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How To Make Her Squirt

Not just a skill of porn stars, learning how to make her squirt will send her orgasm over the edge.

By Rowan MarleyPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

If you've watched porn, there's a good chance that you've stumbled across a woman who squirted on camera. Most people assume that women can't actually do that, and that the porn stars in question could be peeing on camera.

Surprise - women can and do squirt.

Squirting in women is actually female ejaculation, not peeing. It's a form of orgasm that has a physical mess involved, but a good mess. The only problem is that it can only be done if a woman has an orgasm done via vaginal stimulation.

Moreover, female ejaculation in real life doesn't usually involve gushing like adult films - and there are some women who physically can't do it. That being said, the following method can make a girl squirt pretty easily... or just send her into a hip-bucking, screaming orgasm.

What exactly goes on with squirting, anyway?

Men can get a woman to squirt by massaging her G-spot, as well as the Skene's glands around that area. When a woman's Skene's gland's are rubbed, it basically has an effect similar to what a man feels during a prostate massage. Just like the male prostate makes a large portion of seminal fluid, women's Skene's glands make most of the ejaculate they squirt out.

It's worth noting that many women don't have Skene's glands that are large enough to make large quantities of ejaculate. So, don't assume that more is better.

You ready? Cool! Here's how to do it.

First, prep her up.

Before anything happens, make sure she uses the restroom first. That way, she won't think she's peeing herself.

Many women are very guarded about sex, and part of that guarded attitude can take away from her ability to relax and enjoy squirting. To get her prepped for the experience, get her to relax.

Start with a massage, the right mood in the room, and start with foreplay. Let her relax and enjoy all the different sensations. She should be aroused before you start really getting into it.

Lube up your hands with a water based lube.

This reduces damage that could happen due to too much friction. Make sure to apply some to your fingers, palm, and inside and around her vagina. Do it slowly, so that she gets to feel that sensation on her, too.

Then, when she's on her back, slide your first two fingers in, palm facing upwards. About two inches up on her front vaginal wall is her G-spot.

Continue to rub against her G-spot with your fingertips.

Slowly curl your fingers upward in a come hither movement, and play around. You'll notice she's going to start reacting to certain location touches - that's a sign you're doing things right.

It may take a while, but you'll notice that her G-spot will begin to enlarge and get spongy to the touch. This is a sign that her vaginal wall is getting swollen up with ejaculate - so don't stop!

Once you notice the swelling, use the palm of your hand to cup and massage her clitoris while you continue rubbing away at her G-spot. Increase pressure and speed of your rubbing. Tell her it's okay to relax, in case she starts to tense up.

If you really want to make her squirt quickly, then place your other hand right underneath her belly button or up above her pubic mound. This can force out the ejaculate, even if she can't relax enough to do it at times.

After she "lets go," she'll end up squirting all over your hand.

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