Subtle Signs that Predict Your Relationship

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Are you worried about the state of your relationship? Take a look at some subtle signs that predict your relationship.

Subtle Signs that Predict Your Relationship

We all worry about our relationships and sometimes you need to rely on subtle signs that predict your relationship. But which signs should you trust? Which signs are good and which are bad? It can be pretty confusing, but we're here to help. These subtle signs that predict your relationship should help you figure out if Mr. or Mrs. Right is really right for you.

Loving Couples Walk in Sync with Each Other 

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Have you ever seen a happily married older couple walking through the park? They walk in unison. They're totally in sync. According to Susan Quilliam, who wrote Body Language Secrets: Read the Signals and Find Love, Wealth and Happiness, loving couples are totally in tune. They walk in sync, and even their heartbeats can be synchronized. Next time you're taking a stroll with your sweetheart, take a look at your feet. Are you walking in unison? Do your arms swing simultaneously? But that's not all. Make sure to check whether you're partner walks ahead of you or behind you. Are you actually together? This is powerful body language that shouldn't be ignored. Look for these subtle signs that predict your relationship to determine whether you and your partner are a good fit.

Eating at Different Paces Shows You're Not on the Same Page 

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Similar to walking at different paces, eating at different paces demonstrates that you and your partner are out of step with each other. Eating at a similar pace indicates that the two of you have a high degree of synchronicity. This is the same quality you were looking for in walking in sync. This is just another very important way that it manifests itself. Still, synchronicity in movement isn't the whole story. If you and your partner are eating at very different paces and one of you is waiting for the other between appetizers, entrée, or desert, then it might be the case that one of you is trying to rush and is uncomfortable with the situation. The person eating more slowly, on the other hand, might be indicating a reluctance to let the other person go, have their freedom, or set the pace. This act of mentally holding back or pushing away can manifest itself in eating habits. Watch carefully for this one.

Facing Each Other During an Argument Shows Emotional Engagement 

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Tolstoy said "All happy families are the same, all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way." Do you and your partner fight a lot? That's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes fighting indicates a commitment to the relationship whereas a lack of arguments can indicate a general apathy between the couple. So how do you tell the difference between happy and unhappy relationships? When you're fighting do you and your partner make eye contact and stay engaged by facing each other, or do you cross your arms and sit with your back turned while the two of you hurl insults? There's a serious difference and you should pay attention to these subtle signs that predict your relationship. If you face one another while fighting it indicates that you remain emotionally engaged and committed, and that you still care deeply about your partner. When you turn away this body language indicates that you are no longer emotionally engaged. Maybe you or your partner are just exhausted from all the fighting, or maybe you simply lost interest a long time ago. Either way, this behavior is not a good sign. Couples that don't stay emotionally engaged during a fight are unlikely to ever resolve their differences and build on their relationship. Watch out for this serious sign that your relationship is in trouble.

Your Feet Point Towards the Person You're Interested In 

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Ok, remember the example of walking in sync with your partner? Now look at your feet and those of your partner. Where are they pointing? Loving couples instinctively point their feet towards the person they care most about. If both of you point your feet towards the other this is a wonderful sign of commitment. However, if one or both of you fail to point your feet towards the other this likely indicates that that person is losing interest. You might also want to be careful to watch whether your partner's feet are pointed towards another person. This could be a sign of waning interest in your relationship or even cheating. You do not want to ignore these extremely subtle signs that predict your relationship. If you're trying to rebuild a relationship check body language and make sure that the two of you are on the same page. You should be focused on each other, not anyone else.

A Stiff Kiss Shows Reluctance to Engage Physically

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When you and your partner kiss is it gentle, slow, sultry, and loving? If it's stiff and perfunctory, this could be a sign that one of you is reluctant to engage physically. Since physical intimacy is so important to the health of any relationship, you should never ignore this sign. Try to ask yourself a few important questions. How often does this happen? Who is kissing stiffly, or are you both? When does this happen? The answers to these questions and more can help to identify the root of the problem. It might be the case that you and your partner are both tired of the relationship and have grown weary of physical intimacy. It might indicate that your partner is cheating and experiencing guilt about it. And it might just be the case that you've both become too busy or preoccupied with something like work or family. If that's the case, you should talk to your partner about the problem and try to build up your physical intimacy by ensuring that your kisses are gentle and loving, even when you're in a rush.

'Eyebrow Flashes' Signal Positive Recognition 

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Believe it or not, eyebrow flashes are incredibly subtle signs that predict your relationship. According to Martin Lloyd-Elliott, who wrote Secrets of Sexual Body Language, you want to make sure that you and your partner recognize each other with little signals like winks, eyebrow flashes, smiles, and caring glances. This one is especially important if you and your partner are in a setting where more overt intimacy is impractical. At a family dinner, business party, or crowded venue? Make sure to flash your partner little knowing glances, smiles, and eyebrow flashes. If you or your partner don't do this the other can feel upset and saddened without understanding why. This one can be a subtle signal that predicts your relationship, and if its missing you should probably be worried, but it can also be something you can work on if you feel you aren't paying enough attention to your partner but you want to. Make sure they feel cared for and loved by flashing them little glances every once in a while. They'll appreciate it and you'll both feel a lot closer.

Sitting at Opposite Ends of a Table Puts You in Competition 

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You know how those really loving couples always take up one side of a booth or table at your local brunch place? Yeah, that's because loving couples don't put themselves in competition across the table. Imagine you were sitting down to a competitive game like chess. You sit across from each other, right? Now imagine you were sitting down to do something cooperatively, like solving a crossword or reading together. You sit together instinctively because you don't feel the need to place yourself in competition with the other person. Keep this in mind. If you want to cooperate with your partner instead of being their rival, then you'll sit together on one side of the table. If this isn't happening, then you should not miss these subtle signs that predict your relationship because this one can be a deal breaker. If you can fix it by demonstrating your love and cooperation by sitting together then that's great! But if you and your partner just can't seem to manage to sit together there might be something very seriously wrong. You might want to bring this one up with them, or move on.

Looking Down Your Nose Indicates Feeling Superior 

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We all had that teacher or professor at one point who looked down their nose at us and then pretentiously pushed their glasses up their nose with their index finger. Yeah, it didn't feel good then and it certainly doesn't feel good when it's your partner doing it to you. Dr. Stella Reznick points out that there are lots of ways of literally and figuratively looking down your nose at your partner. On top of actually looking down your nose, you might crinkle your nose up at their thoughts and arguments, or give them glances of disdain during discussions. These subtle signs that predict your relationship indicate that you think of your partner and their thoughts as inferior. You never want to do this to a loving partner, and you definitely don't want to put up with it if your partner is doing it to you. Deal with this one right away or end this emotionally damaging relationship.

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