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Hustle with Pleasure

Truce to livelihood

By Peace Published 5 months ago 23 min read
Hustle with Pleasure
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Chapter 7

It was almost time for me to ask her how she maintains the freshness of her honey pot. There were no hairs on it and the surface was smoother than my forehead. The texture of the flesh was like a strong rubber that had not been used for a long time. This woman was almost the same age as Madam Gold, how does she do it? The scent of the honey pot brought me great joy. I positioned myself in the center and used my hands to separate the pieces of meat, enjoying them side by side. After finishing one side, I moved on to the other. By the time I had satisfied my taste buds with the spicy pepper, I delved into the main dish. You know that reddish or pinkish part inside the honey pot? That was the main dish. I gathered it in my mouth and savored it, taking small bites and savoring every moment. When I finished, I would gather it again. By this time, Love had closed her eyes and was gently blessing me on the head with her soft hands. She didn't push my head like Madam Gold would do, she was calm and just enjoying her own meal. Her gentle touch on my head gave me even more motivation to keep eating. I spent over 30 minutes devouring the honey pot from different angles, while she remained quiet and only shook her body in pleasure. If she ever felt overwhelmed, she would gently remove my head and lift it for me to continue. But when I felt that I had thanked her enough for the house and car she had given me, I proceeded to the main course to continue expressing my gratitude. I couldn't thank her enough for this kind of treat. If she wanted my thank you every second, I was ready to give it. I was a young boy with a strong libido; my manhood was still full of vigor and had not yet been affected by old age. At 21, I was a fresh young man with a lot of energy, and my manhood was the reason why women like Love would spend lavishly on me. Her honey pot was warm as I entered her. She let out a small moan and quickly covered her mouth. I smiled, she was feeling it now. She had seen it and she believed it. Not only was it big, but it knew how to work too. I had taken her far and brought her back, and she was now fully convinced.

I perform a gentle caress on her front, maneuvering my way to her back while my head is spinning with excitement. This woman invests a significant amount of money on maintaining her flawless body. Every inch of her back is blemish-free, smooth and velvety. As I steady myself with my hands on her back, I start pedaling my new bicycle. Our movements are in perfect sync, meeting each other halfway. If it were Madam Gold, she would just lay there like a piece of wood, leaving me to do all the work with her ample curves. Once I finish my business, I will have to figure out how to handle Madam Gold.

As we catch our breath, we gaze up at the ceiling. I am exhausted, and my vision is blurred. It was no easy task. As sleep starts to overtake me, she says, 'Thomas, my darling boy. Where have you been all these years? If you were around 35 years old, I would have married you, but you're still young, and it might affect my political career. No one has ever pleased me the way you do. Thank goodness my friend brought you to that party, or else I would still be struggling at home with my toys.'

Thomas responds, 'It's all thanks to God, Love. I don't know what I did to deserve such a blessing like you.'

She agrees, 'Yes, it's a great blessing that I have you. I will make sure no one takes you away from me. You see how easy it was to get you from my friend? I will keep a close eye on you. In this game, if you slack, they will push you out.'

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing. I check the caller ID, and it's Madam Gold. I am unsure of what to tell her. She has been good to me, and I don't want to completely cut ties with her. She was the one who introduced me to this business, and it wouldn't be right to just ignore her.

Love asks, 'Why aren't you answering your phone? Who is it?'

I replied, 'its Madam Gold. She has been calling me, saying she wants to see me, but I told her my mother sent me on an errand.'

Love: excellent. You should call her back now and inform her that your mother's brother who has been abroad for many years has returned and has a house in GRA. He wants to help you find a better job, but he says you have to live with him for now. Alright, call her and put the call on speaker"...

Oh no, this wasn't the plan. I still want to take care of Madam Gold. Even if I leave her, it shouldn't be like this. Let me still spend quality time with her and have a great send-off with her, before I leave. I have to be smart about this. Love is the main source of funds. I shouldn't ruin an international opportunity with local actions. I'll dial Madam Gold's number...

Madam Gold: Hello, my son. Why are you treating me like this? Show me some love, haven't you received what your mother sent you?"

Thomas: I'm sorry, please. I haven't finished yet. It's my mother's brother who returned from the United States, he said he will help me find a better job so I can support my mother. That's where I am right now."

Madam Gold: So your mother has a brother who lives abroad, Thomas? Hmm, okay then. When are you coming back? It's getting late."

Thomas: I don't know yet."

Madam Gold: Which area is that?"

Thomas: GRA."

Madam Gold: GRA? That's far. It means we might not see each other today. By the time you get here, it might be 10 o'clock."

Thomas: I know. I'm sorry, please. I didn't know it would turn out like this today."

Madam Gold: It's not your fault. I'm still surprised that your mother has a brother abroad, but it's okay. Let me know when you reach home. We'll see each other tomorrow, okay?"

Thomas: Okay. I'll call you. Bye"...

As I end the call, Love takes the phone from my hand...

Love: This friend of mine. Look at the expensive phone she bought for you. She's taking on more than she can handle, just like your high-maintenance lifestyle. I heard you say you'll call her when you get home, but it's just a story. You'll leave here by 8pm. My driver will take you home. Upon arriving at the house, simply pack your bags and instruct your mother to do the same. Tomorrow morning, the driver will be at your house by 11am to bring you here. You won't have to set foot in that area again once you leave. My friend won't see you anymore. Don't test me! I don't play around with my things. Since I'm the one who takes care of you, I will protect you fiercely. Whatever you want in life, I will do it for you, just respect me and do everything I say. Do you understand me?"

Thomas replied, "I understand you completely. I have no problem with that, I am an obedient boy. Wouldn't you like to meet my mother? And how will we meet if she comes here?"

Love reassured him, "Don't worry about that. We have a place where we can meet discreetly. This is just to welcome you to the new house, after today, we won't do anything here anymore. I will meet your mother, but we have to plan it carefully so she doesn't suspect anything. Oh, help me bring my handbag; I'll give you the new phone that I bought for you and not that thing that Madam Gold gave to you..."

I stood up to fetch it. As you know, I wasn't wearing anything, and Love started praising me...

She said, "My sugar, isn't this thing heavy for you? It's just a little short of reaching your knees. Look at how thick and long it is. You're carrying something bigger than yourself. I'm looking at you like this, and I'm so proud of myself, knowing the food I'll be enjoying from now on..."

I just smiled like a happy child. Only God knows if my brothers have something like this or if I'm the only one in my family who has it. Love took out the Phone that was still in its box and handed it to me. The life of a big boy has just begun. Within a week, I've gotten 2 phones, new clothes, a house, and a car, all because of this thing between my legs. Amazing! I kept thanking Love, my body still couldn't believe what was happening, it felt like a dream I would eventually wake up from...

Love: It's done, don't worry. This is nothing. As long as you respect me, I will take care of you in this life. Every month, I will deposit 500k into your account for your expenses. That will be your monthly allowance. Give me your number."

Thomas: Wait, please! Wait, please! I didn't hear what you said clearly. Did you say 50k or did I not hear you, ma?"

Love; Hahaha, my dear, you're funny. I already told you not to call me "ma". What is 50k? I said 500k. Why are you acting like you don't deserve it? You are worth more than that. This thing you have, it's not sold in the market. Out of 100 men, only one has something like this. Give me your number; let me transfer the money to your account now."

Thomas: I don't have one. I have never opened an account before. I am a poor boy.

Love: No worries. I will call my contact at the bank to open an account for you. By tomorrow, it will be ready, and then I will transfer the money to you. Do you hear me?"

I nod like a lizard, unable to speak...

Love: Now give me more sugar before you go home. Do everything you did before, take me to places I don't know, but I love it so much..."

By the time I finish serving her the second round, the driver takes me home. I touch my pocket, feeling the house keys. She also gave me the car key, but I leave that one at home. Next week, I will settle down and find a place to learn how to drive. As for Madam Gold, I won't leave her empty-handed. I must find a way to give her a farewell gift, whether it's at midnight or early morning, before the driver comes. I can't leave that woman like that, I can't. She will receive her final round.

Chapter 8

When I arrived at the house, it was already very late. The driver dropped me off in front of our house, but I didn't go inside. I called Madam Gold, worried if we would still be able to meet tonight.

Madam Gold replied, "It's already late. It's almost 11 o'clock. Let's leave it for tomorrow morning. I'll go to the market first, and when I come back, I'll call you to meet me at our usual spot. We'll spend a long time there since you didn't give me anything today, but you'll give me plenty tomorrow."

I insisted, "That won't be possible, that's why I mentioned tonight. My uncle is coming early tomorrow morning to pick me up. If we don't meet tonight, I don't know when we'll be able to meet again."

Madam Gold exclaimed, "What kind of thing is this? That your crazy uncle has been gone for so long, and now he decides to come back just when I've taken you in as my own child. Seems like something is wrong with him, oh my!"

I sighed, "That's just how life is. If you could only see how much it hurts me, but what can I do? The man really wants to help us."

Madam Gold agreed, "Alright, no problem. You know what will happen? Come to my house now, I'll sneak you in through the back door so my children won't see you, but you'll sleep here tonight and leave in the morning."

I assured her, "That's not an issue at all. I'll do anything for you like this. You are my savior, my destiny helper. You're the one who placed me where God could help me."

Madam Gold replied, "You deserve it, my dear. You're so sweet. I'm doing what I can with what I have. Don't worry yourself, we'll find ways to meet regularly, and I'll continue to take care of you. I'll make sure you never lack anything. Now, start coming, don't walk too late at night. Use a motorcycle."

Thomas: No please, I would like to go home now as my mother is waiting for me. I will give you a missed call so that you can call me back and I will put you on speakerphone. This way, you can tell me that you need me to work the night shift at one of your establishments because you have a gig there. You know that I have never slept outside before, and I don't want my mother to worry.

Madam Gold: Don't worry, there's no need to say anything. Your mother already trusts me completely, so there's no need to worry. Give me a missed call, I am waiting...

I ended the call and entered the house. My mother and younger brother were waiting for me. As soon as I entered, my brother greeted me enthusiastically, lifting me up, spinning me around, and then putting me back down on the ground. He started cleaning my shoes with his hands. My mother had already told him about the new house and car, and he was excited to move with me to GRA. I asked him how much he was earning at the mechanic shop where he works, and he said it was less than 15,000 naira per month. But he didn't want it to seem like he wasn't doing anything, which is why he was still working there. I assured him not to worry, that poverty was a thing of the past for us. I promised to give him 50,000 naira every month so that he could take care of himself until he found his own path in life.

My brother was overwhelmed. He shouted so loudly that I had to cover his mouth with my hand so that the neighbors wouldn't think something was wrong. After he calmed down, he told me that he wants to go to school, that he wanted to finish his WAEC exams, write JAMB, and go to university. Considering he was only 17 years old and excelled in school, he was a smart kid. The assurance I gave him made it seem like I had a lot of money saved up. I know that Love would support me and she would get my brother into the University of Port Harcourt. Even if she refused to pay the school fees, I would find a way, 500,000 naira is not a small amount. School fees and accommodation are paid once a year, but half a million naira would be deposited into my account every month. Who would question it?

I instruct them to pack their belongings and everything they need to move out, as the driver will come early in the morning to take us to the new house. We don't have many possessions in the current house, not even a small television. We only have old plates, pots, and a stove, which my mother uses for her frying business. We won't be taking those things with us to the new house, as we refuse to bring poverty into GRA, God forbid.

I told my brother that he can stay back and come later, so he can go to work tomorrow and inform his boss that he won't be working anymore. But he refused, saying he will call his boss on the phone. I almost burst out laughing, as my mother and brother are just putting on a show for me. Once they calm down, I discreetly dial Madam Gold’s number, and she calls back immediately. I put her on speaker, and the call goes as I expected. My mother doesn't argue with her at all, but she almost scolds her. Oh well, she starts thanking Madam Gold for the car and the new house in GRA. I quickly end the call. Look at me, in trouble already. Just when things were starting to go smoothly, a problem arises. She pesters me to call Madam Gold back, saying she wants to calm down and pray for her, but I refused. I told her that I have already thanked her enough. The person she should really thank is my boss, Love, whom she will meet tomorrow. I just pray that Madam Gold didn't hear everything my mother said, otherwise, there will be trouble.

Before I leave, I switch my SIM card to the new phone and give the other phone from Madam Gold to my mother. And just like that, another drama begins...

Thomas: Mama, where is your SIM card?

My mother: It's in my handbag. I wrapped it in a small plastic bag to prevent it from getting lost. You know it's so small and that I bought a second-hand phone just to put the SIM card in. I hope it still works; it's been a while since I last used it.

Thomas: Go and get it, I'll give you this new phone. I don't need to use two phones while my mother doesn't have one at all. I hand her the phone...

Madam: oh, my goodness, this phone? Goodness gracious. This one is too big for me. I can only carry it with both hands. My son, what's happening? This kind of blessing is both sweet and scary. If I hadn't heard Madam Gold's voice tonight, I would have started suspecting you. Is it me that wants to use a new phone in my life, goodness gracious?

That's when she started crying. That's something I don't like, it's not difficult, crying will start...

Thomas: please, let me go, I don't like seeing you cry, it's tiring. Give David your sim card; let him put it in the phone for you and he will teach you how to use it. Help me pack my clothes, only the new ones, with my shoes. I don't want to take rags to that new house, at all"...

As I finished talking, I left them and rushed to Madam Gold's house. It's already 12 o'clock, but the motorcycle riders are still on the road, and the house is not far from our house, it's not even 10 minutes. When I reached Madam Gold's house, I was opposite the gate of her house, and I called her on the phone. She turned off the front light and told me to cross over that she was waiting for me at the gate. That's how this woman sneaked me in, like the guru that she is. It's like it's not the first time she's sneaking someone into her house, her tactics are very sharp.

The first thing she did when we got to her room was to turn up the TV volume a little, so it would seem like people on the television were talking when we started talking. See, another smart move...

Madam Gold: hey, I've been thinking about it, which house and car is your mom thanking me for? I don't understand"

Thomas: oh, you didn't hear her well. She's not thanking you, she's asking you to thank God with her, because her brother has rented a place for her"

Madam Gold: I am aware of what I heard; my ears are not hurting me. She said that God will bless me for everything I do for her child, the house and car I gave her. She was still talking when the call got disconnected. I wanted to call back, but I decided to leave it since you are coming here."

Thomas: You didn't hear well. You also think about it, why would she be thanking you for a house and car? Did you give me a house or was it a car you gave me? Didn't I come here on a motorcycle? If you had given me a house, I wouldn't be living in a makeshift shelter, and my uncle wouldn't have rented a house for us. Think about it."

Madam Gold: You're right. It's possible that I didn't hear well. I know she mentioned the car and house, but no problem, you make sense, I believe you. I hope you ate to your satisfaction today? The type of snacks you will give me will last for 5 rounds before you leave in the morning. I was so hungry today; it was almost as if I would appear in GRA to collect a meal."

She finished talking, held my hand and placed it on the clunge, it was warm, and she was still wearing trousers. The next thing she told me was that she wasn't wearing underwear, and she asked me to pull down her trousers and eat the clunge, but not to bite it. As a sharp guy that I am, I understood what she meant, those soft bites that don't really feel like bites, I have seen it in adult movies.

I wasn't comfortable like I am with Love. Madam Gold was shouting too much, and it was her house. The slightest thing I do, this woman would start shouting. Even the volume of the TV wasn't enough. It was deep into the night, everything was quiet, but this woman would shout like a little child. It's not like she knows how to take care of herself like Love, look at how she's sweating, as if someone poured fish water on her. I only inserted one finger and she shouted what if I had inserted four? The last time, all five went in, the place opened up completely, but that's nothing compared to my manhood, it's bigger than ten fingers put together.

When the time came, I advised her to calm down, explaining that her children might start knocking to find out what was happening. I warned her that if she shouted again, I wouldn't lick her thing, but I would only eat the knacks and she should rest.

Madam Gold: please forgive me. This situation is bothering me, and it's not as enjoyable as you think. I'm expected to control myself. Please help me eat my thing, that's the main issue. The sex won't be complete if you don't lick it.

Thomas: I know that I am attractive; in fact, I'm even more appealing than ice cream. But we are in your house. What would you say if someone starts knocking or suspects something? If it were a hotel, it would be different. Remember, you shouted loudly last time, and I didn't say anything.

Madam Gold: oh my goodness, you are a smart boy. Not only do you have a big "machine" and know how to use it, but you also have the wisdom of an old man. May God bless me abundantly so that I can spoil you. I swear, I will buy you a car in this Lagos where we live.

In my mind, I told her not to worry about the car. I already have one, so this is just a farewell sex. She better enjoy it because it will be the last.

Chapter 9

Oh my, there was a time when Madam Gold couldn't control herself anymore. Her screams were reaching the next street, and I even got tired of warning her to calm down. I just let her be. She didn't seem to worry about her children, as if it was my responsibility to worry for her. The woman is just too loud, honestly. I wonder if she gave birth to her three children in the same manner. Only God knows how they managed to cope. I know I did a good job, everyone can confirm that, but they still have self-control. This one just keeps shouting as if she has never experienced anything pleasurable in her life before. As the ringtone reached its highest volume, she started stuttering and mentioning my name...

Madam Gold: Thomas, oh Thomas, please, please, you won't abandon me, will you? My goodness, what have I done? Thomas, swear that you won't leave me, swear that you won't, you won't, you won't... my goodness. This boy, you'll kill me. Don't leave me, please. I know I don't have much money, but I'll take care of you. My heart will break if you take away this sweetness from my mouth. Look at me, look at me in the face... my goodness... my God. Look into my eyes and tell me that you won't take away this sweetness from my mouth... my goodness, what is this sweetness? It's sweeter than anything else. This sweetness is making it hard for me to breathe."

Thomas: Should I stop so you can rest a bit?"

Madam Gold: Stop what. Keep digging, it's yours. You two don't have to share it. Just keep going like that, don't stop, and keep going like that. You're getting it exactly how I saw it in my dream. All the things you're digging, plus the ones you arranged with your mouth, that's how I dreamt it yesterday... my goodness. Son, you don't, you don't want, you don't want to answer my..."

Suddenly, there was a heavy banging on the door, shutting her up abruptly. Finally, it's about time. Let everyone rest now, since she doesn't listen and keeps shouting like a little child. Alright, it has happened, they have come knocking on our door. I calm down, remove my "manhood" from her thing, and locate my clothes with my eyes In case I need to dive, I will not be caught like this, no way. Even if they want to catch us, I must wear clothes. The banging on the door keeps increasing, Madam Gold signals me to stay quiet. I try to put on my clothes, but she signals me again not to wear them yet, I don't even care, if I hear. Maybe she hopes that if we don't make any other sound, the person will stop knocking. For where! The knocking doesn't seem like it's going to stop. The next thing I hear is daughter's voice.

That voice that I can recognize in my dreams. The girl is so beautiful, I've been admiring her for a long time, but she doesn't look my way because I don't have any money. She laughed at me the day I asked for her phone number, she laughed and walked away. It was her mother who almost took me wholesale, until sweet mango Love took over. I wonder how she would feel if she found out that I'm sleeping with her mother.

By the time I finish putting on my clothes, Mama Gold has also stood up, and she says...

Madam Gold: Who is that trying to break my door at this hour? Don't you know what time it is? It's 2 o'clock in the morning."

Her daughter: Oh, so you know what time it is, but you're shouting like someone that is about to die? I don't know when you'll stop living this kind of life. Is it only you that engages in such activities? If you won't respect yourself, at least, respect us, your children. It's me who should be bringing men home and behaving like this, not you."

Madam Gold: Who are you talking to like that? Don't forget that I am your mother."

Her daughter: Behave like my mother then. If you want respect, you shouldn't behave like this. You're shouting as if you don't know that we can hear your voice, even the neighbors can hear it. Every time you engage in such activities in your room, the whole street will know that you've brought a man home again"...

By that time, my erection had finally subsided, I just sat in a corner, playing with my phone, but my ears were listening to their conversation. I should have stayed with my mother and brother, planning how we would move to GRA in the morning.

Madam Gold: I am unsure of what to tell you tonight, but don't worry, I will address you in the morning. I am currently praying, and you cannot distract me with your insults."

Her daughter: Pray all you want. I have already locked the back door from here, so you and that man cannot leave that room unless you pass through here. I will sit outside your door until morning to witness the prayer that you claim I am disturbing. I am here waiting for you, since you said we won't sleep, let us just keep vigil. Other people's mothers and children are sleeping now, but my mother brought a man into the house, shouting and causing a scene, embarrassing us, just to ensure that we don't sleep."

Madam Gold: If I open this door and catch you in there, you won't like what I will do to you. You will tell me whether you are the one paying for this house or if it's me."

Her daughter: Open the door, I am here. You only know how to talk, you know that I will see a man inside, that's why you don't want to open the door"...

Madam Gold didn't say anything anymore. I just looked at her with a certain kind of gaze, the kind of gaze you give to someone who has been caught. I warned this woman, I warned her thoroughly, to calm down. I have something I want to use to send her off, at least three times, before morning comes. We are still in the first stage, and this situation has already escalated. I have done my best, thank God I am leaving this neighborhood tomorrow, and how would I face this shame? It's unbelievable.

The next thing this woman did shocked me. She walked quietly, touched me, and whispered to me, telling me to continue what we were doing...

Madam Gold: This crazy child I gave birth to will not tarnish my reputation, we must finish what we started."

Thomas: It will be difficult; my manhood doesn't rise under pressure. As I am here, I fear embarrassment and gossip"...

I whispered back to her...

Madam Gold: No, nothing is happening, I am telling you. My body is still charged up, it hasn't cooled down yet. Please, let's finish this, I won't shout anymore."

Thomas: So you know that it's your shouting that caused this trouble? Now, you want us to continue, saying you won't shout again.

Madam Gold: I must insist that you listen to me again, as I have been telling you since the beginning."

Madam Gold: please don't blame me, it's your fault, I couldn't control the sugar."

I wanted to angrily tell her that it was a lie, that it wasn't my fault at all. The way her daughter was speaking, it seemed like it was a normal occurrence, she was just using my weakness against me. I decided to calm down, not to tell her the thing that would hurt her more than what her daughter had already told her."

Madam Gold: come back to bed, I promise, I won't shout again, it's not possible. I will make your manhood rise, so that we can finish the task, please. I really want it, please, my dear."

Thomas: I will be the one to shout if we try it again. I have to shout loudly, before it responds to me, we are in a difficult situation like this and it's not possible, even my shout alone could make your neighbors come and knock on your door. Let's calm down and find a way to get out of this trouble, your daughter is at your door, she has locked the entrance that you used to sneak me in, and how do we escape from here? I need to leave by 6 in the morning, early morning, sharp."

To be continued...

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