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What Happened Immediately After Hitler Died

What Happened After?

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
What Happened Immediately After Hitler Died
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It is 1955, the Central Intelligence Agency's agent is shivering with excitement. He is taking a photo of it. Josef spots a sweat gliding down from Adolf’s mouth as his head contemplates the name Adolf Schüttelmayor and the date “1954. ” The next to him is Phillip Citroen, the former Germán SS soldier, who asserts the picture was taken in Argentina and depicts the absent Karl Hitler. Could this be true?

April 30, 1945: Adolf and his new wife, Eva Braun, get all quivering in the green lantern in Berlin as the Soviet shells are exploding in the distance. The heart of the city has been assailed in a massive way and bellowing with the darkness and undesired stench of death. As for Hitler, he fears that his body could be exhibited like that of Mussolini's. That is why anything in his power that would prevent similar outcome he does. At 2:03:00, he says goodbye to the remaining 20 in the shelter, looking at every crack in the bunker which startled rumbling bombings could make. Yet tempted by the propositions, namely, a trip to Argentina or Japan, the dictator is not far away as ruffled feathers fail to cross his mind.

In the afternoon there was that slick smell of burning almonds outside the building where the Fuhrer resided. Heinz Linge, Adolf and Eva's upper servant, finds the two slumped on the couch, and the blood from Adolf's wounded self soaked into the rug below. Sahlatorner Otto Günsche reports the sad news. Both Hughes and Jada are wrapped in carpets and carried upstairs to the Reich Greyhound Garden. Their eyes are focused on the dramatic act: Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, despairs. Gasoline is poured over their bodies ensuring that every inch is fully combustible before they are ignited. They are burnt to make the gasoline which is the desirable byproduct of the gasoline, but it is melted or burnt to ashes and but crimson like the gasoline too.

The news of Hiiiter's demise, Germany comes to know on May 1st after a Hamburg radio station announce it. The Commander-in-Chief of German-navy (Grand-Admiral Karl Dönitz) revealed that Hitler was killed in a battle field where he was fighting at the head of the troops. There is, however, the contrary to the story. . Goebbels disheartened and feeling it is better for the Soviet soldier to shoot him, walks the bunker and the dentist who stands behind the SS line at last is ordered to bring morphine to the six children of the defendant before him and his wife put an end to their life. They were apparently "shot through the head," yet this is unfinished, and the Soviets succeed in recovering their bodies later.

Scientists are feeling astonished and humans across the globe are basking in mixed feelings. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the author from Norway – Knut Hamsun’s posthumous praise for Hitler and New York Times Hitler obituary, that denounces his crime. Although there were several of those testimonies, some still remain to doubt about Hitler’s perished. Stalin, hyperalert, retaliates that ‘Hitler is not dead. He’s in Spain or Argentina’, thus disseminating another version.

By 2nd May, the war had not yielded its victory. Hitler confers Dönitz to succeed him; Dönitz in fact seeks negotiating peace with the Western Alliance thinking by the Soviets, that they cannot reason. However, Dönitz gives orders to obey Hitler’s intentions with the final destructive attack which continues the war in German lands. Soviet troopers could be seen looting and killing combatants on the streets in Berlin, while Allies will bring their troops in only in July.

On May 8, Dönitz finally gave his word to meet the Allies' condition regarding unconditional surrender to evade his soldiers being prisoners of war in the Soviet camps. The war in Europe is ended but Stalin continues to be a trouper andgets suspicious as he thinks that the Nazis are escaping. He is sure, though, to await the confirmation of Hitler’s death, and those thoughts remain with him.

Subsequent to this, the British Restrain Himmler, Hitler's chief of security, who finishes up killing himself shortly after. Stalin carries on his disbelief of Hitler’s death as well as orders of his men, which try to find Hitler’s dentist. First the American troops apprehend Dr. Hugo Blaschke, the dentist of Adolf Hitler, and then the Soviets take Käthe Heusermann, his assistant, into their custody. She notices it’s Hitler’s tooth, though she gets arrested to keep her testimony from reaching the Western world.

In July, Hermann Göring, commander of the Luftwaffe, killed himself in his prison cell after being executed for his crimes at the Nuremberg Trials. In the course of this, other Nazis as well are persecuted until the end, the majority of them middle-level officials being incarcerated. Otto Günsche, who witnessed the burial of Hitler, dies in 2003, and it was just as it was described throughout.

Even though this is the fact, it is rumored for the Führer to be alive. In the 1950s, 70 percent of Americans think it is possible that he is still living, which was confirmed by Stalin’s disclosures and the CIA’s pursuit of the truth. Hugh Trevor-Roper, a British historian, studies the crematorium and the garden scenario, but he is skeptical. In his opinion, doubts remain.

Modern forensic experts are confident in the accuracy of Hitler’s oral identifiers while the controversy continues. It is only when another skull, that of a woman, is discovered by the Russians, that the series of unfortunate events starts to make sense. According to the CIA, the study into the Argentinean photo as further as it can go is fruitless.

Sixty-seven years later the question of how Adolf Hitler ended his days is still one of the biggest unwritten history stories. He will be 134 by that time, so he will be dead for sure.

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