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Preferred Sexual Acts Part 2

by Tanisha Dagger 5 years ago in relationships
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What Sexual Positions Involve

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The One Up

The sex position that is similar to a few is the One Up position. This involves having the female partner lying on a flat surface usually on the edge of the bed, then the male comes to her legs and lifts one up. This allows for the build-up of emotions and feelings before the "finish." This position usually allows for the male to perform oral sex on his partner before performing anything else. It's an easier way for him to be able to use his tongue to "play" with her genitals. However, when the male is performing oral sex they are usually only able to "play" with their partner's clit, although it may also allow them to finger their partner whilst licking her as well.

The Hot Seat

This position involves both "parties" to be sitting up, however, it can involve any surface unlike most other sex positions. For example, the most common place for the hot seat position to be performed would be on the edge of a bed or on a chair/seat of some kind. However, this position isn't very good if you prefer intimacy, this is because of the position on your partners body. If you are on the male the female is sat on your "lap" however, it will be her back facing you instead of her face. This gives the female control of how much penetration she gets and how fast she wants it to go. Although it could give the male control on the penetration or the speed of the performance, if the female feels as if she wants her partner to take over.

The Lazy Man

The lazy man position involves the male sat upright with his legs out straight. This then leads to the female sitting on "top" of the male. As the name of the sex position would gives the female more of the control through the activity because the male is "unable" to have pelvic movement which would give the female any pleasure. This could be a female's favourite position because they are able to have as much control, as much penetration, and as much "fun" that they would like. Although I have tried a relative form of the position with my boyfriend which we both enjoyed, we still prefer other positions.

The Flat Iron

This position is more likely to be performed on a flat surface such as a bed or on the floor. What the position involves is having the female lying on her front, but also having a folded pillow under the bottom of her torso. This helps to lift her ass up making it easier for the male to concentrate on either "playing" with the female's genitals or having sex with her. The male would have to come behind her, however, he could be kneeling or he could be stretched out. Although he would be leaning on his hands either side of the female's body.

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver is one of the many sex positions that the male can take control. This position involves the male standing at the edge of a bed, this then allows the female to lay on the bed in-front of the male with her legs open. This allows the males genitals to be able to comfortably be able to touch the female's genitals. This is also another sex position where you are more likely to "finish" within a couple of minutes, however, some people may last a little longer. This position is one where the penetration can get a lot deeper into the female's genitals to be able to hit her G-spot.

Missionary Position

Missionary is the most common sex position that most people have tried, accomplished, and also been able to talk about with most people. Missionary is the position where both "parties" could have control. This position is where the female is lying on a bed usually most in the middle so there is enough room each side of her. But then the male will spread the female's legs and will try lying between them. The male will usually place his hands either above the female's shoulders or just beneath her armpit. This then allows the male to concentrate on the pelvic thrusts that are involved with this position. However, most people would have tried this position and enjoyed it but there is other people such as myself who aren't so keen on the position. I have never really been that keen on this position because I couldn't get the penetration that I liked. Although me and my boyfriend have tried this position only a handful of times but because he is about 2 feet taller than me, and his body is a bigger build than mine, I can only spread my legs for a couple of minutes. However, this hasn't disturbed the feeling that I have got from the position.


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