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Hotels, Part I

What happens in a hotel, stays in a hotel…

By CR BaxterPublished about a month ago 10 min read
Hotels, Part I
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Sex is about the most popular entertainment activity in a hotel. This is hardly surprising. Guests arrive as couples planning to screw each other, or as singles to pick up dates or screw the staff. Couples become threesomes, or loners rent companions, and everyone else turns a blind eye while simultaneously getting as much as action as they can.

And when you work in a hotel, especially behind the bar, you see a lot of the pre-hookup conversations and flirting. When that hotel is in a major tourist city and caters to high-end guests who throw around more money on a weekend than most people see in a year, it can get rowdy. Very rowdy.

The blond at the end of the bar – Kate – was younger than our usual mid-week clientele. She was in her mid-twenties, blonde, slim, stunningly pretty and dressed to the nines in a figure-hugging black dress that didn’t so much conceal as artfully disguise her curves. Every time I wandered down to her end of the bar she’d put down her phone and we’d share a few flirty words. She was funny and smart, and cute as hell.

“You really like the Virgin Mojitos,” I said as I delivered her fourth.

“They’re great, but mostly it’s because I like to know what’s going on when I’m out on my own.”

“Sensible. You’re not meeting anyone this evening?” It was getting late, and I’d watched her brush off several approaches with polite humour. She looked at me over the top of her glass, dark eyes glittering with a joke I didn’t get, and I had a sudden sense of being hunted. I flashed a friendly smile to cover my confusion and turned away to make cocktails for a group of drunk businessmen. By the time I came back, the blonde — Kate — had finished her mocktail.

“You want another?”

“No, thanks,” she said brightly. “I’ll take the bill. When does the bar close?”

“Not till three o’clock, so you’ve got plenty of time.” I looked at my watch. “But my shift ends in ten minutes.”

“Excellent,” she said. “I fancy a bottle of Champagne.”

“Oh, right. I can add that to your bill.”

“Not here, though. In my room. Fifteen forty-five.”

I nodded and grinned. “That’s no problem at all, I can arrange that for you.” I printed the bill and passed it over for her to sign.

She leaned forward and signalled for me to come closer. “I’d like you to deliver the Champagne to my room,” she said in a husky voice. “As soon as your shift’s over.”

“I’m not really allowed to do that,” I said in an apologetic tone.

She picked up the pen and signed the bill then wrote ‘100’ in the tip line and looked up at me.

“Thank you, that’s very generous, but—“

She wrote another zero on the end of the number. “I’d *really* like it to be you that delivers the bottle. With two glasses. If you get my meaning.”

Realisation struck. “Oh. You mean…?” She nodded and licked her lips. “Ok, right. No problem at all. The Champagne is in the fridge, I’ll bring it right up after my shift. Fifteen minutes?”

She flashed a radiant smile, like the cat that got the cream, and hopped off her stool. “I’ll be waiting for you,” she said in a low voice. Then she was gone.

The rest of my shift, such as it was, flew past, and a few minutes past the hour I was heading for the door with an ice bucked and a bottle of Champagne. I took the staff elevator to the fifteenth floor, taking the opportunity to chew some gum, fix my hair and straighten my shirt. I strode out of the elevator and quietly made my way her room. What I was doing wasn’t strictly illegal - I was off the clock, after all - but it would definitely be frowned upon, and I couldn’t afford to lose my job, so I was nervous as I walked down the corridor. I distinctly remember licking my lips and wondering, as I stood at her door with knuckles raised to knock, whether it might be better simply to deliver the Champagne and call it a night. I’d basically made up my mind to do just that when I knocked.

“Room service,” I announced.

The door opened quickly and all thoughts of leaving evaporated. Kate looked amazing, even better than downstairs. She was barefoot and maybe thirty-centimetres shorter than me, still wearing the black cocktail dress.

“Did you remember the Champagne?” she said, moving aside so I could step into the room.

“Of course,” I said, holding up the bucket and glasses. “Where would you like it?”

“Oh, in the bedroom, please. And put the Champagne on the table.”

I did as instructed, taking in the room as I worked on the cork. Kate must have had serious money to book into a suite like this. It wasn’t the biggest in the hotel, but the view across the city was spectacular and the separate living and sleeping areas reeked of opulent extravagance. The cork popped and I poured a glass for Kate.

“Thanks,” she said, waiting as I poured one for me. “Cheers, and here’s to one night stands.” We drank, and I must have looked nervous because she giggled. “Don’t worry, I’m not about to murder you,” she said, taking another swig.

“That’s good news.” I knocked back my wine. “A top-up?”

“Oh, sure,” she said, finishing hers and holding out her glass. I poured again and she took a sip. Then she put down the glass and stepped close so that her chest touched mine. She reached up, gripped my face and pulled me down into a kiss. Her hands dropped to my hips, then my arse, then we were pulling at each others’ clothes in a desperate race for access.

My shirt came off first, then I got Kate’s dress unzipped as she fiddled with my flies and pushed it off her shoulders. She wriggled and pushed the dress down then stepped backward leaving it in a heap on the floor.

“Wow,” I said, staring hungrily at her near naked body. She wore a pair of sheer knickers so tiny they didn’t even hide her trimmed pubic hair. Her bra barely covered her nipples but I hardly got to enjoy the view before she unfastened the clasp and tossed it away.

Then she was back at my waist. My trousers came undone and she pushed them down to reveal my plain black boxers. We stood for a moment, near naked, admiring each other and taking in the sights. Then she wrapped her arms around me and began kissing me. Her hands roamed across my body as I explored hers, my mouth leaving a trail of kisses across her neck and shoulders. I bent to kiss her breasts and she moaned. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I scooped her up and carried her across the room.

She yelped as I tossed her onto the bed, then grinned as I climbed up between her legs. I reached for her knickers and pulled them down to expose her neatly waxed pussy. Then I pushed down my boxers, freeing my erect cock, and stood on the bed, towering over her.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, staring at my crotch. She looked up at my face and opened her legs even wider. “Fuck me now.”

I hurried to obey. I dropped down, positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt, and pressed slowly forward. She was wet and hot, and I slid easily into her. She moaned, and I lowered myself until our chests touched and I could kiss her lips. She pulled me close and I began to stroke slowly in and out, enjoying the feeling and not wanting it to end.

Kate wrapped her legs around my arse, pulling me into her and rocked her hips, slowing and controlling my movements. For a moment I wondered how many strange men she’d brought to her bed and how long it had taken her to perfect the method that was obviously giving her exactly what she needed.

Then I felt her coming beneath me. Her pussy tightened, her breath came in short gasps, and she moaned as her orgasm hit. I kept going, eager for my own release, and when Kate flopped back I thought my moment had arrived.

“Doggy style,” she said, placing her hands on my shoulders and pushing me gently off her. She flipped over and raised herself up on her knees, then looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck me. Use me.”

I needed no more invitation. I moved quickly, positioned my cock, then pressed forward.

“Yes,” I murmured as I thrust deeply inside her, hands on her hips. She moaned and pressed back against me as I thrust again and again. My cock slid easily in and out of her tight wet cunt and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. A dozen strokes had her moaning with pleasure and me on the brink. “Yes, yes,” I said as my orgasm finally arrived. I thrust and thrust, not wanting the feeling to end, but of course it ebbed quickly away, and I sat back on my heels, basking in the afterglow.

Kate rolled over and looked up at me with a smile. “That was fun.”

“Yeah, I thought so.” I grinned back at her then lay down on my side so I could look at her. I ran my fingertips up her flank and circled her breasts, watching them rise and fall and enjoying the softness of her skin. “What would you like to do now?”

She thought for a moment then rolled onto her side and looked me in the eye. She put one finger on my chest and dragged it slowly downward, then leaned close and kissed my shoulder.

”I might need a minute,” I said with a croak.

She kissed me again then rolled off the bed. “I’ll take a shower, and when I get back…” She grinned headed for the bathroom. I watched her go, taking in the view of her arse and legs as she swayed across the room. The door closed behind her and a few moments later there came the sound of running water.

She was in the shower a long time, ten minutes, maybe, then the water shut off. A moment later the door opened and I looked up to see her standing in the doorway, hands on the frame, feet apart. Her hair was slicked back and water ran down her body to pool on the floor. She looked at my crotch and grinned. She talked across the room and climbed up on the bed.

“Flat on your back,” she said, and I lay quickly back. She walked slowly up the bed until her feet were either side of my head. She put her hands on her breasts and slowly swiped down. Water ran down her body and dripped onto my face.

Looking up, all I could see was her pussy, and her thighs, and her breasts. Then she folded down toward me, closer and closer, until her knees were on the bed and her cunt - literally dripping wet after the shower - hovered only inches above my face.

“You smell amazing,” I managed to say. Then she closed the distance and her lips touched mine. I licked at her pussy and she tasted as good as she looked. I could feel my cock hardening, and then nothing mattered but the delicious cunt in front of me. I put my hands on her hips and let her rock back and forth against my tongue.

“That’s it, right there,” she murmured, and her movements became more energetic, more urgent, as she fucked my tongue for all she was worth. “Yes, yes, I’m close,” she said, and I re-doubled my efforts, forcing my aching muscles to keep going, driving my tongue upwards and into her most private parts, desperately seeking the orgasm I could see she was close to reaching.

I felt her climax as much as heard it. Her movements became jerky and uneven, her breath shallow and fast, and she moaned deep in her throat. Spasms ran through her belly and her cunt jerked against my face. Then she stopped and lifted off me. I looked past her tits to see her smiling down at me, flushed and happy.

Then she slid backwards, clambering over me until she lay on my chest. She kissed my lips.

“Once more,” she whispered in my ear, “with feeling!”

Then she lifted off the bed a little, reached back for my cock, and guided me inside her. She began grinding her hips, slowly at first with small movements. She rested her hands on my chest. I caressed her tits. She grinned down at me. “I want to watch your face as you cum,” she whispered.

“I want to cum inside you.” I began to move, lengthening the stroke. She changed her movements to match mine so that on each stroke my cock thrust deep inside her. It felt amazing. “Fuck, yes,” I moaned, eyes locked on hers. She moved slowly, letting the feelings build, and I lay back watching this gorgeous woman screw my brains out.

I’d have given anything for it to never end, but she was good, really good, and she knew how to bring a man to orgasm. Her long strokes grew steadily quicker, her cunt was slick and tight, and she moved confidently and deliberately. When I finally reached my climax she kept stroking away, milking me for every drop of cum and only stopping when I collapsed, exhausted onto the bed.

She rolled off me and lay on her back beside me. “Stay the night,” she whispered as I relaxed toward sleep, “and let’s do it again in the morning.”


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