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Hot Spanish Mami Receives Her BIGGEST.........................Dividend

Fuck Fantasies, Vol. 2: Talking Stocks & Cocks feat. Lisa

By Digital_FootPrintPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Photo by JESUS ECA on Unsplash

I was down at the bank the other day handing some business when I saw hot, young vixen in my midst. Suddenly, my mind wasn't on making a withdrawal anymore but on a big deposit inside this sweet thing's snatch.

She was sitting there rocking these jeans with the cut-out slits which showcased her monstrous thighs.

I had half the mind to go over there and ask her if she could straddle my face and ride it right in fron of this lobby.

Her thighs weren't her only impressive asset either.

She had a set of jugs on her that would've made Pamela Anderson blush.

I saw her sitting all by herself looking bored as fuck so I thought I would go on over to her with my best rap and see what happens.

I took a seat next to her and cracked a few jokes which all fell flat like a modern day SNL skit. 

I mean, I bombed worse then Carrot Top at the Apollo. 

I struck out worse then Aaron Judge at the plate.

I take it you all get my drift by now. 

It was bad and I'm so glad that none of you were around to see it.

After being humbled and embarrassed from my mediocre performance, I decided that it would be best if I let just this woman be so I backed off. 

As I sat sullen in my chair, I heard her phone ring. It seemed like she was talking to her man. 

Well, it was a man's voice. 

She could've been talking to her gynocologist from all I know. Who knows?!

I just know that it wasn't a very pleasant convo at all.

I even heard him yelling the word BITCH rather loudly as she discontinued the phone call. 

She sat there with a stunned look on her face for about 54 seconds when all of a sudden, tears just started streaming down her face.

The next thing I heard her say was,

"everything's going wrong in my life right now! I can't catch a fucking break!"

That's when she started conversing with me and telling me all about her "very hectic day."

She told me she had been rejected by the bank for a loan towards a new home and her car took out on her on the way to the bank causing her to Uber the rest of the way.

On top of all that, her boyfriend was "giving her hell."

I offered her some soothing words and even cracked a few "good" jokes this time. 

She was hesitant to smile at first but her stoicism wasn't no match for my southern charm. 

I told her that everything's going to be just fine and to remain positive as I leaned in to wipe away her tears.

She slid her hand on top of mine and thanked me with this look in her eyes like she wanted to, you know, "thank me" in other ways.

She started massaging my hand as I leaned in to wrap her up in my arms with a warm embrace. 

I placed a kiss on her cheek and let her know that my car's outside and if she needed a ride, I can give her one.

She came closer and whispered in my ear in a seductive tone that, 

"it's been a long time since anyone's offered me a ride. My boyfriend's car stays broke. Plus, he doesn't know how to drive stick anyways."

I got up, grabbed her by the hand and took this hot piece of ass right to my vehicle.

We were all over each other before I could even get the door closed.

As we were kissing passionately, she reached down and went for my cock. 

She unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and started massaging it in her hands as she spit all over them.

It was the nastiest shit I ever seen in my life but in a good way.

I cranked the engine and headed back to her place while she was topping me off. 

We didn't have that long to go so I was doing my damnedest not to bust my load before we got to her building.

We pulled up into the parking lot as she continued on with her cock-swallowing onslaught.

I reached around, slapped her ass and caressed it as I leaned back in my seat enjoying every bit of her sword-swallowing ability.

I ended up unleashing a tsunami of cum all over this woman and it got extremely messy.

It had to be at least 9 gallons of cum and it was EVERYWHERE.

It was all over her face and down her throat. 

In fact, there was so much nut down her throat that she had come up for air otherwise, the poor bitch would've choked. 

She raised her head up, cracked a big smile at me with cum all over her face and hanging down her chin as it began to drip all over her 38 DD's. 

I took a little time to collect my composure as she swallowed up all the nut I had deposited on her face and down her throat. 

She leaned in and began kissing & sucking all over my neck while placing passion marks all over it. 

She nibbled on my ear and said, 

"I want to thank you just a little bit more," while sliding her tongue inside my inner lobe. 

I got up out that car and got her into her place as fast as I could. 

She pushed me down on her love seat and went straight back to my dick.

I held onto the back of the couch for dear life. 

She sucked me into a state of ecstacy that had me feeling like I had died and gone to Heaven. 

When I came the second time, it felt as if my soul had left my body for a few seconds. 

When I came back to, she was still on my cock like the full-fledged cock monster that she is just slobbering and sucking all over of it.

She damn near sent me back into that same coma-like state from all of her ferocious cock swallowing. 

She must've gotten thirsty from all that dick sucking because she went straight to the kitchen to retrieve some water which gave me a little time to get some energy back. 

As I was starting to get up, she pushed me back down on the couch and got on my cock and rode me like a stallion. 

She took out all of her frustrations with her lazy ass boyfriend out on my massive cock. 

She rode me from the front. She rode me from the back. 

She even bent over with her pussy lips spread open and ordered me to cum inside her. 

I must've deposited at least 6 figures worth of semen inside of her moist twat in that load. 

You know, from the first time I saw her, I would've never thought she was this big of a freak. 

Hell! Judging by our first-ever interaction, I didn't think the bitch had any bit of kink in her at all. 

She completely shocked the hell out of me AND……she wasn't done in the least bit.

What she did next was even more shocking. 

She took a picture of her cum-soaked twat and sent it to her boyfriend. 

Now that's what I call a money shot. 

The boyfriend didn't seem too thrilled by the photo at all because he called her about 36 seconds later and read her filthy ass "the Riot Act."

He was so loud on the phone that it felt as if he was in the living room with us.

He was making all kinds of threats on what he was going to do to her and calling her out of her name. 

Real douchebag shit. 

After all that nonsense, I looked at her and told her, 

"that's entirely too much drama for me. I'm out!"

I got dressed as quickly as I could so I could get the hell out of dodge before her boyfriend decides to make an impromtu visit. 

The head was fire and all but it's certainly not worth risking bodily harm over. 

I was on my "Terminator" shit when I told her this one last thing, 

"hasta la Vista, babyyyy¹" and when you rid yourself of that clown, "I'll be back²."


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  2. The Terminator. Dir. James Cameron. Cinema 84', Euro Film Funding, Hemdale & Pacific Western Productions (1984) Orion Pictures (United States, 1984) Film


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