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Incredible husband's story.

Story #3 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 10 min read

I woke up to the fact that someone was putting his cock in my pussy. I hadn't put on panties after the meeting with Vika, and for some reason my sundress had been pulled up in my sleep. I had access to my pussy. That's what my husband decided to take advantage of. I recognized him by smell, by breathing, by the manner of fucking and other signs known only to me.

- Hey-hey, where did we run, dear?! - I slowed down my husband's zeal. - I also want to get pleasure!

- I'm sorry, I thought we'd make it quick! I've got a hard-on!

- Let's calm down... slowly and deeply.... Well done. good girl. more....

So, together with my husband, we made me cum for the third time that day. He also did not remain without a sweet. We are lying there, catching our breath ... I ask:

- Tell me, now, what demon possessed you, almost raped your sleepy wife?

- That's some fucked-up shit, honey. I got to the beach, and the whole contingent from yesterday was there. You remember the girls with the naked tits? - I nodded.

- They were already sunbathing with naked pussies. They were just lying there, but no, they were walking on the beach, shining their pussies, their nipples sticking out...

- Are your eyes watering, darling? Let me see, - I joked and looked at my husband. - And then?

- I don't even know whether it's worth telling, - my husband hesitated for a second, but still decided. - These pussies asked me to photograph them, imagine!

- What's the big deal? If you'd taken a picture, you wouldn't have fallen apart!

- I didn't fall apart, as you can see, - he smiled back. - I became an ero-porno-operator!

- Well, ero, I see, but what does porn have to do with it?! - I asked, lost in guesswork.

- That's how those bitches started licking! - No, at first it was decent. Turned this way, turned that way. Hugs, kisses. But the further it went, the more explicit it got. The hugs turned into hugs... Kisses are already hugging... They are already pawing each other everywhere with their hands and looking lustfully at the camera.... I'm getting a boner in my swim trunks. I said, girls, I'm going for a swim; you can take it from here... They begged and cried to take more pictures... I'm kind, I agreed... I shoot them erotica further... I see it's no longer erotica, but a lesbian show. They're lying in 69 position and fucking each other, without seeing me, the camera or anyone else. I looked around and I'm fucked, to tell you the truth.

- I can see how fucked up you are! Your boy's doing the stance again," I said, taking my hand on his tense cock.

- I'm telling you. Remember the couple at the end of the beach?! They are about 40 years old, no more?

- The ones on the end?

- Yeah. She's on her knees, he's behind her and he's banging her. In full view of everyone.

- Fucking hell, - I said.

- A bunch of students, remember?

- Well!

- Huddled behind me, looking at these lesbians. All naked! And two girls from their company are already sucking their boys' dicks!

- What are you doing?

- I'm with a camera, with someone else's camera.

- You were filming?

- Well, yes! Then those two wet-necks must have come. Thank you, they said, you helped us out so much! "Oh, Lera, look, everyone's already fucking", and she said to me, "man, let us help you relax, you're so tense. And she pointed at my dick. I handed over the camera and soaked in the sea. And on the beach, the fucking really started. Guys were fucking their girls in all positions. Another couple lying by the water was also fucking; she was on top of a man. I wish you'd been there. We'd have given them all a master class!

- You would have fucked in front of everyone? - I marveled.

- What's wrong with that? When it's a group, it's no shame!

- I guess so," I thought.

Whether or not to confess about Vika, I hadn't decided yet. But I used my husband's erection by riding him. We rode, rode, moaned, shouted, cummed, fell down. Nothing interesting, just the usual. But it's the fourth time in one day. It's not even evening yet.

We took a break, got dressed up, and went to dinner. The small dining room in our hotel promised to serve its guests a hearty and tasty meal. All right, let's check it out.

We sit and wait for the food to arrive. We drink what we can. I - my red, my husband - cognac. Apart from the vacationers, I didn't see any of the staff. Looking at the visitors, I recognize in them yesterday's beachgoers. They pass by, smiling, saying hello, as if we have already drunk with each on a bruderschaft. I look at them and I can't believe what my husband told me. They're all so cute and modest.

Vika showed up out of the blue. I even got chills. Goosebumps ran down my body and gathered between my legs. I was flowing even from her presence. She was serving our food and for some reason she was alone. We were the last ones she got to. She lingered, we had a few words with her. I introduced her to my husband and asked where her assistants were. It turned out that Vika was not only a hostess, but also a cook, a laundress and a maid in one person. I felt sorry for my poor girl, not out loud, of course. She promised me that she would come again, and walked down the hall, stopping at each table for a few words. It made me feel good that she was the first one to talk to me. But I was still jealous of her with the others.

"She's mine alone!" screamed the egoist inside me.

- What a beautiful girl! - My husband's words brought me out of my trance.

- Who? - I ask, but I already know the answer, and I'm afraid he'll suspect me of something. What a fool!

- Our mistress! Look how pretty she is! I'd have hit on her if I weren't married! - My husband seems to be overheated, saying such things to me.

- You, - I say, - not that one! You didn't get hit by the sun by any chance?

- What's the big deal, sweetie? It's just a dream! You know I only want you and no one else!

- That's just it! Don Juan is here. You mean to tell me that all these people dressed up in fancy clothes were in front of each other in the daytime?

- How can you think of such a thing? What do you take me for? - The husband took offense.

- You're a fantasist, of course, but you've been telling it very well. Do you think this orgy will be repeated tomorrow? - I asked quietly.

- I don't know, maybe it's just the way the planets aligned today.

The food was delicious, though simple. My husband had almost finished his cognac, and I also finished my wine. My head was pleasantly buzzing and I wanted to celebrate. Music was playing softly; the atmosphere of our dinner was great. The lesbian girls, as my husband called them, came out to dance. And as they danced, they kissed each other. I admired it. Periodically, couples came out to the dance floor. My husband and I also caught a couple or three tunes. During the dance he openly groped me, which made me very excited.

Closer to the night, when it was time to leave, Vika came up, apologized for not being able to get free earlier. She asked about our plans. In my head there was only one plan - to get Vika into bed and caress her all night long. But the man next to me didn't fit into that plan.

- Darling, what shall we do? - I asked my husband, hoping that he would disappear like an obsession.

- We can take some wine and come to our place! - Victoria, do you mind our company?

"What a cheeky fellow!" - I never ceased to marvel at him.

- If Amelia invites me too, I agree. - Vika looked at me with such tenderness that I got excited again. From my husband it was no longer impossible to hide it, he knew me like a peeling.

- I also call, of course! - I came to my senses.

We took a bottle of my favorite wine; my husband-alcoholic took a half-drunk cognac, and went to the room...

There he fussed about glasses and fruit, I quietly turned to Vika:

- I still haven't confessed to him, I'm sorry!

- It's okay. He's not a blind fool, you can see, - Vika replied, stroking my hair.

- Yes, but... ah, whatever, let him be jealous... now I want to be with you more than with him! - I whispered, hugging my friend by the waist.

We kissed, then kissed some more and some more.... My husband's voice brought me back to earth:

- Something like this I've seen before today! - He said angrily, even calmly, in my opinion.

We reluctantly pulled away and took the glasses from his hands. I tried not to look at my husband, but he caught my gaze and smiled. I calmed down.

- And what did you see today, - Vika asked.

- He saw how everyone had sex on the beach today! - I beat him to it.

- Yes, but it started just as innocently, with kisses! - He added.

And that's when I made up my mind.

- Honey, - I said to him. - I have a confession to make. I cheated on you today. With Vika. Twice. - I said, blushing and aroused at the same time.

- With Victoria? I couldn't resist either!

- You're so stubborn, - I began to caress my husband - The beauties seduced you, and you did not give in.

- Well, how resistant... I didn't give in. - He mumbled, hugging me. - You see... there was such a thing going on there...

- Go on, go on!

- When those girls offered to help me. You know. Relax. I couldn't resist! They were all fucking, you know, like a chain!

- And I wondered where my husband was. He's not coming and he's not coming. And there are young pussy girls there, - I turned to my friend, pulling away from him.

I felt a kind of cheerfulness and lightness. We embraced her and started kissing with even more passion.

"Take that, asshole! Now I'm going to fuck Vika, and you'll watch and be jealous!"

Under Victoria's caresses, my ostentatious indignation faded away. We took our clothes off leisurely, still kissing, and playing with each other's tongues. Vika laid me on the bed and began stroking my body with her soft hands. Just like in the morning. After a while, after playing with my nipples, she went lower and started on my pussy. I wriggled under her caresses, it felt so good.

Even when I opened my eyes for a moment and saw my husband behind Vicky, I didn't care. Lust consumed me with all my senses. My husband was fucking my mistress whose caresses were making me cum again. Then he fucked his wife with her mistress sitting on his face.

Later, a little tired; I silently watched my husband's cock entering deeply into the woman's womb. A powerful stimulant, as it turned out. Because it wasn't my bosom. I felt tired, and I wanted to have sex again.

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