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Become A Vocal Facebook Group Member And Bathe In The Positivity

The Benefits Gained From The Facebook Vocal Groups Are Phenomenal

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Become a Vocal Facebook Group Member and Get Good Vibrations

Although this is a positive post about the positivity of being a Vocal Creator, many are attracted by the possible prizes from the Challenges. The bad news is that this is effectively a lottery , you pay your ten dollars a month, you can enter your stories and the chances are it will not even be in the top three no matter how good your story is. However you get paid for reads and the 0.4c a read goes up to almost 0.7c a read for a Vocal+ member. Again the bigger your reader base and following the more you will get but I am not going into that there are plenty of better advisers on getting seen and SEO and here is my own piece. As a Vocal+ member you can withdraw when you hit $20 instead of the $35 for basic Vocal members.

Then there is the bonus system. This is unofficial but I have asked Vocal to do something about it , but it seems it’s tumbleweed time for that. I got this list from Vocal Milestones and Bonuses by Robin Jesse Green

  • $5.00 Bonus for 5th published piece
  • $10.00 Bonus for 10th published piece
  • $50.00 Bonus for 50th published piece
  • $10.00 Bonus for creating a successful Facebook group (might be a one-time deal)
  • $5.00 Bonus for hearting/liking 15 stories by other creators
  • $5.00 Bonus for “Top Story”
  • $5.00 Bonus for “Awesome Story” (typically has Vocal as the topic)
  • $5.00 Bonus for Reaching 1000 views
  • Bonus for Moderator appreciated story even if it’s not a “Top Story”
  • Bonus for Challenge wins
  • Bonus for being mentioned on Vocal’s Instagram Page
  • Bonus for Reaching 10,000 and 25,000views

So here’s the thing, you’re on Vocal, you are writing stories but you maybe aren’t getting many reads. You are also on Facebook but your friends don’t read your stories so what now.

Well Vocal Creators have a presence on Facebook and if you search for Vocal you will find the groups listed below, and in these groups are people who will read your work , usually encourage you, and that will in turn increase the little money you get from reads on Vocal, But it’s the sheer force of positivity from all the people in these groups that lifts your spirits and that carries over to what you create. Here is a previous post of mine that list some top people I have met.

Before joining vocal I had never really written a poem , now a lot of people actually enjoy my poetry. That has come from my Vocal friends and the people I have met. They encourage me , they are positive about me, they tell me how they are looking forward to my next piece of writing.

If you join these groups all of which have their own particular angle on writing and Vocal you will see examples of great writing , shout outs when group members get a “Top Story” or “Creators We Love” or even a Challenge Win.

You have become a member of a community and you will benefit so much from that in the love and positivity you will get from being a Vocal member and a Vocal Facebook group member.

Ask a question , it will get answered, need help , it will come , need a hug , you will get a virtual one.

You may even fall in love with writing , people and everything to do with this.

If you are unsure , try it . You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, The treasure here is not in the financial rewards but in the love and positivity that nurtures your creativity and will take you on to some amazing places that you never thought possible

I need to share song to lead this is and what more appropriate that “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock3 months ago

    Well said, Mike.

  • The Facebook groups have helped me alot and I would never forget that!

  • Mother Combs3 months ago

    I think Vocal did away with some of those milestone rewards. Very informative read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lilly Cooperabout a year ago

    Someone suggested on the FB page that I read this article after asking about the bonuses and milestones. I should have thought to check your articles Mike!! Always helpful!

  • Terri Allen2 years ago

    This was very informative for new vocal creators and helped me gain information I didn’t have previously!

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