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Arya's Song: Chapters 1 & 2

by Crystal Nicole 4 years ago in erotic
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Secrets can be sexy.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Arya's Song

Chapter 1

The sound of the crash played over and over in my mind. I could still hear Arya’s horrific scream and see the flash of the other car in front of me. It seemed to play over and over in my mind until I finally woke up.

“Well hey there, sleepy head!” The voice was familiar but I had to look around a bit to remember where I was.

As my eyes regained focus, I noticed a beautiful woman sitting next to me. I had never seen her before, yet there was something very familiar about her smile. Her blue-black hair was long and straight, stopping right in the middle of her small waist. There was no denying that both her lips and eyes gave away who she might be. She had the same sea green eyes and pouty lips that Arya had.

“Who are you?” I asked in a low voice. My throat felt very dry.

“Let me get you some water and then we will talk. I don’t want anyone to know you are awake yet,” she turned and went for a bag that was in the corner of the room.

I could tell I was obviously in a hospital. The room was brighter than the brightest day of the year. It was all white and kind of small.

The mysterious woman turned back around and came to me with a bottle of water and put a straw in it. “Here have a few sips. It will help your throat a bit,” she smiled, making me realize that Arya was in the car with me.

“Where is Arya?” I asked, starting to worry.

“Relax and lay back. I will explain what I can,” she smiled kindly and then continued. “I am sure you don’t know who I am and haven’t heard anything about me. My name is Julia. I am Arya's twin sister.”

“Twin sister?” I looked at her with a confused glare. How could this woman possibly be Arya’s twin sister? Yes, she was pretty, but in my mind, she wasn’t as pretty as Arya. This woman was so thin it looked unhealthy, and besides the eyes and mouth, she looked nothing like Arya.

Julia laughed and threw her head back, the same laugh and motion as Arya. “Yes, I know we look nothing alike. Arya always had issues with her weight. It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t know anything about me. I was, and still am, the rebel child. I just want to know how my chubby sister was able to land a hottie like you. She must have been good in bed!”

My mouth was wide open. How could this woman, this Julia person, sit and talk like that about her own sister?

I cleared my throat. “Where is Arya?”

Julia sighed and sat down in the chair next to the bed. “Okay, I will tell you what is going on, but I need you to tell me what you know about our family when I am done telling you. We need to hurry up. Your nurses come in every half hour.”

I nodded in agreement.

She was moving her hands nervously. “Arya disappeared from the crash. There weren't any signs of her body. Now I am not sure if you are aware, but my parents are not home. No one knows where they are. They vanished a few weeks back. The police haven’t been involved yet. I have been living with my Aunt Catherine and she is the one who is handling it with our family attorney to keep this out of the papers. Has Arya mentioned any of this?”

I looked at her, even more, confused than I was before. I shook my head. “No, well she said your parents went out of town on a business trip. I didn’t think much of it, because they were always going out of town.”

Julia nodded in agreement. “Yeah, we own a lot of properties on the west coast. They go every so often to check up on those. The story she told you was our cover-up. I expect you to stick with that story. My Aunt does as well. She couldn’t be here, but I will be here to kind of keep things under wrap. We can’t let this get out to the public, do you understand?”

I was still confused, but I agreed. “Okay, your family's secret is safe with me, but where could Arya be?”

“I am thinking that she is wherever my parents are. I want you to come over to the house when you feel better. I figured maybe we could go through some of her things as well as my parent's things and see if we can put any of this together.”

“Julia?” I asked hoping she would stay a bit longer. I may have been seventeen, but I was still a bit scared. “Does anyone know what happened? I was driving carefully.”

Julia stood up and went over to the window. “No one has any idea, Cory. It was obvious that you were hit by another car, but that car wasn’t at the scene. The only way I knew Arya was in the car with you, was she texted me right before it happened. I had received a text from her around 9:30 and the accident happened between then and 10 o’clock. You weren’t that close to home and it was obvious from where the car was found, you had to have still had Arya in the car.” She paused for a moment and then looked back at me, probably to make sure I was still awake. “When I had heard about the accident, it was the next morning. Your mom knew you were with Arya, so they stopped by my parent's house to see if she knew what happened. When they couldn’t get a hold of Arya, they tracked my Aunt down, who, in return, sent me.”

I was still shocked by all this, but decided to respond. “Why didn’t Arya tell me she had a sister and a twin sister at that?”

Julia smiled again. “Arya is somewhat embarrassed by me. She is always so prim and proper and I am not. But she couldn’t have been that prim and proper to get her hands on a guy as sexy as you.”

I could feel my face blush. “Arya and I were close, but we never went past kissing. I love her. To me, she is perfection.”

Julia laughed again, with Arya’s laugh. “We will see about that. After I have been alone with you for more than half an hour, I am sure I can change that.”

“I doubt it!” I snapped. “How could you talk so horribly about your sister? Especially when she is missing. I know you don’t understand it, but I do love her. Our love isn’t for you to understand or anyone else, for that matter. What we have is very special.”

“I highly doubt that.” She then inched closer to me and ran her hand up my leg and moved it over to my crotch. I could feel myself harden as she rubbed me there. What the hell did she think she was doing?

Unable to move, I tried to push her hand off, but then she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I bet my sister couldn’t get you that hard that fast.”

Then she simply turned around and left. I was thankful for that because even though I was hard as a rock, I wanted her gone. She just wasn’t the girl for me. Only Arya was. Arya was going to be the first and only woman I ever gave myself to. Julia might be pretty, but in my mind, no one could compare to my beautiful Arya.

Chapter 2

Dear Arya,

As you will find out before you get this, this last week has been very hard without you. I am supposed to go see your sister and help her research and see if we can find out what happened to you and your parents. I hope it is nothing serious, as I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. Since I don’t want to be dishonest with you, I need to let you know that your sister terrifies me. I have only seen Julia one time and in that time she made a move on me and tried to touch me where only your hands should be. I also must tell you that I was relieved that she removed her hand when she did because I couldn’t move and even though I didn’t do anything, it still felt like I was betraying you. I keep telling myself that my body can’t control everything it does when I was bound like I was. I had just woken up from being in a coma for three days. I still couldn’t walk or move much and here comes your sister, trying to ruin what we have. She claims she is going to get me to break, but she won’t. I love you so much, I couldn’t think of another woman in that way. Arya, the truth is, she isn’t you. No one is you. Please come back to me soon.

Love always,

Cory Dupree

The letter was something I felt I had to write. I wanted to tell Arya everything. I knew in my heart that Arya would understand, and it was better for me to be honest with her than have her sister make up some wild story just to get me into trouble.

My mind kept going back to that day in the hospital. How could something so wrong feel so good? I felt so dirty after that. The moment I was able to, I was showering almost once every 3-4 hours. I would even wake up in the middle of the night and take a hot shower. Especially when I thought of the feeling Julia’s hand on me caused.

I knew I had to go see Julia soon, but I was putting it off as long as I could. I didn’t trust her. How could I trust someone that would try and seduce their sister's boyfriend?

I decided that I didn’t want to be alone with Julia, so I called her up and told her that I was going to be bringing a friend along. Someone we could trust. I figured maybe if I brought Kyle along, as much as I hated the way he talked about Arya, maybe Julia’s eyes and attention would be off of me and on to him.

Julia agreed to my terms reluctantly. It took me telling her that Kyle was one of the most popular boys at our school. Kyle only agreed to come, because he felt bad about the way he talked about Arya. He could tell that this wasn’t just your typical high school romance and decided to respect my feelings. I also might have told him that Julia was pretty easy and he would more than likely get laid when we went there.

I was a little embarrassed when Kyle showed up with a twelve pack of beer.

“My brother got it for me. I figured, if she is as easy as you say she is, she will be down for anything,” he then winked at me and we jumped into his car.

On the way there, I described Julia the best I could. I made sure to also let Kyle know that he could do anything he wanted with her, even if I was in the other room. I didn’t want to be the one she would go after.

My decision to bring Kyle was confirmed to be a good decision when we arrived at Arya’s house. Julia came to the door in a black mini skirt and a super low cut plaid halter top. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“So, you are the guy Cory wanted to bring. You are single aren’t ya?” she asked, obviously suggesting they mess around.

“Yes, I am single. But even if I wasn’t, you are way too sexy to turn down," he winked at her.

“Good answer,” Julia laughed and grabbed his hand.

She then started kissing him deeply, and he didn’t refuse. In fact, he was so into it, he dropped the beer. Luckily none of it broke. I was surprised how fast they started to do things. After he dropped the beer, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist and started grinding into him. I just stood there with a stupid look on my face. He then carefully laid her down on the floor and they started ripping each other's clothes off. Then, somehow, Julia flipped Kyle over and was on top of him, straddling him and grinding into him even more. It was completely shocking that this was Arya's sister. To me, it was a disgusting sight.

I had dreamt many times of being that intimate with Arya, but I wanted it to be special, and I was sure she did too. We had made out several times and I had even touched her between her legs before, but she hadn’t touched me yet. I loved to hear her moans when I rubbed her there. I loved it so much that doing that alone could get me off.

I was glad that I had been in Arya's house before. I glanced back at the two of them who are already completely naked and going at it.

I then ran up to Arya's room and started searching for anything I could. That is when I noticed her diary sitting on her desk. I wondered if Julia had read it. I then wondered if I should read it.

For what seemed like an hour, I sat on Arya's bed and looked around her room. I could smell her and almost feel her presence. Right now, all I wanted was to hold her in my arms and kiss those beautiful lips of hers. I wanted to taste her and breath her sweet aroma in. As I sat, flashbacks started. I remembered her lying exactly where I was. The feelings rushed back. Her smiling at me. The feeling that we were the only two people in the world. It was like the universe was ours. I remembered the touch of her skin and the feeling of her warm breath on my neck. That feeling of ecstasy as though kissing was something so forbidden. The way the sunlight hit her skin as the sun would set. Every happy memory flashed back. I sat there drinking in the feeling of her presence. As though her heart and soul still lingered right next to me.

The feelings quickly washed away as I could still hear Julia and Kyle downstairs. They were pretty loud and I was a bit annoyed. It was almost impossible for me to believe that they would do that out in the open like that. It seemed to me that Kyle and Julia might be a perfect match. Except for the fact that neither one of them were relationship material.

I held Arya’s diary in my hand. Several thoughts went through my mind. Should I read it? What if there was something in here I shouldn’t see? I knew Arya had secrets hidden away. She would reveal them slowly to me, but what if her deepest secrets, were best revealed by her.

I laid back on her bed and closed my eyes. Her bed smelled just like her. I always told her she smelt as sweet as honey, and that was exactly what I had to have been smelling. Honey.

Finally, I heard Kyle and Julia running up the stairs. I sat up quickly, still holding the diary. Julia noticed right away.

“Have you read any of it yet?” she asked suspiciously.

“I am not sure if that is a good idea. I don’t want to invade her privacy.” I stood up and put the book back on her desk.

I looked around her room a bit more. Something seemed a bit different. Her room was normally a bit messy. This room though was completely spotless. Arya wasn’t a horribly messy person, but she didn’t have much space for her stuff. She had a full sized bed, which was on the floor, a small white desk and the closet was nonexistent. All she had were a few drawers in an old dresser.

“What’s wrong?” Kyle knew from the look on my face that I was curious.

I turned to Julia and looked into her eyes. “Did you clean her room?”

“Why would I clean her room?” she laughed that same laugh that belonged to Arya.

“Arya has a lot of boxes and clothes. I don’t see them,” I went out the door to check the closets around the house. “Check the whole house. They are just cardboard boxes, but she had like twenty of them piled in the corner. They were here just a few weeks ago. I saw them a few days before she disappeared.”

Kyle and Julia both rushed out with me to start checking every spot they could be. I could hear them in separate parts of the house. Half an hour later they both came back.

“I don’t see anything,” Julia confirmed. “It also seems that my parent's clothes and some of my mom's expensive rings are missing. She hardly wore them. They belonged to her grandma.”

I sat down on the floor in the hall where we had all met up. “This is strange. It’s almost like they moved. Would they do that Julia? Just get up and leave?”

Julia sat down next to me and put her hand on my shoulder, “I honestly can’t say yes or no to that. My parents and my aunt have so many hidden secrets. It wouldn’t surprise me if Arya knew those secrets. I will call my aunt and let her know what we have found.”

“Is your aunt your mom’s sister or your dad's?” I questioned.

“She is my mom's twin sister. It runs in the family.” She looked over at Kyle. “Maybe Kyle should be the one who reads the diary. I mean, there is nothing in there that will hurt him. He would just have to promise to keep it from us if there was anything in there.”

Kyle chuckled. “Me? I highly doubt that this would be a great idea. I am sure whatever is in it, Cory will be able to handle. He is strong.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. I want to find out if there is anything written in there, but Julia, have you read any of it?”

Julia tilted her head to the side. “No, I haven’t. I know I might not be the sweetest or the most honorable woman in the world, but diaries are sacred to a woman. I will see what my aunt says to do.”

She stood up and left Kyle and me in the hallway. By this time he had taken a seat on the floor as well.

“Hey, man," Kyle smiled looking at me. “How are they twins? They look nothing alike. And holy cow. Julia is so amazing.”

“I don’t think they are identical,” I responded quickly. I didn’t like where this conversation was going. “I mean they have the same lips and eyes, but that doesn’t mean anything. Besides, Julia’s hair is darker than Arya's.”

“How come you never mentioned Julia before?” he continued with his curiosity.

“I had no idea she existed. This whole thing is just so strange.” Things just didn’t add up to me.

“You didn’t know she had a sister? And yet you claim that you two were in love? Have the police asked you questions?” he seemed like he was actually starting to care about the situation.

“They think that I imagined her being in the car because I was hit bad enough to imagine something like that. The only thing they are really concerned about is the other vehicle. With how badly I was hit, it should have been nearly impossible for the other car to drive away.”

“That is kind of creepy,” he was now whispering.

I nodded in agreement as I heard Julia coming back up the stairs. “My aunt says to read it. She says since I have help, we should all read it. This way if one of us misses something, another one might be able to catch it. So I say we all go in her room and start reading it bit by bit. It’s not that long.”


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