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The Use of Sex Toys

by Tanisha Dagger 5 years ago in sex toys
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What's the "juice" on sex toys?

Sex toys have become more and more popular within the last few years. This may be because of the easier access to porn sites and porn pictures. Not everyone is a fan of all types of sex toys. However, I think most people are a fan of 1 sex toy. Therefore, sex toys can be used within the sex activities of 2 or more people but they can also be used by a singular person. Although I am going to be writing about the most common and preferred sex toys of today, and how they can be used.


Dildos are one of the sex toys which can come in many different varieties and colours. They can also be made with different functions as well. Dildos are a plastic form of a male's genitals, some may have a sucker plug on the end which you can use to stick it to a surface. They can be made with different forms of plastic, different colours but also, they can be made with different functions. This can include vibration technique, the flexibility, and the size of the dildo. This can sometimes be easier for you to pleasure yourself with it. Dildos are more commonly used by females, who are either on their own and would like to pleasure themselves, or they are with their female partners who prefer to use sex toys as well. However, you may find that men do not like using dildos with females because they may take offence if you have more pleasure from the toy than you have had from them.

From the many forms of sex toys, the only toy that I have used/owned is a pink vibrating dildo. I brought it 2 years after I lost my virginity. However, I have only used the dildo and handful of times. The most I have used it is with my boyfriend. I was quite surprised when he expressed his "excitement" or his knowledge about how to use it to his potential. Although every time we have used it, it has mainly been at my boyfriend's control. Which I have no problem with because he is always able to hit the "right" spot. I have also used it once myself without my boyfriend being there. This was about a week before I am writing this so I'm not entirely sure whether he knows about this or not. However, it was the first time I knew what I was doing or how to use it to it best potential. However, I nearly enjoyed it as much as when my boyfriend uses it.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are most commonly aimed towards men (hence the name). However, some women like the intensity of the vibration when men use it against the female's body. Usually the cock ring comes with vibration settings to give the male some more pleasure than what they would usually get. However, most men don't like these sorts of cock rings until they try them out. Although you don't really hear about cock rings that often, most people don't really talk about their sex lives outside of their homes.

Butt Plug

Butt plugs are basically "what it says on the tin," it is basically used to be give a female or a male more pleasure throughout the sexual activity. However, butt plugs are more commonly used when people are more into bondage and more unusual ways of sex activities. Some people may find the butt plugs to either be painful, uncomfortable, or even damaging. Although, the only way damage can be done is if the butt plug is broken, or it is "pushed" into the area too far and either gets stuck or gets "lost" within the individual. However, the way in which you can avoid the painfulness and the uncomfortableness of butt plugs is to use lube to make it easier for the item to be "pushed" into a smaller area.

G-Spot Vibrator

G-spot vibrators are aimed more at females but also for males to use them on their female partners. These toys commonly look like dildos but they are usually small in length and in diameter. G-spot vibrators are a toy which you or your partner can use whilst they are either fingering your genital area or you are having sex. This is because the vibrator is used to give you pleasure against your clit area. It is just small enough to get between your pussy lips but not too big that it gets in the way of other activities.

Anal Beads

Anal beads aren't everyone's "cup of tea." However, they are also another form of sex toys which explains what they are in their name. These beads are similar to the butt plug toy however, the beads are usually longer with about 4-7 round "beads" which are then pushed into the anal area of your partner. Anal beads can also be quite painful at first if you haven't used them before but similar to butt plugs you can use lube to be able to make it easier for the individual to be able to use the beads.

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