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China's Most Notorious Serial Killer You Never Heard Of

The Monster Killer

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
China's Most Notorious Serial Killer You Never Heard Of
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There are dark deeds of malevolence in the books of crime history, those committed by people who have gone beyond rational thinking. Among them stands a figure as ominous as any, a specter of terror whose name strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to remember him: Mythical Yang Xinhai, also known as the Monster Killer. However, his notoriety is mostly unknown beyond the borders of his country, where it is kept away from the collective consciousness of the world. The story of Yang Xinhai leaves one facing an unmatched case of savagery and absolute incomprehensible brutality that one has never imagined. It shows how far humans can go to the extent of their depraved mind.

In the turbulent scene of Culture Revolution initiated by Mao Zedong, where Yang Xinhai, a native, was born, the whole country experienced the devastation of political turmoil and economic woes. The shadow of the famine always hovered over his life of poverty, leaving a permanent imprint of desolation and hopelessness on his childhood. A stained backdrop of a disunited nation is where Yang's journey into the realm of darkness began, and his course was littered with scars of a broken homeland.

Yang was the youngest of four kids in a vulnerable family, and as a result, he grew up with solitude and introversion. Although he had signs of intelligence, he did not show any interest in academic studies, but rather he liked to wander the streets of his village which was a deserted place, a lonely person with inner conflicts. At 17 years of his life, he left the cage of his poor living condition, traveling down a road that in the end would be inscribed on the pages of the history books.

Later on in life, the crime Yang committed were more terrible and horrifying, since he moved from city to city, and every time he did that, he left behind a long and bad trail of destruction. In his actions, which were hidden by officials in the shadows and suppression, there was displayed the unclear mask of a psychopath who is full of unquenchable thirst for blood. A sequence of horror never getting reflected on the face of Yang, she crept in the night and cleaned all the good people in the planet disturbing their peace just the same way.

His work style involved the cruelest neatness and methodicalness. The murderer was able to employ a range of different weapons to commit the most heinous acts in the most cold-blooded way possible. If there existed a weapon like a knife or a hammer, an axe or a spade, it wasn’t enough to break down the flesh or the mind of whoever Yang was after. They shots their dramas in the series of biography of the various figures, whom they were men, women as well as the children, all had gone through the couples of heinous practices, their cries being stopped by the extremity of the cold death.

And yet, in spite of the depression that surrounded him, he was never silent about the reasons of his actions. It was hard to decipher his goals as he was trapped inside the vessel of his insanity, which was beyond reasoning of even the police force or the most professional psychologist. And it was these very same words that were the signifier of the sun which shone in the darkness of his wretched mind, one who had no sympathies or remorse, pure dead instinct, and his only instinct was to kill.

The Chinese people during the Xinhai’s reign of terror encountered the worst ever illustration of how it is to live in a world where chaos and uncertainty are the prevailing issues. No, they were not ordinary; not to be found in literature at all. But indeed, they were hideously frightening; a strong sign that our nature can, and does, reach the lowest level. Indeed, his actions show that there is no limit to evil and not even the most civilized society with its evilness concealed underneath the facades is immune to the enormities which cross the bounds of human imagination.

Consequently, justice won over Yang Xinhai who was executed by a firing squad in 2004. However, there is no way to hide his face from us as its ash-lime is a good illustration of the destructive character of what resides in our souls. In crime records he is a symbol of the superiority of human being in carrying out the horrors which is possible to commit, of a good reminders how close we are to evil in ourselves.


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