as three years old.

One could understand why a gold sprinkling unicorn isn’t a viable career medium, but the essence within of a never-before-seen approach (unicorn) with a valuable commodity (gold sprinkles) is and can translate into an emergent high yield financial investment option from a child who gets to dream.

We can accomplish so much more when such limiters are removed, which sadly, all too often, we have unconsciously allowed.

Photo by Vas Soshnikov on Unsplash

Taking steps every day to remember and re-align with the height, breadth, and depth of your reach reinforces your innate power. Give your passions and aspirations center stage in your life and see just where they can take you.

Who knows, maybe your sketches weren’t as poor as you remember from high school art class? Have you forgotten how quickly and ravenously you read through bookstore purchases? And whaaaaat___ you’ve never attempted a book review?! Certain of your Uncle’s hernia before diagnosis. Could you be a medical intuitive?

If matches, chocolate chip cookies, and Viagra were all discovered by accident, just imagine what you could do on purpose if you surrendered to the limitless potential of multi-faceted destinies within (because yes, you can have more than one!) Life just got even more exciting!

2. You are engaged in a sacred contract.

Your arrival on the planet is an unrepeatable moment.

Think of the millions of combinations of conditions that had to align just so for you to be here and develop in growth to the point where you are right now. Your arrival can be seen from the perspective of an incarnating soul who chose to come to earth for a reason and accepted the T&C’s (so to speak) that came with this existence.

Caroline Myss alludes to Plato’s Myth of Er, a story in his work The Republic when speaking of her book Sacred Contracts. The Greek soldier Er was suspended between life and death as he lay fatally wounded on the battlefield and recalled witnessing souls preparing to take bodily form after observing and selecting the lifeforms they wished to inhabit for learning specific lessons. Although I don’t subscribe to a belief in this scenario according to Plato, Myss’s sacred contract philosophy resonates with some sound logical reckoning.

As sentient beings with conscious awareness, could the possibility of a purpose in life as a prerequisite for life be too far-fetched an idea?

And if not, is it conceivable that an individual life destiny requires an agreement of sorts with the collaboration of those involved for its progression?

There’s no middle ground here. Either choice and purpose are in our lives or we’re just DNA replicating until whenever with little say in the matter.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Accepting that you and I have exercised some capacity in getting to this thing called existence, provides more credence to the power in our lives to meet every decision-making period with gusto knowing we participate as architects and authors of our destiny. This is the very reason why we are here. With this concept of a sacred contract in mind, we do not have to surrender our peace, power, or direction as we forge ahead.

3. Science says you can create joy, so do it.

The smallest insight or spark of awareness can illuminate the darkest of life corners, and the world needs it so badly right now! Your special version of joy.

Photo by Frank McKenna on Unsplash

Reflecting on the positive things in our lives produces all the feel-good hormones; dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins that transform environments into rapturous places.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist and author, explains how we can create the desired reality by directing our state of being with intention. Awareness of our thoughts and emotions, as a pretext to focus on what we desire, can bring about the conditions we so craved in the first place. The only requirement is time and a mind and body that want to change our circumstances.

Countless hours and finances are spent on university degrees after which people may rightly and proudly proclaim “No one can take this away from me now that I have it!” but the very joy that science tells us we can create ourselves is surrendered so easily to the grouchy bus driver or the miserable co-worker who wished they’d stayed in bed because the boss is shouting about unreachable targets with insufficient resources.

Going through the motions and forgetting that we can not only press the pause but the stop button or change the film of life so to speak, is one of the saddest contemporary reality broadcasts.

Happy endings aren’t just for fairy tales. They are the result of firm intention training every day that steps into the boxing ring and pulverizes the other guy.

Much like a sweater you’ve outgrown, you are spilling out in growth from underneath your roles and titles. Parent. Architect. Professional Wrestler. Student. Investor. Love interest. These are labels used to define us during icebreakers and by-lines, but they cannot alone describe who we truly are.

The energy which gives your body life; that indestructible part of you, is so immense that it overflows. Infinity was never meant to stay snugly fit inside the finite. This is your reminder nudge to expand beyond the parameters you were given. All of them. Embrace the jubilance of your path from this moment onwards.

Don’t let a microscopic virus or anybody else for that matter tell you any different.


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