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How to Jumpstart a Low Libido and Start Craving Sex Again

by Chris Dee 9 months ago in how to

Get your sex drive back on track!

If you’re a woman who occasionally struggles with low sexual desire, you’re far from alone. Even women who love sex sometimes have trouble keeping up with their partners in the desire department. Outside circumstances like health problems, overfilled social schedules, family responsibilities, or work stress can easily mean sex is the last thing on your mind.

It’s important to understand that every individual (and every couple) goes through natural lulls when it comes to their sex drive as well. You don’t have to learn to live with a low libido though. Sex is an important part of any life well-lived, both personally and within the context of a relationship with someone else. Here are some tips on how you can get your sex drive back on track and keep it that way.

Exercise More Often

Exercise may not be a cure-all for everything that ails you, but you might be surprised how much it can help. If your current exercise routine isn’t what it used to be, it’s worth your while to step things up in this arena. Physical activity helps improve circulation, build lean muscle mass, increase flexibility, and balance hormone levels that could be out of whack – all fixes that can help boost libido.

Exercise can help address other issues that can contribute to sex drive problems as well. Meeting fitness goals helps improve self-esteem and body image. Physical activity is also a great way to address excess stress, another major contributor to sex drive problems.

Indulge in Some Self-Love

Self-love in this context doesn’t necessarily mean treating yourself to a shopping spree or a much-needed salon visit (although those things may help you decompress if stress has been a problem). Solo masturbation sessions are a healthy normal part of any well-rounded life, even if you’re in a relationship. They can be incredibly helpful when trying to jumpstart a stalled sex drive as well.

The more your body experiences the sensations that come with sensual pleasure and orgasms, the more it will want them. Experimenting with different self-pleasure techniques and new toys, like the Booster Rabbit, is a beautiful way to get in touch with how your body likes to be touched as well. Have a blast getting to know yourself on this level and use what you learn to make sex with your partner better and more satisfying.

Get Plenty of Good Quality Sleep

In a world where people often brag about how little sleep they get, admitting you could use more yourself can be a challenge. If you don’t get your rest and take care of yourself, it gets tougher and tougher for your body to keep up. By the time you spend the day at the office and handle everything else you have on your plate, you’re unlikely to have any energy left for sex.

If you know you’re not sleeping enough (or that the quality of your sleep isn’t great), it’s time to change that. Just about every aspect of your life will improve as a result, including your sex life. Plus, sex, in turn, helps you sleep deeper and longer, so make room for more of it in your life as soon as possible.

Give Your Relationship Some TLC

Intimacy in bed goes hand in hand with a relationship that’s healthy and happy in every other way. Working on your connection with your partner outside the bedroom is one of the best ways to get your libido rocking and rolling again. Make sure you’re not only spending quality time together but making it a top priority.

Schedule regular date nights once or twice a week. Use mutual time off to engage in favorite pastimes you enjoy doing together. Eat meals together whenever possible. Make room in your schedules for regular one-on-one time, just the two of you. Spend whole afternoons or evenings just talking the way you used to when you first started dating. You might be surprised how quickly your libido decides to start coming along for the ride.

See Your Doctor

Low or non-existent libido isn’t always the result of a packed schedule or emotional distance within a relationship. Sometimes there are legitimate medical issues at work, so if all else fails, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the possibilities. You could have a thyroid problem, a hormonal imbalance, or another condition that’s affecting your sex drive.

It pays to slow down long enough to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself in every way that you should – physically, emotionally, interpersonally, and mentally. A low sex drive can be your body’s way of reminding yourself to keep stress levels in check, as well as stop and enjoy your relationship and your life in general. Be sure to listen. You won’t be sorry.

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