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The First Time I Ever Had Period Sex

I know this is too personal but this is something new that I never thought I spill.

By Gladys W. MuturiPublished 2 months ago โ€ข 3 min read
The First Time I Ever Had Period Sex
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Content Warning: Too sexually explicit, unlike my naughty poems.

Honestly, I have never been open book about my sex life just so well kept but there was a time I had done the "deed" while I was on my cycle which I had never done during my sex life. Throughout my sex life, I wouldn't have sex on my period I mean I had tried to do it while I was with my son's father before we made our son and it didn't work. So we decided to do it while I was off my period. Years after I had my son, I had experienced sex with other partners this time with protection and on birth control (a few I had dated and a couple of them were guys I had โ€œlinkedโ€ with if you know what I mean).

So I have been dating this guy whom I had been talking to. We never hung out but I have seen him around the area I didn't find any attraction with him but he has dated one of my friends. We started off solid talking on social media then continued on talking. The funny part about this is that I was seeing someone but it didnโ€™t work out in the end ... oh well on to the next one.

So he told me he was in town and told me to come over to his place. I took the bus to his apartment and it was nerve-wracking because we were meeting each other for the first time. We kissed and hugged until we made it to the living room floor, making out, raggedy rap music playing from the telly (well some of the music was alright so), affectionate touching, he pulled his shirt off then we took our clothes off except I left my socks on. I told him I was on my cycle but he didn't care he proceeded but we did use a condom however he did ask if he wanted to try raw. But I refused to do it that way after all I have a son and I don't want to have another baby not at this time (still not ready). Anyway, I let him wear the condom on and it happened. It was new and pleasurable for me to do it in my cycle. Honestly, I was afraid it wouldn't work or it was going to be an easy access for him to get me preggo. After, I had an intense incredible orgasm that I haven't had since my last ex-boyfriend. I was afraid that he got me pregnant nearly a week later, and out of curiosity, I took a pregnancy test (thankfully, it was negative).

I was so new to it so please don't judge!!!!

After my pregnancy test came back negative, I had to do my research on period sex. It turns out period sex is actually more pleasurable than sex without menstruation cycle. According to Healthline, period sex actually helps with relief from cramps, shortens periods, and gives a good sex drive which explains the intense orgasm I had since we did it. I had to watch a few YouTube videos from vloggers who had experiences with period sex which got me invested into it.

Check out these YouTube vlogs on period sex ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Honestly, after my experience with period sex, if you're going to "do it" while on your cycle give it a try just make sure you wear protection and use a towel to cover the mess. Good luck!!!!

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