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A Little Corner That Could

Comfort is a cozy inside job

A Little Corner That Could

Comfort, much like proverbial happiness, is an inside job.

So, I looked at the pristine white emulsion walls and cringed. Comfortable and cozy for me was colorful softness, encircling scented candles, and hand-rolled incense. It needed fruit bowls, stereo surround sound, and Tibetan chimes. A miniature fountain with notepads and my favorite books nearby that seemed warm and inviting.

My wallet did not agree.

It spoke up.

"(Throat clearing) What's gotten into you?"

"Umm, last year...absolute and repeated butt-kicking...were you paying attention?!" I replied.

"Okay, picking up context here...go on."

"I want a place to recharge and renew," I explained. "I'm going with the theme of staycation but in my bedroom. You know, transforming the space in your place___and possibly somewhere to hibernate for the winter."

"Girlfriend, I feel ya!" Wallet said, "But the kitty needs a top-up."


"You damn near broke."


"Well Cheesepuffs, I'm all eyes and ears since I know you can spin this. Show me whacha gonna get for under a twenty," Wallet chortled.

Creativity was looking at corners. Corners were cozy. Comfortable too.

According to Feng Shui principles, the far-right corner from the main entrance of any room deals with the arena of relationships.



Financial sustainability and themed intention setting now involve thrift stores.

Wallet will be pleased.

I managed to find a bunch of quality rich-textured cushions and silk material that might have been a curtain at some point, along with a blanket that a coworker was giving away. And without even a thought of an online pilgrimage for Tibetan chimes, I grappled a majestic Buddha picture from a thrift store wall and asked the volunteer sales staff "How much?"

Already in my possession for years was a statue of Ganesha, tea lights and glass holders (could always add drops of essential oil when lit), and mala beads that came with a meditation kit. An origami Japanese brocade ball came courtesy of pure patience from my talented son.

As I placed each item, it became less about appearances and more about a part of me inside long forgotten that always got enough rest, stayed hydrated, and ate honest-to-goodness wholesome meals.

Times spent in the living room as a child watching silly sit-coms on television with brothers and parents who stayed together.

Sleepovers and sweet apple-cinnamon and nutmeg dumplings that warmed against the season changes.

It was grandparents' doors that were never locked and saltiness that stayed on the skin after swimming.

I closed my eyes in my corner and could smell the sweetness of first loves and my auntie's fresh-baked treasures.

The feel of an arm around my shoulder and whispers of best friends in my ear.

The embrace of hugs that squeezed the solace back into you.

There were remembrances of the magnificence of my newborn babies as the minutes pressed in on me in my newly created cozy corner.

Slower pace without worries and awe-inspiring sunsets on the ferry ride home.

A Dad who always had time to lift me high and take me sailing looks down from the ancestral realm at my comfortable transformation and faintly smiles.

I really miss you, Daddy.

I crawl into my corner and cry.

Connection came in corners. Something terribly amiss in a pandemic-ravaged world. It's no wonder that comfort is being craved.

I get it.

Global Mandate: We are each responsible for creating joy, warmth, serenity, communion, and comfort in our respective corners and in doing so help transform life everywhere.

I sit up and look at the corner I've made. It's simple and uncluttered but full of the thoughts that I've been thinking. There are some matching cushions and silken-soft fabrics entwined with feminine and masculine energies. Elephants, my animal guardian spirits, who never forget. All of the elements that can assist good Feng Shui placement are all here in my cozy little corner.

"Hey, Sweetcheeks," called Wallet.

"Yup? (sniff, sniff)"

"You alright?"

"Yeah, I guess," I said.

"Looks like this was an important thing to do on a number of levels," said Wallet.

"I'm just remembering..."

"Yes?" said Wallet.

"Remembering as children how we gave every cut, scrape, and bruise the most focused of attention. Each had to be carefully studied and cleaned with an antiseptic that stung while your playmate sat with you as you howled. It had to be covered with a bandaid and kissed," I said, "It was knowing that all those steps of care were going to be painstakingly taken that maybe made you forget how much it hurt an hour later."

"So you grow up and forget those things? Wallet asked, "You know about being gentle and caring with yourself?"

"Yeah, I guess sometimes we do."

"That's really stupid."


"That corner is pretty cool Hunnybun!" said Wallet.

"Thanks," I said.

"A spot of creative genius kept you well under budget too!"

"Yes, indeedy," I replied.

"Could spring for a small stool in your little corner to help you stand you know__just while your fracture heals?" said Wallet.

"Nah, but thanks," I say, "I can manage, and besides I wouldn't want to change a thing."

And it's just the kind of place to hibernate all winter.

The Dani Writer
The Dani Writer
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The Dani Writer

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