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What’s in the Box?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

By Rand EinfeldtPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

What is in the box, exactly? In no particular order, it could very well be the following:

Is it Gwyneth Paltrow’s head? A fair soon to be mother, whose life was cut short from an overzealous and envious man whose sole purpose was to expose the seven deadly sins.

Does it contain a springy clown named Jack? Luckily there isn’t a handle to wind it up, but one begs the question “What if?”

Is it a harmless little flea trapped inside numerous boxes like Russian Dolls, specifically mailed to me? Heaven forbid that the flea was once an obnoxiously spoiled prince.

Is it the unbearable searing pain I absolutely must endure to have control of the spice? If so, I’d probably act like a wild animal gnawing my own leg off.

Does it house a red button that once pushed will grant me one million dollars, but a complete stranger will die resulting in a chain of events with irrevocable consequences? I couldn’t do that with a clear conscience, knowing that I would potentially kill someone’s child by just a press of a button. But a million dollars… it’s a hard thing to pass up.

Is it Schrödinger's cat? The cat could either be dead or alive inside the box. Or worse; it could be an undead cat from the Pet Semetery.

Is it The Used box of sharp objects from almost 20 years ago? Music to my eye holes.

Is it something like a box of chocolates? We never know what we’re gonna get. Well, that’s life I guess.

Maybe it’s a gift from the jolly old big man himself? Chris Kringle, Saint Nick, Santa! Or could it be Satan?

If I hit the box with my head, will the contents found within make me grow to a considerable size, become a foxy hybrid, or quicken my speed as I’m surrounded by lights of every color? I just hope it doesn’t contain mushrooms or banana peels.

Does it contain an ancient relic that once solved like a Rubik’s Cube, it will release hellish demons from another dimension only sent to torment my very soul?

Is it the Ark of the Covenant that once opened will release ghosts of the past to make a ghost out of me? If so, I hope the death will be quick, and I won’t have the skin of my face slowly melt away until all that remains is a white skull.

Does it contain a short little fair folk who isn’t really after his Lucky Charms, but something much more valuable than that? I haven’t seen a rainbow shine on it. So it’s safe to say that luck is on our side.

Better yet, it could be clothing for another small fair folk creature that sometimes has vitamin D deficiency, that makes it so that they turn to stone.

Does it contain a heart of a former lover who literally gave their heart and soul to someone who just didn’t care?

Does it hold a creature who absolutely hates the sunlight, multiples itself when it gets wet, and suddenly chrysalises after they consume food past midnight? Fortunately, it couldn’t be this, because it’s midnight somewhere in the world. It would have to be based on either the time of the current location or the time time of the creature’s country of origin.

Obviously the possibilities are endless when it comes to what’s in the box, or its unlimited uses.Whatever is inside this mystery box, I just pray that it isn’t like that old Greek story, Pandora’s Box. That will surely unleash everything evil on this earth.

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