Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

The perks to having sex everyday is not just limited to getting your rocks off, it can also extend your life and well-being.

Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

Like many topics in sexuality, several misconceptions exist. One of the most misunderstood topic is about the frequency of sex you should have. Is it safe everyday or not? Having sex every day, as long as you both are into it, is probably one of the healthiest activities you can do. Turns out there are a number of ailments that can be cured simply by having sex everyday. Not only can having sex everyday help boost your general mood and behavior but it can help you physiologically. Some physiological effects sex can offer are slowing the aging process, boosting your immune system and keeping your heart healthy. Chances are you might not have sex everyday, but after reading this scientifically backed list of why you should have sex everyday you’ll be bugging your partner to hop in sack more on the reg.

Sex is Mother Nature’s antidepressant. 

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or depressed, then sex will actually help you relax and decrease those high stress levels. When we have sex our brain produces the feel good chemicals dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin which together can aid in de-stressing and increases our natural happiness levels with enhanced desire.

Sex can be as good as going to gym.

Let’s get real, exercise is either fun or it’s the last thing you ever want to think about, but there is good news, sex can be a good alternative to actually hitting up the gym. While having sex our bodies are continually experiencing physiological changes that are consistent with an exercise routine. Our breathing rates rise which burns calories, which means that if you have sex just three times a week you can burn around 7,500 calories a year. That’s the same as running 75 miles!

Sex helps boost your immune system. 

Scientists have found through several studies people who have had sex at least twice a week had higher levels of virus fighting antibodies than those who had no sex at all. During sex, antigens like immunoglobulin A are released which fight the common cold and influenza. Additionally the more frequently you engage in sex the more antigens will be released and the healthier you’ll get.

Sex lowers your blood pressure. 

Even if it’s just a quickie or a all nighter, sex can improve your blood pressure significantly. When having sex you heart rate rises like you would during exercise. Aerobic exercise is generally good for lowering blood pressure, and sex itself may increase the effect. A recent study conducted found that sex reduces diastolic blood pressure – which is the bottom number on a blood pressure reading – making us healthier all around.

Sex is good for a healthy heart and more.

The most obvious way sex benefits your heart is the fact that it’s a bit of a workout. One of the biggest benefits to having sex everyday is that it can lower your chances of a heart attack. Studies have shown that the more sex you have, the stronger your heart is and the lower blood pressure stays. Heart-healthy habits can also help prevent erectile dysfunction in men and sexual dysfunction in women.

Sex helps manage pain. 

When we have an ache or a pain, we go to the doctor and then call it a day. But there is a step we often miss when trying to manage pain — have an orgasm to heal the pain. The “big O” is not just a fun way to spend a night; it also contains great healing properties that treat anything from headaches to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) cramps.

Sex ensures regular menstruation. 

Having sex everyday has surprisingly positive effects on a woman who have irregular menstruation. Sex everyday changes the levels of different hormones in your body that affects your menstrual cycle. Experts believe that having sex regularly will help keep your menstrual cycle fairly constant. Your brain is the control center for everything in the body and it reacts to certain stimuli thereby changing your metabolic rates and hormonal activity, which in turn will affect a woman's cycle. The changes in the menstrual cycle may directly be related to vaginal sex. When your partner ejaculates in you, his semen, which contains a hormone called prostaglandins, calm uterus shedding and bleeding.

Sex helps lower your risk of prostate cancer. 

The key to good prostate health might be in your own hands, literally. Ejaculating more frequently may reduce your risk of prostate cancer, Several studies around the globe looked at how ejaculation frequency affected prostate cancer risk over the course of 18 years. Within these global studies they found that that men ages 20 to 29 who ejaculated 21 times or more each month were 19 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less often, between 4 and 7 times per month.

Sex helps keep your pelvic muscles fit. 

The common theme here is that sex is a great form of exercise and as well as a great way to body build. When having sex you body can build muscle just as good as pumping iron. During sex you pelvis, quads and back are worked out. Also by working out your pelvis, back and quads, you gain the benefit of having better and more intense orgasm.

Sex keeps you looking younger. 

Having sex everyday helps release natural human growth hormone, which helps keep the skin elastic and less likely to wrinkle. Nookie boosts blood circulation, which gives skin that healthy glow. Also daily sexytime also released endorphins in the brain, which are the body’s feel-good chemicals and natural painkillers that ease anxiety and make it easier to sleep. Sex is essential for living a well balanced and healthy life.

Sex will help ward off your sleep deprived nightmares.

New research in sex and sleeping have shown that having sex before bed could be the answer to your insomnia and sleep-deprived nightmares. When people have sex, the body will naturally release neuropeptides known as endorphins. Endorphins are the driving force behind many natural states of euphoria, like the runner's high, for instance. This is why, after having sex, you will likely feel less stressed and think more highly of yourself thus able to relax better.

Sex keeps you super fertile. 

Timing is everything, right? Not really from what recent studies have shown in fertility research. This research shows that the sexual activity may cause the body to promote types of immunity that support conception. The study observed that there is significantly higher levels of type 2 helper T cells, which are believed to help the body accept changes associated with pregnancy, during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. It also found higher levels of type 1 helper T cells, which act as the body’s defense against illness or disease, in the same women during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. By having these higher levels of antibodies in the body, a woman is more susceptible to getting pregnant.

Sex can make you smarter. 

Seriously having sex everyday might make you smarter thanks to recent research in rats, yes rats. It turns out that sex might actually make you smarter. Researchers found that sexual activity in rats improved mental operation and increased neurogenesis (the production of new neurons) in the hippocampus of the brain, where long-term memories are formed.

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