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10 Things A Guy Does When He's Really Into You

Is He In Love With You? Here's How to Tell for Sure

By Robert Who WritesPublished 5 months ago 6 min read
Things A Guy Does When He's Really Into You

When a guy is head-over-heels in love with you, it will be easy for you to notice it.

Here are 10 things a guy will do when he's really into you.

1. He knows your favorite food and buys it for you

A guy who is seriously interested in you will try his best to make you happy. One of the ways he'll do this is by learning what your favorite food is and then making an effort to get it for you.

He'll do anything to please you, whether it's your favorite type of takeout or a specific dish from a restaurant. And when you see how much thought he's put into getting you something that you love, it'll be hard for you to ignore him.

2. He remembers the little things, like your birthday or favorite color

If a guy likes you, he will pay attention to the little things. He'll remember your birthday, favorite color, and how you like your coffee in the morning.

He wants to know every little detail about you because he cares about you and wants to make sure you're always happy.

When a guy constantly forgets the things you tell him or neglects your needs, it's a sign that he doesn't care about you very much.

So if you're wondering whether or not a guy likes you, pay close attention to how he treats you.

If he goes the extra mile to make sure you're as happy as possible, then it's pretty clear he's head over heels for you.

3. He puts in extra effort to make you feel special

There are many ways to tell when a guy is into you. He might start texting you more or trying to spend more time with you.

But one of the most reliable signs that a guy really likes you is that he will make you feel special.

He might buy you flowers or cook you dinner. He might even do little things, like walk you to your car or hold your hand when crossing the street.

If a guy is putting in extra effort to make you feel loved and respected, it's a good sign that he's serious about you.

4. He always wants to spend time with you

If a guy is really into you, he'll want to spend a lot of time with you. He'll find any excuse to see you, whether it's "just because" or he needs help with something.

He'll want to know all about you and will listen intently when you talk. You'll always be on his mind, and he'll constantly think of ways to improve your life.

He texts you all the time

5. He texts you all the time

If a guy likes you, he'll text you very often. Some guys might not even realize they're doing it, but if you notice that he's always the one texting you first and initiating conversations, it's a pretty good sign he's into you.

He might also go out of his way to text you things that will make you laugh or keep you entertained. If a guy cares for you, he'll want to be in constant touch with you through text.

So if you're wondering if that guy you've been talking to likes you, pay attention to his texting habits, and you'll have your answer.

6. He's always touchy-feely with you

When a guy likes you, he'll always be touchy-feely with you. He'll find any excuse to put his hands on you, even if it's just to brush your hair out of your face.

He loves the way you feel, and he can't help but want to be close to you all the time. If he's not touching you, he's thinking about touching you. It's one more way of showing you that he likes you a lot.

7. He compliments you often

A thoughtful compliment can go a long way toward making your partner feel special, appreciated, and loved.

And when a guy is really into you, he'll compliment you often. He'll notice the new haircut you're trying out or your excellent job on that presentation at work.

Giving someone a sincere compliment is a great way to let them know you value them. A guy constantly showering you with compliments is another clear sign that he's serious about you. And he'll be sure to tell you how much he appreciates the things you do.

8. He always listens to what you have to say

A guy will be interested in everything you say if he likes you. He'll ask you questions about your day, your hobbies, and your thoughts on current events. He'll want to know everything about you, and he'll hang on to your every word.

He'll also remember what you've told him, showing that he's paying attention. On the other hand, if he can't seem to make conversation or keep up his end of the discussion, it's a sign that he's not really that interested.

So, pay attention to how much he's listening to you. It's a good indicator of his true feelings.

9. He wants to take care of you when you're not feeling well

A guy who loves you will want to look after you when you're not feeling well. He'll bring you soup and aspirin, tuck you into bed, and watch over you until you feel better.

A guy who doesn't care will imply that you should take care of yourself. He might say something like, "You'll be fine." or "You're not that sick."

But a guy who cares will put your needs above his own and do whatever he can to make you comfortable. So if your guy goes above and beyond when you're under the weather, it's a good sign that he cares deeply for you.

He really loves you

10. He will always show you that he really loves you

When a guy is into you, he's not going to play games. He won't try to manipulate you or make you feel jealous. He wants to be with you as much as possible and will let you know how he feels.

When a guy is into you, he loves you - plain and simple. He might not say it in so many words, but his actions will speak volumes. He will make an extra effort to please you and do things for you.


If you're wondering if a guy is really into you, look for the above behaviors. If he's doing all or most of them, it's a good indication that he cares about you and wants a serious relationship with you.


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