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How to Prep for Anal Sex

Want to give anal sex a try, but don't know how to avoid a mess? This guide explaining how to prep for anal sex will help you have a good time.

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Anal sex — the final frontier. Though it's been a sexual practice for years, it's actually one of the most taboo sex acts left to broach in the heterosexual society. Part of the stigma, of course, is things going in the out door.

When you don't prepare for anal, you will end up risking a number of things. You may end up with a mess involving feces, or you may even cause a physical injury to yourself or your partner.

In order to avoid the nasty side of anal sex, you will need to know how to prep for anal sex properly. Here's how to do it and how to minimize the chances of something gross happening.

If you're new to anal sex, you will need to learn how to prep for anal sex's more physical side.

A lot of men are very well endowed, and that can mean anal tearing if you aren't used to it. Many people prefer to train their back doors before they do it with a guy, just so that they can get used to the sensation, learn what they enjoy, and get a better feeling of what anal sex can offer.

For this, you might want to get asmall, thinner anal toythat can stimulate your back door. Use it for a while, then slowly graduate up to a larger sized dildo or plug. This will help you learn to relax your muscles enough to take your partner in the first time around.

Not knowing how to relax your anus will likely lead to tearing or injury — especially if the "giver" is very large down there.

Clean your booty up.

Anal sex can be pretty unsanitary if you aren't cleaned back there. A good bath will clean up the exterior of your booty enough for anal sex to be bacteria free — at least on the outside. Your body's insides have infection-fighting bacteria that help keep things safe when you're playing back there.

If you want to do it on camera, or if you're really worried about a "fudgey" surprise, you may want to do a couple of water enemas before you go at it. Water enema cleanses are actually cited as a good idea by Joanna Angel, a porn star who is known for her sexy anal scenes.

Also, if you are worried about disease transmission, we strongly suggest using a condom.

Don't eat food that causes diarrhea before you have anal sex.

Part of learning how to prep for anal sex is learning which foods you should avoid before a night involving butt stuff. Simply put, foods that are natural diuretics are not a good idea unless you want something to come out of you during the act.

So, if you want to have anal sex, do not eat curry or go to Taco Bell. That's just asking for a bad time. For some people, even drinking something like wine or coffee can be enough to cause bad things to happen — so know your body before you do this.

Prep the area you're having sex in.

Lube is a necessary part of anal sex unless you want anal tearing to happen. Without a lot of lubrication, anal sex becomes painful for both partners. A lack of lube has also been linked to HIV and herpes transmission via anal sex thanks to fissures in skin tissue.

So, in any good guide on how to prep for anal sex, they will tell you to make sure that you have a towel underneath you, and lots of lube ready to use. We suggest splurging on expensive lube since it tends to stay slicker for a longer period of time.

(Note: You also will need to lubricate the inside of your booty for really good anal, so you might as well prep *those* surroundings at this time, too.)

Having vaginal sex or getting an orgasm in beforehand also seems to help people relax back there too.

If you need more help relaxing,lots of foreplay (or even a first orgasm) can help you fit your partner in your back door. It also makes for amazing foreplay — and really can help you get in a marathon sex session.

It's important to note that you should never have vaginal sex after anal sex. This can cause infections, as well as serious cleanliness problems for lady parts.

Lastly, you may need to be prepared to poop a bit differently than you used to.

Yes, I know, it's not exactly the sexiest advice I can give, but your butt is not gonna function the same way after your first time having anal sex. You may be gassy and constipated for a while, and pooping will be harder.

Part of learning how to prep for anal sex is understanding the aftermath of it — and then prepping for the potential having a gassy day. This is actually one of the most common reasons why people stop being interested in anal after round one.

However, it does get easier the more you do it and many would agree that hot anal sessions are totally worth trouble pooping once in a while. All in all, though, it's up to you to make that call.

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