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What Happens to the Body When You Stop Having Sex

A dry spell can cause some rather unhealthy side effects to your body when you stop having sex.

By George GottPublished 8 years ago 7 min read

Having sex is very important. Believe it or not, sex is not just about having a good time, it is however more about your health. Sex not only helps you burn calories but it also increases your immune system as well as reduces stress thus boosting your mood. There are various reasons that could lead you to experiencing a dry spell. It could either be you’re busy at work. It can turn into days if not weeks, or even months since the last time you got laid to the point where you basically don’t miss it. Or maybe you or your spouse is not that good at sex so you try to avoid it. Or maybe you have been traveling a lot and haven’t had the time. Whatever the reasons are, having no sex could have a number of effects on your body. Many have crazy ideas as to what happens to your body when you stop having sex such as your vagina will grow cobwebs or not cumming that often the tap will dry up. These absurd, but commonly thrown around ideas are all not true! Also there are those who practice celibacy and certain studies show they are doing fine without having sex, but, they are missing out on an amazing experience and not to mention the health benefits that come with it. Many people that abstain from sex see it as a choice rather then there might be something wrong with them. Some would think ‘hey they’re missing out and that sucks,’ but that’s ok. Props to you that you for respecting your body! But know when you’re ready to have sex it can offer some amazing health benefits. Its a common myth that when you stop having sex, your sex drive decreases. Again not true. To clear up some confusion and dispel certain urban legends on what happens to your body when you stop having sex here are some actual impacts that not doing the dirty can do to you.

Can lead to a weaker immune system.

I know, it sounds crazy, but it is true. Studies have shown that you are prone to getting sick easily if you don’t have sex quite often. You lose out on those immune boosting benefits. Lack of sex can lead feeling lethargic leading to more physical health problems. and A common remedy to avoid getting sick is to actually to have sex! Why do you think there are so many doctor patient porn scenes? They’re all sick and need to get better, lol. In addition, masturbation can help in boosting your immune system. Although it is more widely recommended to do the actual deed, getting down and dirty by yourself can’t hurt. A win-win.

No sex can be stressful.

Lack of sex leads to you being more anxious and stressed out as compared to those getting laid more frequently. Having more sex can release those feel good hormone in your brain. When you go a while without sex, your mood can be substantially affected. It can become harder for you to handle stress inducing situations.

Your vagina goes to sleep.

The idea that the longer you wait the tighter it gets, that is not true. Lack of sex does not cause a new hymen or close it up. That is just a plain old wives tale! The tissues of the vagina relaxes due to lack of arousal and insertion, therefore it needs a little reminder once in a while so it doesn’t forget. Stimulation will bring it right back to life. So remember that when you do decide to take that break, she’s never completely out of business.

No sex creates as desert down there.

All women know that when you are sexually aroused, your vagina tends to get wet. However the less you practice sex the more painful sex can be the next time. Sex helps women create natural lubrication that is essential when being intimate. Therefore the less natural lube your body produces, the more painful it will be. Any sane woman looking to have experience more comfortable sex, its a no brainer, have more sex! Let those juices flow free ladies!

It can be difficult to get aroused.

Unfortunately, lack of sex can lead to actually led to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. When a guy gets hard, its a muscle reflex therefore, if you stop or don’t use it that often, it is not going to function properly. So, in order to avoid such buzzkills in your next rendezvous, ensure you get laid more often or at least spank the money on an occasion.

Lack of sex affects your mood.

The longer you go without having sex, the more depressed you get. Studies have shown that having sex helps you blow steam off. It also helps your brain release chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins that are those ‘feel good’ hormones that help you feel less stressed. Sex is Mother Natures anti-depressant.

Less sex lowers risk of contracting STDs.

The good news about not having sex is that you lower your chances of contracting STDs. Also the chance of catching a Urinary tract infections (UTI) is quite low. UTIs can commonly occurs within 24 hours after having sex. Bacteria can build up in the vagina while having sex. That bacteria can sometimes get into the urethra which is where the infection starts which can be literally some the worst pain a girl can feel excluding your period or obviously delivering a baby.

You gain insecurities and lack confidence.

Not having sex can cause relationship problems and bring up insecurities. It can affect your self-esteem. Many people can start to not feel unattractive. Also lack of sex can lead to less production of those ‘feel good’ hormones. A fun fact, semen is known to have anti-depressant qualities.

No booty affects your cardiovascular health. 

A active sex life can also lead to strong cardiovascular health. Sex is basically aerobics you do at the gym, just without the leotard. We all know that working out keeps you healthy and helps you fight off disease and same is said for sex. Believe it or not, but it is known that sex tends to reduce blood pressure. This is linked to having those sex-excising workouts. Sex again, is another great health benefit. If you suffer from blood pressure problem, your heart will thank you later. Like in the studies that show it helps to reduce blood pressure, studies have also shown sex reduces the risk of a heart disease. What happens is that, your heart is getting exercise as well as an increase in healthy blood flow. A healthy heart can also help balance out your estrogen and testosterone levels giving you more stamina during sex. Amazing, right?

Men have a greater risk of developing prostate cancer.

Weird, right? But it’s true. Studies have shown that if men go without having sex, they increase the chances of getting prostate cancer. The question is, well does having sex frequently help reduces the risk of prostate cancer rising? Studies have shown that, the more a man ejaculates the more he removes the harmful substances from his prostrate.

Your dreams can change.

When you go a while without having sex, you start having sex dreams sometimes even organism while you are a sleep. Yes both men and women can experience this crazy phenomenon. You unconscious mind seems to always be horny. It’s natural. When you have a lack of sexual experiences, your conscious brain can be rewired, but sex is an innate yearning. The brain deep down doesn't forget.

Lack of sex does not mean you become more intelligent.

There is a myth out there that says abstinence makes you intelligent. That’s ridiculous! Don’t believe everything you hear. It might make you smart in not getting pregnant or getting an STD, but literally your IQ doesn't go up. Studies have shown that frequent sex increases neuron growth in your brain’s hippocampus. Sex is actually a brain exercise that helps you grow more cells. Sex can help your mind become more active and sharp.

Having no sex can lead to sleeping problems.

When you have sex, your body usually releases a hormone known as prolactin, which is known to help you relax and rest peacefully. Therefore, if you don’t get laid for a while, it becomes a bit hard for you to relax. Who knew sexual frustration can keep you from having a good night sleep?

It changes your bladder.

When a woman has sex, her pelvic floor muscles are working out. These muscles are working involuntarily through stimulation. Masturbation can also help too. When these muscles are fit, they can help reduce those little leaks when you sneeze. Also working out those muscles can help you hold your bladder those times you’re about to pee yourself. So when you’re not having sex, expect more complications with your bladder. Sex can keep your vagina and underwear happy.

You can forget things.

As explained earlier, sex is a brain exercise which helps keeps it active and sharp. Those brain sex-ercises also help produce more cells to grow in the part of the brain that is linked to memory. When you stop having sex you can lose out on a lot more than just health benefits, you lose out on maintaining your sanity.

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