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The Courteous Cleanse

by Yona Vaughan 4 months ago in comedy

From Eat your spinach!

The Courteous Cleanse 


Scrub a dub dub, having fun in the tub.

Wanna rub against that skirt? Gotta rub off the dirt.

Cause she won't flirt if you put a hurtin

on her sense of smell.


Scrub well Sailor! Scrub well!


Yo! Ho! Ho! And a bar of soap, if others can't

cope with your boat smelling like the ocean.

A motion of cleaning front to back

can help double cracks down low.


Row your boat Sailor! Row!


Don't bring the sass

to those you've offended with swamp ass.

The funk doesn't have to last

if you scrape the barnacles off your ass.


Batten down those hatches sailor! Yo! Ho!


Keep it steady as she goes.

Remembering to check

that you properly swabbed your deck.

Show your matey's some respect.

Scrub well Sailor! Scrub well!!”

Excerpt From

Eat Your Spinach

By Yona Vaughan

Yona Vaughan
Yona Vaughan
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Yona Vaughan
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