Simple Anal Sex Tips for Women

Whether it's your first time or you're just trying to tail your favorite porn stars, the following anal sex tips for women are sure to spice up any bedroom play.

Simple Anal Sex Tips for Women

Listen, it's not as complicated as you may think — I mean, it's certainly not rocket science, but anal sex tips for women can either get extremely hairy or sticky. I guess it depends on taste, age, orientation and overall sexual level, which can all sometimes be pretty difficult to tell. Vaginal sex gets boring, so it's OK to switch it up for a change.

Maybe you need to spice it up a little, since it's a perfect way to fix a dead bedroom, or maybe your man's been asking for a twist of flavor under the sheets, it doesn't matter why you're here. You don't want to get an infection or injure yourself trying to preform anal, that's clear. Remember your bum is your sanctuary. Try something new, open up your world, plus your nerve endings, and get a real climax after perusing these helpful anal sex tips for women.

Know your body.

Like, I don't know, masturbate first? Yes, it's that simple. Before diving right into that backside hole, you need to get some exposure first. Try out a butt plug, or get even more exotic with it. Keep it thin, though, you don't want to be exerting too much stress on the inside of your rectum.

That's why most anal sex tips for women say it's much better to first attempt anal with either your finger or your partner's. It's OK to feel a little embarrassed; if it's your first time, just go with the flow and the motions will eventually pick it up for you. Get to know some healthy steps before going into it on how to prep for anal.

Invest in foreplay.

Anal sex tips for women can generally be a taboo subject for most, but it shouldn't be that way if you and your partner are highly interested in it. When you're in the know, or feel you're ready to try out the real thing, remember to keep penetration at a minimum as to ensure you don't injure yourself. Sexy foreplay is one good way of trying to enjoy the experience, rather than overthinking it.

A glass of wine, one sexy "let's do this, then let's do that," maybe even some sex toys, then roll into it. Anal shouldn't be all about the deed, but about the entire experience. Remember, be prepared for not only a little butt stuff, but doggy style, as well. It's bound to get naughty, so be naughty.


There are more than a few misconceptions associated with anal sex and, especially for women, knowing them will only make the experience less stressful. One, it shouldn't hurt. This is where lube comes into the equation. Lube, particularly water-based, ensures your bum is relaxed and prepares you for penetration. You'll feel more comfortable and you'll be hornier than ever before.

Two, though your anus naturally keeps you infection-free by way of bacteria, it's always smart to stay as clean as possible. Whether using a finger, dildo, or penis, make sure the 'tool' is properly washed before penetration. Baby wipes are key here. Wash your body everyday, and make sure nothing unsanitary finds its way up there, OK? Good.

Third, another one of those great anal sex tips for women, you should invest in either dark sheets or bring a towel. Things can get a little messy in the midst of anal; so make sure your space is kept as clean as your own body. Don't forget, a condom is absolutely necessary for anal sex!

Massage, Tip, and Position

In doing the deed, have your partner gently massage the outer part of your anus. Make him stop or cut it early if he's moving too fast, it should not be a machine gun motion. Your partner needs to be seductive with it, pausing when you begin feeling some arousal, especially if you're wet. Start slow and move into the rapidity, letting it build to that ultimate climax. Stay wet and slippery, lube must be applied here as much as possible. Make it fun, not stressful.

Most seem to think that anal sex is all about pushing the limits, since it is pushing the limits in itself. But, as one of the key anal sex tips for women, it's important to remember that the tip should be the only thing penetrating you. The nerve endings that are being stimulated are found in your anus, which is why it's called rimming. Your partner should not be shoving his package or a dildo up there. It should be slow and steady — only tip.

In addition, it doesn't all have to be in doggy style — you can mix positions. In fact, I recommend it for a better anal sex experience. Try lying on your back with your hips elevated, or maybe try sitting on your partner's lap. It doesn't have to be all that complicated. Have fun with it while keeping it as naughty as possible, too.

Communication and Control

Always stay in constant communication with your partner during anal sex; I can't stress this enough. And, you women must always be in control. As anal sex tips for women go, this is by far the most important one. Telling your partner how fast and how slow to go will ensure your experience is worthwhile and beneficial, but it also staves away injury. Control makes you the boss. Don't let him have all the control when it's you who's opening up the backdoor for him.

Staying relaxed, in any way you know how, is key to making your anal sex experience one never to be forgotten. This is why control, both mentally and physically, is one of the most important concepts in the anal sex tips for women. Control also means making sure you are breathing properly, inhaling and exhaling sensually with your partner. Double up on the pleasure by having your partner rub your clit in the act of penetration. Plus, be ready and open for an orgasm.

Just have fun!

Overall, the best of all anal sex tips for women, is to have fun with it. Don't make it a stressful process, stay safe and don't do anything stupid. Enjoy the experience without any constraints. This means staying in control, keeping yourself relaxed and fully aware, all while being as wet as a waterfall.

Not everyone enjoys anal sex, so if it's not for you than that's OK. Remember, this is a learning experience. While it may be a fun time for both you and your partner, not all parties will have fun in the end. Be safe out there and be smart about your bum!

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