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Vocal Milestones and Bonuses

An Un-Official List of 13 Achievable Milestones for Creator Bonuses

By Robin Jessie-GreenPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Vocal Milestones and Bonuses
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What Vocal Writers are saying about Milestones and Bonuses:

Does anyone know the Vocal milestones?

I just received a $10 bonus from Vocal and don’t know why?

Does Vocal pay bonuses on every 15 reads or just the first 15?

Can any of you tell me how Vocal’s bonus system works?

I received a congratulatory email but no bonus.

If you’re a writer on Vocal, you may have noticed some inconsistencies when it comes to awarded bonuses. Some writers have announced receiving their first $5.00 bonus after publishing their fifth story. Others have boasted about their Vocal Wallet swelling from a “Top Story” bonus, an “Awesome Story” bonus, their stories having reached 1000 reads, or for recognition after hearting the work of fifteen other writers. The bonuses don’t stop there, but Creators had no way of knowing that until now.

The thing is, bonuses haven’t been consistent for all Vocal writers across the board. Personally, I have yet to receive a bonus based on the amount of stories I have published (this one makes 32) or for the number of reads (over a thousand) my work has received.

The concept of receiving a bonus for your contribution to the writing community is a great one, particularly when you can anticipate the reward. Bonuses are incentives that drive action and encourage repeat action. Knowing what milestones can be achieved and determining how close or far you are to the next milestone, can provide the motivation a writer can use to churn out his or her next compelling piece.

That’s why I reached out to the Vocal Customer Support Team and submitted the following request: “I'd like to write a piece on Milestones and Bonuses. There seems to be inconsistency in regards to awarded bonuses. Having achievable goals is a great incentive when you know what they actually are. Is there some specific information you can provide on the subject, besides what is written in "Introducing Creator Bonuses on Vocal"?

The response I received wasn’t revealing, “bonuses are awarded to creators when their story was selected as a Top Story, they've reached an exciting reads or profile milestone, they've won a Creator Challenge, and/or when they're giving back to the community by liking, sharing, and tipping other creators.” Basically, the answer I got was a reiteration of the content from "Introducing Creator Bonuses on Vocal".

Additionally, the response mentioned my having been “bonus'd on 03/10, 03/14, and 04/14,” and that I should “read the descriptions on each bonus which can help [me] get more familiar with them!” I understand why I received the 3 bonuses, I just don’t know if there are more to come?

That’s all the information Vocal Customer Support could or would provide. Information should be provided on Vocal Milestones and Bonuses. If Vocal doesn’t want to be held to providing guaranteed bonus awards, why not include a disclaimer stating that bonuses are subject to change and or be discontinued without prior notice? That way writers are informed.

Until then, instead of leaving you all in the dark, I went back into the Social Media trenches to see what Vocal Authors have claimed earned them those unpredictable bonuses. There seems to be no guarantee every writer will receive every available bonus. However, this list gives individuals something to look forward to while writing their next viral story.

Here it is fellow/fellista/non-fellow-conforming Vocal Writers!

Vocal Bonus. Robin L. Jessie-Green

Introducing the Un-Official Milestones for Achievable Vocal Creator Bonuses:

After the introduction of Vocal Bonuses in early 2021, the following forms of monetary encouragement have been deposited in Vocal Wallets across the internet.

The Bonus Amounts seem to fluctuate between $5.00 to $50.00 each. I’ve included 13 I've discovered and indicated amounts for those I am aware.

  • $5.00 Bonus for 5th published piece
  • $10.00 Bonus for 10th published piece
  • $50.00 Bonus for 50th published piece
  • $10.00 Bonus for creating a successful Facebook group (might be a one-time deal)
  • $5.00 Bonus for hearting/liking 15 stories by other creators
  • $5.00 Bonus for “Top Story”
  • $5.00 Bonus for “Awesome Story” (typically has Vocal as the topic)
  • $5.00 Bonus for Reaching 1000 views
  • Bonus for Moderator appreciated story even if it’s not a “Top Story”
  • Bonus for Challenge wins
  • Bonus for tipping other Writers
  • Bonus for being mentioned on Vocal’s Instagram Page
  • Bonus for Reaching 10,000 views

While we all want to be acknowledged and compensated for our work, keep writing and publishing whether you receive bonuses for hitting Vocal Milestones or not. It’s certainly a kind gesture for Vocal to show appreciation for its Content Contributors; however, readers will continue to provide financial support through tips and collective views. Hopefully, all of these incentives motivate you to write.

If you’d like to see more from me, kindly give a coin of encouragement.


About the Creator

Robin Jessie-Green

Temple University BA and AIU Online MBA Alumna.

Content Contributor for Medium, eHow, Examiner, Experts123, AnswerBag, and various other sites spanning a decade.

Visit my Writing Portfolio to see what else I've written.

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  • Mark 3 months ago

    i have receieved 15$ i am unable to withdraw, also published 75 stories

  • Jen Sullivan10 months ago

    Just published my 50th story and didn't receive anything. Maybe they stopped doing this? In all honesty, I was actually going to delete my account and focus entirely on Medium, but figured I would hit 50 first and then decide if I want to continue.

  • Supsie M10 months ago

    I have published 5 stories today and in total I have 10 stories however I have not yet received my bonus, can anyone assist me with this matter.

  • Supsie M10 months ago

    Thanks this was indeed helpful !

  • Real Poetic10 months ago

    Thanks! This was very helpful.

  • Silent Scarlett11 months ago

    It felt amazing to receive my little bonus! Thank you so much :)

  • Signor Wilson11 months ago

    Nice piece. Keep up the good work.

  • Great Article 💯❤️😉

  • Tammy S.about a year ago

    I need to bookmark this. Thank you!

  • Faizan Jaffarabout a year ago

    It helps.

  • SHANMUGA PRIYA Cabout a year ago

    Thank you for the wonderful message.

  • Vivek_U_kabout a year ago

    Thank you so much ☺️

  • Katie Kieslingabout a year ago

    I have 11 stories, and didn’t receive the 5 or 10 story bonus ... maybe they stopped doing those?

  • Ibrahim Sani Mabout a year ago


  • Niko Kritikosabout a year ago

    Thanks for this resource great info!

  • Thayrileabout a year ago

    Thanks for this

  • Steffany Ritchie2 years ago

    Really helpful for a new member (although so confusing re: consistency!) Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Test2 years ago

    Thanks for this. I never got to £50 bonus for 50 stories :(

  • Courtanae Heslop2 years ago

    I am appreciative of the bonuses but I am now at 137 published articles and never got a $50 bonus for the 50 articles.

  • Angela Shiflett2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this information. I think it is awesome that Vocal offers incentives for reaching certain milestones. Makes me want to keep publishing! Great piece!

  • SondJam2 years ago

    how long did it take u to get the bonus for publishing 50 stories? i mean i have already published over 50 stories but still not recieveing the bonus, this made me frustrated.

  • Candice Zakariya2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! As a new Vocal Media writer, this was helpful to set my first goals on the platform.

  • Erin Mixon2 years ago

    This was really thorough and helpful. Thanks.

  • Hillora Lang2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this! I just joined, thanks to an ad I saw on Facebook for the Fantasy Prologue challenge. I've been looking for a place to post my short fiction, since the other platform I use - Amazon's Kindle Vella - is for episodic serial fiction only. Since joining, I've received the $10.00/Welcome to Vocal, $5.00/fifth story, $10/tenth story, and the $5.00/top story bonuses. This is very encouraging! But as you say, transparency and consistency would be appreciated. Kindle Vella also pays (monthly) bonuses, but there is absolutely no way to make heads or tails of how these are calculated. I'm grateful to Vocal for being such an exciting venue for my work, but the bonuses are a nice shot in the arm!

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