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The Charm Bracelet - April Part 2

by Crystal Nicole 4 years ago in fiction
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The Middle of April

Photo by Bruno Sousa on Unsplash

Chapter 3 — The Middle of April

Meredith was up bright and early the next morning hoping to avoid any contact with Connie. She didn't want to go into details about what went on the night before. So she hoped to get out of there as soon as possible, which didn't go exactly as planned.

"Good morning!" Connie greeted her as Meredith approached the kitchen. "Are you excited for your first day?"

"Hey, I didn't think you would be up." Meredith faked a smile as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "I am tired but I am happy to get out of the house."

"I can only imagine, you came in pretty late last night. Did you have a nice time with Christoph?" Connie gave her the mother knows all look.

"Yes it was nice, but Connie, I feel like you are pushing this. I know you want me to be happy, but your son just passed away last month!" Meredith rolled her eyes and sat down at the table.

Connie sighed and joined her. "I know it seems that way. I do love my son and his death was untimely, but that shouldn't hold you back. Remember, I was young when my husband passed."

Meredith nodded "So what exactly do you expect to happen?"'

"Oh, I don't know. I just don't want to see you making the same mistakes I did. I know it is soon, but I guess I am just afraid you will never move on. I'm so lonely right now and I wish I had met someone right after Tim's death. I think it would have helped me move on so much quicker!"

"How about we make a deal? I will give Christoph a chance. I am not saying I will marry him or move fast with a relationship, but I will attempt a few dates. Even if it's just to distract myself. But please don't push it further than that. If it doesn't work, please drop it and give me the chance to move on with my life, in my own way." Meredith knew that Connie was only trying to help her out and she didn't want to seem ungrateful. "That reminds me, Christoph has to move out of his place, he can't afford it. I offered him a room here, rent free until he can find something else. He is going to let us know Friday."

"What a wonderful idea." Connie smiled. " I agree to your deal as long as you attempt to move on.”

The next couple of days were very hard for Meredith. She was trying to get used to her new schedule. She was very tired and started to feel very sick. Meredith knew she was taking on a lot at once and started to wonder if working so soon after everything happened was a great idea. She figured she would give it a few more weeks and see how she was feeling.

It was nice to get out of the house and actually do something with her life. Meredith loved the students and her fellow staff. Flora made it a point to sit with Meredith for lunch every day. They talked more about the Lost Spouses' Society and the next meeting which was on Friday. Meredith wasn't ready to attend the meetings yet.

Friday was a half day of school which relieved Meredith. She was sick all the time and was too tired to work a full day. She planned on getting a lot of rest over the weekend. Christoph called her right after school was out and told her that he would take her up on her offer to move into her house.

"Thank you so much for this," Christoph mentioned on the phone. "This will help out so much. I have been having the worst luck."

"Christoph, it's no problem. Stay as long as you need." Meredith laughed flirtatiously. "So are we going to talk about the other night or continue to avoid it?"

"I was actually hoping to avoid it a little bit longer," he joked.

"I was kind of wondering if you wanted to plan a date. Don't worry, I'm not trying to use you as a rebound, but I did make a deal with Connie that I would give it a chance," she explained.

"Well, geez that makes me feel better," he joked.

"Christoph, I actually really like you. I just want to do this right. Not only for the respect and memory of my late husband but for everyone involved." She was actually happy to find someone who would listen and understand.

"It's okay, I get it. Yes, I would LOVE to plan a date. I am glad you asked, but I get to plan it and pay."

"Deal!" She agreed. "As long as I can kiss you again!"

Christoph blushed and was happy she couldn't see him through the phone. One of the things he really liked about Meredith was that she could turn an innocent conversation into major flirting, without trying. There was just something about her that made him feel complete.

The two talked a little longer. It was decided that Christoph would move in over the weekend and Saturday night, he would take a break from moving and take her on a date. Meredith was so excited and nervous about the date. She definitely wanted to kiss him again.

Christoph started moving in the next day. Meredith gave him the choice of the three remaining rooms. He chose the one that was next to Meredith's. He thought it was awesome that the two rooms had an adjoining balcony. He also loved the idea of having a view of the ocean. He was happy that he didn't have that much stuff to move.

Meredith decided to get ready for their date around 4:30 PM. They would be going at 6:00 PM and she wanted to make sure she looked her absolute best. She picked out a purple strapless dress. The shade looked perfect against her light skin. She made sure to curl her hair and put on a light layer of makeup. For her shoes, she wore simple black sandals.

Christoph waited downstairs for Meredith. He wore a light gray button up shirt and black slacks. He was completely entranced when Meredith came into the living room. He thought she looked completely gorgeous.

"You look like an angel." Christoph stood up and kissed her on the cheek. "I know it's only a date, but I got you something."

He handed her a small box. Inside was a beautiful charm bracelet. "Christoph, this is perfect. It's so beautiful." She hugged him.

"I took the liberty of putting a charm on there already. It's to signify our first date. I figured if this works out, we can add other charms on there. Oh and here." He reached into his pocket. "I wanted to test it out before putting this on there. It's for our first kiss."

He handed her a charm that was a pair of lips. She examined the other charm and noticed it was a flower. "Okay, I get the lips, but what's the flower?"

Christoph laughed "Well normally on a date, the guy buys flowers. I wanted to give you something that lasts longer. Flowers only last a few days. Now we can remember our first kiss as well as our first date."

"Christoph, you are just so thoughtful." She kissed him on the lips this time. "I do have a question."

"I might have an answer."

Meredith looked at him seductively "What would you put on here for our first time making love?"

Christoph nearly fell over in shock by this question. "Are you trying to tease me? Because it's working. And that is a good question. I guess you will have to wait and find out."

"Very well." She smiled and grabbed her purse "So where are we going?"

"You will have to wait and find that out as well!"

This time they both laughed. Christoph held the door open as they left and walked to the car. They were both excited to get together and get to know one another better. Meredith was even more excited when they pulled up to a restaurant she hadn't seen before. Then again it was a part of town she had never been to. The restaurant looked like it was very fancy and expensive. She was also very impressed. It seemed that Christoph had everything planned perfectly. He even had a reservation for a private room for them.

"This is so mind-blowing. I can't believe you thought all this out." Meredith sat in the chair Christoph pulled out for her.

"I just have good connections. I figured it would be nice to take you somewhere special." He took a seat as well. "I mean you have helped me out by allowing me to live with you."

"That is so sweet of you." She smiled at him feeling grateful to have met someone who was so thoughtful. "Let me guess, you are also going to order my food for me?"

"Well in a way. They already have our orders. I know you will like what I chose. Chicken parmesan, with a garden salad. To drink, red wine and water. "

"That all sounds so delicious. Thank you."

"It's no problem at all. I just want this to go well." He took a sip of water. "I'm happy to be here.”

The night ended very well. They returned home and decided to watch old movies in Christoph's room. Meredith felt so at home in Christoph’s arms. They kissed more into the night, yet were cautious about letting things go too far. They both knew they weren't ready for that yet.

By late Sunday afternoon, Christoph was completely moved in and anxious about living with Meredith. He knew Meredith hadn't been feeling well. In fact, she was in bed most of the day. It worried him because it was just last week that she almost passed out. He thought it might be a good idea for Meredith to see a doctor.

"Meredith?" Christoph knocked on her door.

"Come in." Meredith stood up and gave Christoph a kiss.

"I see you are still feeling a bit sick." He sat down on the bed.

"Yes, it is coming and going."

"Well I was thinking, maybe it's time you see a doctor." He suggested. "Doctor Castroy is a very good doctor. I can get you into him right away."

"Do you know if he will be available in the afternoon?"

"I am sure he is. Do you want me to call him?"

"It's Sunday. Would he be there?"

"I have his home number. I can call him!"

"Go ahead. It might be good. I don't want to get any worse."

Christoph took out his cell phone and called the doctor. It was a short call, but by the end of the conversation, Meredith had an appointment.

The doctor's office was right between Meredith's house and the school. Meredith arrived early and was seen right away.

"So Mrs. Lockhouse, what seems to be the problem?" Doctor Castroy asked. He was an older man in his late fifties with gray hair and gray eyes. He was short and fit.

Meredith took a breath, swallowed and explained. "Well, I have been feeling dizzy the past few weeks, tired and sore. I am sure it's just stress."

"Possibly.” Doctor Castroy agreed with a concerned look on his face. "Mrs. Lockhouse, we are going to run a few tests. I just want to make sure everything is within normal limits."

Meredith nodded and the doctor sent a nurse into the room. Half an eternity later, the doctor came back into the room.

"Everything is fine, but there is one thing I would like to talk to you about what we found."

"What is it?" Meredith was confused.

"Mrs. Lockhouse, I show the reason you aren't feeling so well is that you are about two months pregnant."

Chapter 4 ~ 8 Weeks ago (February)

"Are you sure you are ready Jason? Having a child is a big responsibility." Meredith was getting dressed for their one year anniversary dinner.

"Babe, you know I want this." Jason was sitting on the bed, looking his beautiful wife up and down approvingly. "We have been talking about this since the day we met. I am ready and want to start a new chapter in our lives."

Meredith walked over to her husband, who stood up and kissed her on the cheek. She knew that Jason wanted a family and they were just waiting for the right time. She had been ready for a while and had been waiting for him to come around.

"Meredith baby, I am ready. I swear. Tonight! Let's try tonight!" Jason got down on his knees begging his wife to say yes.

Without a word, Meredith walked over to the dresser and pulled out her packs of birth control pills. She motioned for her husband to follow her into the bathroom. She then opened the pack of pills and popped each one out, into the toilet. When she was finished, she flushed them all, without a second thought. Meredith then kissed her husband deeply and passionately.

"Tonight!" She finally responded throwing her arms around Jason and smiling at the thought of starting a family with him. "Let's keep this between us until we are ready to tell the world."

Jason had asked his mother to give him a bit of money from his inheritance for their anniversary. He really wanted to start a family and wanted it to be perfect. Meredith thought the money was a gift and didn't think anything of it. She wasn't even sure exactly how much money he had on him or what the plans were. All she knew was that they would be going out for dinner. Little did she know there was also a fancy hotel room involved.

Everything went as planned and as they got into the car to go home. Jason took a way they had never gone before.

"Jason, honey where are we going?" Meredith asked in confusion.

"Just a little something I planned to help us start our family." He grinned knowing how much this would bug her.

"What exactly did you plan?" Meredith was starting to become concerned. They had never planned anything without approval from the other.

Jason ignored her as he continued to drive.

About fifteen minutes later, they had pulled up to the Semington Hotel. It was one of the fanciest hotels around their city. Meredith had always dreamed of staying there, but never actually imagined it would happen.

"Hun, I don't mean to disappoint you, but we don't exactly have the money for this!" She was worried now.

"Stop worrying, do you think I would plan this if we didn't have the money?" Jason had a point, he wasn't one to splurge on random things.

Meredith smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, baby, this is fantastic. What about clothes and stuff?"

"Already packed, as well as a few things I bought for you." Jason couldn't wait to see Meredith in the sexy lingerie he bought her. This night was going to be perfect.

The room was lovely. It was a luxury suite, with a gigantic jacuzzi tub and one of the biggest beds Meredith had seen. She had never stayed in anything fancy like this. Only motels.

Meredith looked through the luggage Jason had packed. She was shocked to see all the clothes that were packed.

"Jason, how long are we staying? You packed at least a week's worth of clothing." She blushed as she picked up a black negligee with lace trimming.

"Well, I have us booked up to a week from today," Jason responded waiting for his wife to flip out.

"A WEEK?" Meredith yelled at him, she wasn't sure how he planned to stay a week. She knew his mom gave him money but wasn't sure how much. Meredith calmed down, sat on the bed and looked into his eyes. "Are you sure we have the money for this?"

Jason nodded and then leaned in to kiss her. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him and putting her legs around his waist. He then stood up into a standing position, causing Meredith to be wrapped completely around him. They kissed in this position for ten minutes, each touch of their tongues becoming more passionate than the last. Until finally Meredith unlatched her legs, grabbed the negligee and went into the bathroom.

As Meredith walked out of the bathroom, Jason whistled, causing her face to turn a bright shade of red. Jason was still dressed and Meredith knew he wanted her to strip him down.

Without saying a word, Meredith pushed him onto the bed feeling his hardness under her. As she straddled him, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his smooth chest. She looked into his eyes, watching them change to green. She knew that he wanted her.

Meredith grinded into him, feeling him harden more. She wanted to take his pants off right then and have her way with him. Then again, she also wanted to tease him a bit more. Jason moaned as she kissed his neck nibbling just enough to allow him to feel ecstasy.

Taking things further, Meredith unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off. Now all that lay between them were her panties and his boxers. So she did the only thing any respectable wife could do, tease him some more. She resumed her place on top of him and moved into him a bit more.

Jason could tell his wife was ready for action and knew she would continue to tease him. He decided to switch things up a bit. He flipped her over and was on top of her. He sat up, taking in the sight of his wife all dolled up, in sexy lingerie and even better, black lace panties. Jason moved down and kissed her over the panties for a few moments, as Meredith moaned in delight. Then sliding her panties off, he then licked her in exactly the right spot until he felt her shaking vibrantly, knowing at this point, his night was going to be unforgettable.

After a few moments of relaxing, Jason got back on top of his wife, ready to give it his all to the woman he loved so very much. He pulled off his boxers and was harder than a rock. He kissed Meredith and slowly pushed himself inside of her. He could hear her sweet moans as he moved faster and faster. Until finally they were both screaming in pleasure as they finished together. That was the first night of many unforgettable nights they had in the hotel, which into the week a baby was made.


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