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Story #4 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

We fell asleep in the morning. Woke up and Vicky was gone. She'd probably run away on business. Her husband's morning boner came in handy. We fucked in silence and took our time.

- You were so sexy yesterday! - My husband broke the silence after the morning fuck. - And happy, as it seemed to me!

- I am happy now! - I confessed. - Although, you should have been punished for yesterday. But in the evening you made it up to me, I forgave you.... almost. Why did you, impudent man, join us uninvited? - I resented you for the sake of decorum.

- How uninvited? - My husband marveled. - Victoria, when she was caressing you, invited me to come behind her. Who could resist?

- I wondered.

So she wanted a threesome from the start. It was great; I'm sure, but...

I didn't pursue my thought because I liked it. There was only a married couple at breakfast. The others were probably still asleep. Victoria came over to say hello to us. I kissed her naturally and thanked her for a wonderful night. She treated us to her specialty baked goods. The buns were small, but they tasted magical. I ate almost half a dozen. My gluttonous husband probably more, I didn't count.

The mood was already wonderful, now it was delightful. I wanted to fly. And fuck. Before going to the beach, I had a quick fuck in my room with my husband. But that only whetted my appetite. The excitement didn't go away, and that was weird. Usually after an orgasm, I calm down.

Both couples were already sunbathing on the beach. No clothes at all. I looked at my husband.

- Did you think I was lying? - He grinned.

- Yes, I do! Yesterday I believed it! - I replied.

We undressed completely, too, so as not to break the rules. The feeling of nakedness increased my arousal. My husband's cock was also in a fighting position. I looked at the men present; their cocks were also ready for coitus.

- What the fuck is going on here! - My thoughts were confused.

I dragged my husband away for a swim, and there in the water there was some soft talking.

- You don't remember me behaving so relaxed in public, do you? Maybe fantasizing about a threesome? Or said you liked girls?

- No, I don't remember, - my husband answered sincerely.

- I don't remember either! And your slutty yesterday rather excited than upset me, you know! Now I'm walking naked next to strangers, looking at their cocks, imagining how I would suck them and that woman over there I would even lick... what's wrong with me, honey?!

- I've also noticed that the atmosphere in our hotel is kind of depraved. And around it, too, for that matter.

- It's really slutty! I want to fuck every second of the day! - I made a discovery.

- So let's go fuck! My husband suggested it.

- Let's go, I can't hold on any longer! - I answered in a cartoon voice and laughed.

We settled down on our bed and had sex without being embarrassed. On the contrary, it turned us on even more. I sat on top of my husband and moved up and down on his considerable length. Enjoying the process, I saw that the others present were not wasting time. Sex spilled over the beach with excited sighs, oohs.

The approaching students waved at me and did the same thing just a few meters away from us. I didn't even think of stopping. On the contrary, I was approaching orgasm at a frantic pace. When I came, I realized that everyone was fucking.

It was a master class! Sodom and Gomorrah, my ass!

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