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Words With Friends, Our Vocal Connections

How we benefit from connecting with and talking to our Vocal Friends

By Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Published 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 4 min read
Come Talk To Me ,,,,,, I would love it

I used to play a game called Words With Friends on Facebook , and then on my phone. I ditched it on Facebook for intrusive adverts , then on my phone because it ran down the battery so quickly and the number of women who contacted me and would not accept I was just there to play THAT game.

I think I ditched it and lost a few friends I played with, it was just a game , and was not feasible for me. I couldn’t play it on Facebook and it destroyed my phone.

Then I believed the Vocal blurb and signed up, and faltered into a few stories , but was worried it would affect my blog Seven Days In. Well it has but instilled be with a sort of writing discipline and I have really enjoyed picking up on that, but no one was reading my stuff , friends on twitter and facebook would like my post but bar two or three would never read the article, as someone said “I don’t like reading” , hmmm how does one deal with that.

Well I found a group on Facebook , then another , then another. At the bottom of this article are links to groups and people who have made my stay on Vocal and in these groups so pleasurable.

A good friend pointed out that if links are too close together you cannot access them pn your phone so all the links that matter are at the bottom but I am going to list some of the really beneficial and pleasurable interactions I have had.

I have become Facebook friends with some as well .

All these people are well worth visiting and reading.

The links will be to their Vocal profiles.

Most recently Melissa Ingoldsby who asked me to play a guitar riff for her , so I did and she also liked my latest YouTube post which I posted of the song that got me into Tom Waits which I had promised another friend for about twelve months.

Danielle Mosley a lovely poetess who I love reading and interacting with on the various groups

Lesley Anne Admin of Vocal Social Society who I seem to have known forever , hard working , a wonderful writer, always helpful and supportive, with some stunning ideas. I feel privileged to be a Facebook friend of hers. It was shee who suggested making links easier for phone users. An excellent mind.

Tiffany Gordon . I am feeling that I am repeating myself and realise this is just going to be I love all these writers, but I actually do.

Tony Stauffer , a great guy and writer , who’s friend request I rejected because I didn’t know he was a Vocal member , that is resolved now.

Elissa Dawson a lovely friend and very supportive and another fantastic writer who really puts my stuff in the shade where it belongs.

Tom Bradbury . Was A prolific and well read goto person for advice on almost anything and a great tale teller and raconteur, and good supportive constructive critic , but died in a terrible Mill Fire in September 2021. Follow his link to read his work,

Judey Kalchik admin of The Vocal Creators Support Group , usually my go to group to post new material. She is supportive of my writing as well as my non Vocal work too.

Julianne McKenna another supportive writer with a penchant for the majickal realms

Jennifer Christiansen who shares a love of True Romance with me , which is a recommendation for anyone

Rahman Moshiur always positive and a great technical writer and goo Facebook Friend

Alan Gold - An engaging guy great to chat with and read on here

Caitlin McColl - Enjoyable writer who pops up with support even when you don’t expect it

John Welford - Who has been supportive and offered some excellent constructive criticism

Ana Maria Radulescu - Another lovely supportive writer , reader and conversationalist.

Jan Portugal - Another wonderful Vocal friend who I love chatting with

I am going to stop here , but you are now my Words with friends . Anyone not on this list I still love you. I know it’s a bit female heavy but I tend to find women easier to talk to , always have, often to my huge disadvantage.

As a teenager conversations went “Do you want to go out with me?” , “Nooo … we can talk to you!!!!”

The music to lead this is "Come Talk To Me" buy Peter Gabriel. I hope you all do.

%%%%% A Few of the People Who Matter To And Support Me %%%%%

Melissa Ingoldsby

Danielle Mosley

Lesley Anne

Tiffany Gordon

Tony Stauffer

Elissa Dawson

Tom Bradbury

Judey Kalchik

Julianne McKenna

Jennifer Christiansen

Rahman Moshiur

Alan Gold

Caitlin McColl

John Welford

Ana Maria Radulescu

Jan Portugal

%%%%%%% The Groups Who I Love %%%%%%%%%%

The Vocal Creators Support Group

Vocal Media Creators Hub

Vocal Social Society

social media

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    Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Written by Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛

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