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Insane True Story of Slave Sold to Japanese Warlord Becomes Samurai Legend

From Slave To Samurai

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Insane True Story of Slave Sold to Japanese Warlord Becomes Samurai Legend
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Along the length of history, there are stories about people whose feats are read like epic novels with all the strands of adventure, mystery, and clash of civilizations made real. For example, there is Yasuke, the mysterious African guy who emerged from bygone days yet became the sole black samurai Japan ever encountered. His adventure is a one of a kind – involving mystery, bravery, and friendships artfully crafted in the midst of 1500’s Japan.

The initial steps on the historical path of Yasuke can be traced to 1579 when he came as a member of Alessandro Valignano, the Italian Jesuit missionary, on the shores of Japan. Probably from Mozambique, Guysuke came as a bodyguard of Valignano, and anywhere they showed up, he became an immediate centre of attention. His dark face and fearful look as well as the fact that he was a rarity in Japan, explaining curiosity and fascination of the locals.

The information about Yasuke’s childhood seems to be scarce, pretty blurry and full of questions. A number of sources hint that he was enslaved and sold into the bondage, while others propose he might have been an indentured combatant in the service of Jesuits before he found the Jesuit order. No matter what his origins are his entry to Japan was just the beginning of an unimaginable personal journey.

Guided by Valignano, Yasuke's role took an other nature than mere protection. It was Japanese that he was taught and he soon became one of the main pillars of the Jesuit mission to spread the Christian outlook in Asia. Even though he was discriminated people, Yasuke had been gave respect and privileges because of his loyalty and strength, qualities that would play a great role in the later events.

The turn of fate unexpectedly brought him a new life when he encountered Oda Nobunaga, a warlord who is described as one of the most ambitious men in Japan. For Yasuke, someone who had developed a reputation of being knowledgeable in overseas affairs who also made meaningful reforms to the military, was the key person that he wanted to be friends with. Their meeting in the middle of the crowd that was completely entranced and dazed by the mythical character who reported to coming from a distant land, would be a landmark event.

The superpower and personality Yasuke assumed changed Nobunaga's mind-set to the extent that he acknowledged him by hiring him and even making him a samurai. Who would have said that Yasuke would have advanced so quickly in the position of Nobunaga’s court and ultimately turned out to be a remarkable warrior, whom Nobunaga could trust? However, their partnership did not last long as, after Mitsuhide Akechi made a coup against Nobunaga at the end of Honnō-ji, which became the end of the story.

It is embattled conjecture as to whether or not Yasuke remained in Japan after the death of Nobunaga. It is said in in some account that he kept an obedient attendant to other lords. Some historians reveal his obscure disappearance from the historical scene. It doesn't matter is he fought the Battle of Yamazaki or not, Yasuke who was the first black samurai has still numerous reasons to take that position as one of the illustrations of the intricacies of identity, allegiance and honor in that turbulent time.

The story of Yasuke spans the distance, which overcomes borders and centuries. With the mix of history and myth, the viewers are kept enthralled. Yasuke, from a simple boy who had to work hard to become a samurai, turn into warrior who by courage, nobility and skill makes an example. Through surmounting all the obstacles, he was the first Japanease person, in which he used the samurai sword and left his legacy that is a memorial of and a powerful reminder of the diverseness of human nature.

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